Must-Know Tips To Be Eco-Friendly In Thailand

Have you tried to be eco-friendly in Thailand? Everyone wants to do their bit to help the environment and be as eco-friendly as possible. While many people take the time to make conscious choices when at home, many will not do so while abroad. Whether due to the language barrier or due to the difficulty, I think this happens to everyone to some extent. 

However, if the lack of vocabulary is the problem, now is a great time to start learning ready for your stay in Thailand. Today, we will take some time and look at some important phrases you need if you want to help protect the environment and make your time in Thailand more sustainable.

Thai Phrases For being Eco-Friendly

There are a couple of phrases that you should prepare when coming to Thailand and want to help protect the environment. These relate to some everyday items that will really start to add up over your stay.

How To Say ‘No Plastic Bag’ In Thai

No plastic bag – Mai sai tuung – ไม่ใส่ถุง

One major way anyone can make a difference by doing a minor thing is by refusing plastic bags. With the amount of amazing street food stalls in Thailand, you will likely find yourself eating out often. However, if you find a small stall somewhere without any seating, you will need to take the food away, which usually involves plastic bags. Similarly with the many 7/11 stores around the country, you can quickly find yourself in possessions of a dozen plastic bags.

By using this Thai phrase, you can refuse the plastic bag and either hold your items in your hand or a reusable bag you bring with you. This may be one of the best phrases you can use when it comes to sustainability in Thailand. This translates more literally to ‘do not put into a bag’, but will work to get your intent across.

How To Say ‘I Don’t Want A Straw’ In Thai

I don’t want a straw – Mai ao lhod – ไม่เอาหลอด

Second, on the list of items, you will likely use a lot of is straws. As you may already know, Thailand is hot. Because of this, you will find yourself drinking a lot of chilled drinks with ice, which is usually served with a plastic straw. Drinks are just as varied and tasty as the food. There are avocado smoothies, Thai iced tea, iced latte, sugarcane juice, and everything in between. 

If you want to try these, you may want to think about the environment when using a plastic straw with it. Instead, consider using a reusable metal/bamboo straw or drinking it without a straw. If that is possible, try out this Thai phrase to let them know that straw is not needed. You could also consider ordering a hot drink too.

Other Tips For Being Environmentally Conscious In Thailand

Ecofriendly in Thailand
Nearly all drinks (including water) will come with a straw unless you ask otherwise.

Here are a couple of other tips that will also aid you in making better choices for the Thai landscape.

Try Some Thai Vegetarian Food 

Vegetarian – Mangsawerat – มังสวิรัติ

Eating meat for every meal can be quite bad for the environment. So, once a week, why not try one of the many vegetarian dishes that are available? Not only is Thailand home to some of the tastiest fruits, but there is also many dishes available that do not contain meat. So, you can enjoy some som tam and have a dessert of mango and sticky rice, all while knowing you are making a difference. This is a great way to try new foods while being eco-friendly in Thailand.

Use Public Transport Where Possible

Public Transport – Gan khunsong satharana  – การขนส่งสาธารณะ

The use of private taxis has led to a lot of congestion, traffic, and pollution. This is especially true in the bigger cities in Thailand. Thankfully, there are many different public transport options available in the country. This helps reduces the number of vehicles on the road and the emissions associated with them. You can learn more about transport in Thailand and other travel tips here.

Being Environmentally Friendly In Thailand

Big changes start with little steps, and these tips will help you get started on your journey. So, even while you are staying in Thailand, you can maintain a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. Any change you make will be a great benefit over time. You can play a role in keeping Thailand’s naturally beautiful and pristine, ready for the next time you visit. I am sure that everyone would be thankful for that. I hope that next time you can be more eco-friendly in Thailand.

If you are interested in learning more Thai words and phrases, try out the Ling Thai app. Learn new Thai words by category and build up your vocabulary ready for your next holiday. 

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