Why you need to visit the Grand Canyon in Chiang Mai

Go out and let stories happen to you.

Let this magical place nourish your friendships and your soul with laughter.

If you are looking for what to do in Chiang Mai, I suggest going to the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon in northern Thailand (Chiang Mai) is the perfect place to let your inner child be free and enjoy the good old times of playing in the water.

Down Hang Dong direction, the Canyon is only 25 minutes away. Unfortunately, there’s no public transportation but scooters are available all around town, starting from 100 Baht per day.

Arriving at this beautiful oasis (surprisingly always without many tourists) you can decide whether you want to spend a couple hours with cliff jumping, floating in tubes, beautiful views and swimming, or go next door to the Grand Canyon Waterpark.

Grand Canyon 2

For safety reasons, new swimming rules were implemented and a life jacket will be your new companion for your time there. The cliff jumping will cost you 50 Baht entrance and whatever you need to stay hydrated and replete with the coffee shop. Free parking and lots of fun are provided.

Grand Canyon 3

Experiencing the water park is worth the 300 Baht entrance fee. It allows you to enjoy water and food from 8am to 6pm.

The sunset turns the fascinating cliffs into an orange glowing scenery.

You can rent a locker for an additional 50 Baht and enjoy your time without having to worry about your things.

From jumping to running and climbing to sliding, this water park may seem small. But it has everything you need in order to feel all your muscles a day later.

Eventually you might fall into water, either through sliding or marvellous friends but no worries, professionally trained lifeguards from the Thai Life Saving Society are there to help you get back on the game.

Go! Go! Have fun playing with water, overcoming your fears by climbing up the dive tower and having a delicious Choco Volcano drink at the restaurant. This place is amazing for an afternoon adventure trip or even a birthday party.

On top of this: Breaking news! Last weekend I just saw that they’re upgrading with a zip line all over the beautiful blue greenish water!


Useful Thai phrases when being at the Grand Canyon:

How much is the ticket: ตั๋วราคาเท่าไหร่ = dtuua ra-ka tao-rai

When does it open: เปิดกี่โมง = bperd gee moong

When does it close: ปิดกี่โมง = bpid gee moong

It is so fun: สนุกมาก = sanook mak

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