50 Easy Movie Vocabulary In Thai You Must Know

Is watching movies one of your favorite hobbies? If the answer is yes, then you’ll love this post! We’ll be talking all about some of the most famous movies in Thailand to date and even a handy app that can help you learn Thai in order to be able to fully understand the meaning of Thai movies!

Trust us, in this post, you’ll learn all the movie vocabulary in Thai you’d ever need to know as well as practical phrases to use at the cinema! Let’s start learning – 1, 2, 3, action!


Thai Movie Genres

thai movie genres

The next time you can’t decide what kind of movie to watch, you can refer to the following list of movie genres in Thai.

  • หนังบู๊ (năng boó) – Action movie
  • หนังวิทยาศาสตร์ (năng wíd-tá-yaa-saàd) – Sci-Fi movie
  • หนังรัก (năng rák) – Romantic movie
  • หนังตลก (năng dtà-lòk) – Comedy movie
  • หนังชีวิต (năng chee-wít) – Drama movie
  • หนังสืบสวนสอบสวน (năng seùb-suăn-sàwb-suăn) – Mystery movie
  • หนังสยองขวัญ (năng sà-yăwng-kwăn) – Horror movie
  • หนังผี (năng peě) – Ghost movie
  • การ์ตูน (gaa-dtoon) – Animation movie
  • หนังย้อนยุค (năng yáwn-yúk) – Period movie
  • หนังประวัติศาสตร์ (năng bprà-wàd-dtì-saàd) – Historic movie
  • หนังสงคราม (năng sŏng-kraam) – War movie
  • หนังอาชญากรรม (năng aàd-chá-yaa-gam) – Criminal movie
  • หนังไทย (năng-Thai) – Thai movie
  • หนังฝรั่ง (năng fá-ràng) – Western movie


List Of Movie Vocabulary In Thai For You

To have a casual conversation about movies in Thai, you definitely need to learn these commonly used Thai words related to movies and cinema.

  • หนัง (nǎng) – movie
  • โรงหนัง (roong nǎng) – cinema
  • ตั๋วหนัง (dtǔa-nǎng) – movie ticket
  • แถวบน (tɛ̌ɛw bon) – upper row seats
  • แถวล่าง (tɛ̌ɛw làang) – lower row seats
  • ที่นั่งธรรมดา (tîi-nâng tam-ma-daa) – normal seat
  • ที่นั่งพิเศษ (tîi-nâng pí-sèet) -special seat
  • เวลาฉาย (wee-laa chǎai) – showtime
  • จองตั๋วหนัง (jaawng dtǔua nǎng) – to book
  • ผู้กำกับ (phûu gam-gàp) – director
  • นักแสดง (nák sà-daaeng) – actor, actress
  • พระเอก (prá-aìk) – main actor
  • นางเอก (naang-aìk) – main actress
  • พระรอง (prá-rawng) – supporting actor
  • นางรอง (naang-rawng) – supporting actress
  • ตัวโกง (dtua gohng) – bad guy
  • นางร้าย (naang-raaí) – bad woman


Thai Phrases To Use At The Cinema

Thai Phrases To Use At The Cinema

If you are currently in Thailand, without a doubt these phrases will save you at the cinema or theater in Thailand!

How many people?gìi tâanกี่ท่าน
Which row?tɛ̌ɛw nǎiแถวไหน
What movie would you like?doo rûang à-raiดูเรื่องอะไร
Can I reserve adjacent seats for two?chăn khǎaw jaawng thîi nâng sǎawng thîi thîi dtìt gan dâi măiฉันขอจองที่นั่งสองที่ที่ติดกันได้ไหม
I am going to buy popcorn and drinks.chăn jà bpai súe bpáwp-khaawn láe khrûueang dùemฉันจะไปซื้อป๊อปคอร์นและเครื่องดื่ม
Can we skip the trailers?rao khâam năng dtua yàang dâi măiเราข้ามหนังตัวอย่างได้ไหม
Check the online reservation.chék gaan jaawng aawn-laiเช็คการจองออนไลน์
Can you help us find our seats?khun chûuay rao hăa thîi nâng khǎawng rao dâi măiคุณช่วยเราหาที่นั่งของเราได้ไหม
What row number is this?thăaeo níi măai lêek à-raiแถวนี้หมายเลขอะไร
Let’s pay for the VIP seats.maa jàai khâa thîi nâng wii-ai-phii gan thòeมาจ่ายค่าที่นั่งวีไอพีกันเถอะ
What time does the movie start?năng rôoem gìi moongหนังเริ่มกี่โมง
Could you please be quiet?khun ngîiap nàauy dâi măiคุณเงียบหน่อยได้ไหม
Excuse me. This is supposed to be my seat.khǎaw thôot ná. dtrong níi nâa jà bpen thîi nâng khǎawng chănขอโทษนะตรงนี้น่าจะเป็นที่นั่งของฉัน
Which movie theater do you want to go to?khun yàak bpai roong năng năiคุณอยากไปโรงหนังไหน
We have to pick up our tickets at the box office.rao dtâawng bpai ráp dtŭua khǎawng rao thîi thîi khăai dtŭuaเราต้องไปรับตั๋วของเราที่ที่ขายตั๋ว
Does this movie have subtitles?năng rûueang níi mii sáp-dtai-dtôoen măi?หนังเรื่องนี้มีซับไตเติ้ลไหม
I prefer watching with subtitles.chăn châawp duu năng thîi mii sáp-dtai-dtôoenฉันชอบดูหนังที่มีซับไตเติ้ล
This is the premiere.nîi khuue râawp bpà-thŏm-má-thátนี่คือรอบปฐมทัศน์
How much does the ticket cost?dtŭua raa-khaa thâo ràiตั๋วราคาเท่าไหร่
I would like to buy a ticket.chăn dtâawng gaan súue dtŭuaฉันต้องการซื้อตั๋ว
I would like to choose a seat.chăn dtâawng gaan lûueak thîi nângฉันต้องการเลือกที่นั่ง


Top 5 Thai Movies To Watch This Summer

Here are the top 5 movies that are beloved by Thai people. If you want to enjoy a good Thai movie and learn Thai at the same time, these movie recommendations are perfect for you! But, if these aren’t enough for you, you can always do your own research since Thailand is known for having so many TV dramas!

If you have any other movie recommendations, please feel free to let us know in the comments below!

1. Bad Genius (2017)

bad genius

Lynn is a top-notch genius at school, but she is broke. Things get interesting when her wealthy friends who barely passed middle school come to her with an unusual job offer. She has to help them cheat on their exams.

This movie will definitely get your adrenaline pumping as you watch them all put their futures at risk to pass an exam. The movie is also praised for touching upon serious topics like the social hierarchy and education system in Thailand.

2. Bangkok Traffic Love Story (2009)

Thai Phrases To Use At The Cinema

Mei Li is a 30 years old single woman that’s desperately on the search for true love. Then one day she thinks that she may have finally met the perfect man, but will things work out?

Bangkok Traffic Love Story provides insight into the life of Bangkokians in their 30s who are hoping to meet “the one”. This movie is totally relatable if you also consider yourself part of the lonely hearts club in a big city.

3. Grace (2016)


Famous internet star Eclair is kidnapped by her obsessive fan Jack and his sister Grace, a forgotten internet celebrity who’s jealous of the rising star’s online popularity. Next, let the torture games begin.

As we all know, anyone can become famous online these days, which is why this psychological thriller is a perfect reflection of the dark side of internet fame.

4. Ong-Bak (2003)


After the village’s beloved sacred statue is stolen, a Muay Thai boxing master goes on an adventure to take it back whatever the cost. Ong-Bak is a legendary movie due to the fact that it promotes Thailand’s boxing as an art form.

5. SuckSeed (2011)


Ped is a shy boy who had never listened to music until his childhood crush Ern introduced him to the world of pop and rock. Then she left to pursue her dream of becoming a famous rock singer.

Not soon after, Ped and his friends decide to form a band in order to look cool and attract girls. But, when Ern comes back and starts teaching Ped and his best friend Koong some guitar skills, Ped and Koong’s shared attraction to Ern begins to put a strain on their friendship. We know you aren’t ready for this rom-com drama!


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