No Babbel Thai Course? No Problem, Try These Genius Alternative Apps In 2023

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Everyone seems to have their go-to language learning app. It is the one they have tried and found to work best for their learning style. That is all well and good, but what happens when that trusted app doesn’t support the language you are looking to learn? There is no Babbel Thai course. That really throws a spanner in the works.

The fact that Babbel, a trusted language-learning app by many, does not have a Thai option is a real disappointment for many people looking to learn Thai before a visit to the kingdom. This begs the question – why is there no Babbel Thai version?

I also found out that they don’t have some other Asian language courses in Babbel, such as Korean, Japanese, and Chinese. This encourages me to find out the reasons why. 

Alternatives To Babbel For Learning Thai

Whatever the reason for the omission of Thai on Babbel, there are plenty of alternatives available to help you learn Thai. Let’s now look at what some of those alternatives are.

The Ling App

The Ling app offers different ways to learn, such as through gamification, tests, and challenges. It covers a whole range of topics, teaching you the relevant vocabulary and skills such as speaking and writing in Thai.

Additional features are being added over time, like the chatbot. You can use the chatbot to practice your Thai speaking skills in a more natural way, which really helps to build your confidence.

There is no reason to be sad about the lack of Thai on Babbel. The Ling app is free to try out, so you can go wrong with giving the app a download now or visiting the web version. You may just fall in love with the Ling app. Wondering how much it cost? It’s totally free, but if you want more, there are other options as well. Take a look at the table below:

Basic$0-Beginner lessons
-Introductory chatbot
Monthly$8.99-Beginner lessons
-Introductory chatbot
-200 lessons in 50 units
-Access to 60+ languages
-Sync across all your devices
-Talk with the chatbot about 20 topics
-Learn helpful grammar tips in multiple languages
-Same as the Monthly plan
(one-time payment)
-Same as the Monthly plan

Simply Learn Thai

Simply Learn focuses specifically on learning Thai words and phrases that you can use in day-to-day conversations. It functions similarly to a digital phrasebook but has additional features that make your life much easier.

The first major benefit is the ability to listen to native Thai speakers reading out the phrase you are looking to use. This helps greatly with getting the pronunciation at least a bit better. Then there are the flashcards, which are very useful for memorizing the keywords and phrases you want to use.

There are many more to discover with the Simply Learn Thai app, which is easy to use thanks to great design and thorough search functions. Simply Learn is an invaluable tool when visiting Thailand, and travelers will get great use out of it.

Other Alternative Apps To Learn Thai

Any search you make for ‘Learn Thai’ online or in the app stores will bring up many different results. It is really up to each individual to find what they prefer using. Maybe the design of one is better than the others, or it covers a different set of vocabulary that you want to learn specifically.

We encourage each and every reader to learn Thai, however they go about it. So, while there is no Babbel Thai course available, there are options like the Ling app to fill in its place. But if you want more apps for learning Thai, let me show you more. But remember, these Thai language-learning apps below are all inferior to the Ling app.

  • Pimsleur: Pimsleur is an app that offers audio lessons for different languages. Users can practice speaking and understanding through these lessons.

  • Mondly: Mondly is a language learning tool that provides daily lessons. Users can learn new words, phrases, and basic grammar.

  • iTalki: iTalki is an app where users can connect with language teachers for lessons. It’s a platform for learning and practicing various languages.

  • ThaiPod101: ThaiPod101 is an app focused on teaching Thai. It has audio and video lessons, along with tools to track learning progress.

  • Glossika: Glossika is designed for language learning through repeated sentences. Users can practice with audio exercises and monitor their progress.
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Possible Reasons For There Being No Babbel Thai Course

I don’t believe there is any definitive answer out there as to why there is no Babbel Thai course. With Thailand’s capital, Bangkok, being amongst the most visited cities by tourists in the world, it definitely seems like something they would prioritize offering. With that said, we can speculate as to why this is the case.

People May Not Want To Learn Thai On Babbel

This one seems both obvious and not obvious at the same time. As we mentioned, Thailand is one of the most popular tourist destinations, so surely there is a decent amount of people looking to learn. However, based on the languages spoken in Thailand, many people may feel it is not necessary to learn. 

In many of the popular tourist areas where people often visit, English is spoken fairly frequently. As such, visitors may not feel they need to spend time learning Thai. This is a big shame, as taking the time to learn the language will greatly improve not only your experience but also that of the Thai people you meet. 

This is one possible reason for the fact that there is no Babbel Thai course option available. However, there are a few more reasons to look into.

They Use Other Language-Learning Tools For Learning Thai

Many visitors to Thailand are backpackers – the kind of people who like to travel on a low budget for a more authentic experience. Apps like Babbel can be quite expensive, so they may either choose to buy language-learning phrasebooks to learn Thai or instead opt for classes in the country to help them learn.

We always encourage people to choose the best tools that work for them. Sometimes, apps don’t fit into that. That is okay – as long as you make progress in learning a new language.

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Will We See Thai On Babbel In The Future?

Unfortunately, I am not a mind reader, and I cannot see into the future. How cool would that be, though? My point is we will never know for sure what they are planning over at Babbel HQ. However, Thai does seem like an obvious choice should Babbel be looking to increase its language lineup.

If you are really dead set on using Babbel to learn Thai rather than the alternatives mentioned here or elsewhere, then you may be in for a long wait. That is well worth learning, though, as anyone who has visited can tell you. It is quite fun to discover for yourself. Whatever the case, the Ling app will be waiting should you ever decide to jump-start your Thai learning journey.

Learn More Thai With The Ling App

With 200+ lessons and a great language-learning app that lets you learn writing, speaking, listening, and reading skills, the Ling app is the best out there. You can just open the app and learn the Thai language anytime, anywhere. Download it now on the Play Store and App Store to see for yourself!

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