Drops Vs Speakly: #1 Best Language App?

As we all know, every language learner has their distinct ways of learning a new language. In this Drops Vs. Speakly review, we will walk you through all the basic features and provide you with our personal insights on whether these two apps can seriously help you out. After all, you do not ever want to be stuck with a resource that is not worth your time, right? If you are ready for that, then let’s get started!

Language learning is much easier today. There are tons of available resources online that you can easily download or print. Another primary resource that you might be considering is the use of educational platforms like Drops and Speakly. While these two apps are not as popular as Duolingo or Quizlet, many learners have recommended these for quite a time now. With a massive number of reviews online, you cannot easily cut through the noise and have an objective stand on whether these apps are excellent as they seem. Perhaps, this is also why you landed on this post.

To help you choose, continue reading below!

Drops App: Overview

Drops App

Language acquisition starts when you focus on learning at least the basic vocabulary in your target language. And if you are looking for a language learning application that focuses primarily on this, then the Drops app is the one for you. Through its aesthetically game-like user interface, you can learn new words more engagingly. This app is also suitable for language learners who want to learn in a gamified style.

Can Drops Help You Become A Native Speaker?

Drops language learning app focused only on teaching vocabulary skills. Because of the lack of language lessons and explanations on grammar rules, we deem that this is not enough to help a beginner become fluent. However, this is a great resource when combined with textbooks. At the end of the day, it is not enough to know words, but you must be able to use them to create a meaningful sentence.

How To Use Drops

You can use the Drops app by enabling the ‘native language’ feature on the settings to help you learn various languages that you want to master. After that, you can select your level in whatever language you want to learn. This app has three levels: the Beginner, the Intermediate, and Advanced. If you have background knowledge about your target language (like the alphabet and some essential words), you can select the Intermediate level.

As we have stated above, Drops have a gamified structure which means that you can learn new vocabulary through pictorials and letter mazes. The more you play, the more chances there are for you to advance to a higher level.

Features Of Drops

Some features of Drops are available if you subscribe to the premium version. For instance, since the Drops app is limited only in teaching vocabulary words, they offer the Scripts app and the Droplets app as their alternative and partnered app in learning a new language.

The Scripts app is focused on teaching scripts or the writing systems of the second language that a beginner wants to learn. At the same time, the Droplets app is a language learning tool designed for kids. It has a more child-friendly and more interactive user interface to achieve language goals for beginners like children who want to acquire their second language at their own pace.

However, the downside of the Drops app free version is you can use and learn for only five minutes every 10 hours per week.

Is Drops A Free App?

Drops app is a free language learning app, which means they offer a free version in using this app. It also has a paid version or the premium version. Using the free version may limit a language learner. For example, there is a 5 minute trial for 10 hours per week, and also you may encounter tons of ads while using the free version.

Drops Premium Version And Subscription

The unique features that you can access using a premium subscription are:

  • Access all languages offered by the Drops app (43 different languages)
  • Ad-free experience
  • Offline and lifetime access
  • Unlimited time for independent reviews of the chosen language
  • More languages to choose from (You can skip other languages)

The monthly subscription costs $8.49 

The annual subscription price is $69.99

The lifetime subscription price is $159.99

Note: You can use the vouchers and discounts sent in your email to avail the premium version.

Pros And Cons Of Drops

Aesthetically pleasing game-like user interfaceIt does not teach conversational skills
Hassle-free and easy to use learning language appUnclear and misleading icons
Uses adaptive algorithmFew bugs
Has Speech Recognition Technology 

Speakly App: Overview

Speakly App

Don’t be confused with the Speaky app and Speakly app. Speaky app is a language exchange app. Speakly app is one of the best language learning applications to help beginners be advanced learners through various language skills drills and lessons.

Speakly teaches the learners to learn vocabulary through different language lessons like listening exercises and writing exercises. Though this app offers a limited number of languages like Estonian, Russian, Spanish, French, German, and Italian, their premium features help beginners reach fluency. A beginner may acquire a new language by using the app because it provides 4,000 relevant words used in real-life, 2,000 speaking practice and writing exercises, 350 conversations that imitate real-life, and 15 hours of exciting listening exercises voiced by its native speakers.

By its motto, ‘Learn language 5x faster’, the Speakly app is a must-have for a beginner eager to learn a new language by taking into different lessons.

Can Speakly Help You Become A Native Speaker?

Unlike the Drops app, Speakly is a great app to help you become more advanced learners but not as a native speaker. Even though it provides various lessons on how to start speaking with proper pronunciation by watching videos of native speakers, it is not enough to be proficient since you might imitate the accent instead of learning what is meant by something.

How To Use Speakly

First, choose a language that you want to learn. Second, select the number of words you want to learn every day (Speakly will suggest that ten words a day are better). Afterward, choose what type of choices you want when answering correct answers like multiple choice, typing, or both. After that, you can now start learning your target language.

Features Of Speakly

Unlike other language learning apps, Speakly provides essential words from common languages and teaches new and relevant terms used in everyday life. They also offer spelling exercises, and you can also have your foreign tutor teach you proper pronunciation.

There are two plans for hiring a tutor. The first one is the Individual plan, wherein you can have one tutor and get 45 minutes lesson per month. This plan costs $204.33 per month + VAT. The second plan is the Group plan, wherein there are 4-6 students and get 60 minutes lessons a month. This plan is less expensive than the individual plan because it costs $90.18 per month + VAT.

Below are the premium features of Speakly:

  1. Provides statistically relevant words that are used in conversations in real life.
  2. Provide grammatical skills and tips in learning new languages.
  3. Provide language skills such as speaking skills, writing skills and listening skills to improve your target language effectively.
  4. Provide placement tests every period.
  5. Provide guidance and support from native speakers. These tips are also a great learning preferences in learning a new language.

Is Speakly A Free App?

Speakly is a free language learning app, which means it is the app’s free version. However, you can only use this free version for seven days, but you can learn all the eight languages offered.

Speakly Premium Version And Subscription

There are four premium versions in the Speakly app:

The first paid version costs $12.55 per month

The second paid version costs $30.82 quarterly or $10.27 per month 

The third version costs$57.05 every six months or 9.51 per month

The fourth version costs $79.86 every twelve months or $6.66 per month

Note: There is no lifetime access in Speakly.

Pros And Cons Of Speakly

There are both feminine and masculine audio-recorded voiceThere are only eight languages to learn
There are many features in learning your target language (live situation, music recommendations, listening exercises, and reading exercises)The premium version is very pricy
Teaches grammatical and conversational skills 

Drops Vs Speakly: Final Review

Drops Vs Speakly: Final Review

So, what do I think about these two apps right? Well, it depends on your learning style.

If I am a learner, the best language learning app for me is Drops because I am the type who wants to have some fun while learning. Another reason is, Drops premium version is more affordable than Speakly. But if you are a learner who wants to discover new words by engaging in various language skills and lessons, then Speakly is the one for you.

Overall, a language learning app helps beginners make their first step to achieving language goals. Though there are other resources and language apps to learn a language, it is still up to the learner’s learning style which of these apps will work well.

Best Alternative

Best Alternative Language Learning App: Ling App

Looking for the best alternative language app worth the price and appropriate for your language learning? Then Ling App is the one for you!

The Ling App by Simya Solutions is a learning language application that can help you achieve your target language. You can choose various foreign languages because it offers 60+ languages, including minority languages. You can learn a new language anytime and anywhere. Through this app, you can learn new words by playing interactive games such s flashcards, A.I. chatbots, and quizzes. You can also enhance your vocabulary by reading informative blog posts related to your target language.

Download and start learning with Ling App now!

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