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Congratulations In Thai: The 4 Easy Ways!

May 15, 2021

Expressions such as ยินดีด้วย (pronounced as yin-dee dûay) or ดีใจด้วย (dee jai dûayare two of the most used ways to express a heartfelt congratulations in Thai. The first part of the words dee jai and yin dee can be directly translated to English as happy. So, technically, these expressions mean that you are not just congratulating someone, but you are also happy for them and their achievements. Interested in adding more flair and breaking free from these formal expressions? We got you covered in today's post!

The world is a big place, and there are different ways people try to communicate... even a single country can be made up of over a hundred languages and several dialects! It might sound overwhelming indeed, but part of being human is this desire to be understood which is why most of us are consistently challenging ourselves to study and acquire a second to even a fourth language!

What makes language the exciting thing is that it is so diverse yet still connected in some ways. For instance, the European words may have direct translations in Asian languages, and it somehow makes things much easier. The same is true with the related writing systems allowing us to decipher and build our connection on what a particular inscription means. One of the top languages that are quickly becoming popular is the language of Thailand, known as Thai, and over 60 million people speak it in the world.

Part of the reason why it is gaining international attention is that the country is a goldmine in terms of amazing tourist destinations and business. In fact, more and more westerners are looking to build a business, work, retire, and move to Thailand for good.

Another reason why their language is booming is that their culture is truly remarkable and one of a kind. They have popularized certain powerful aspects such as using colloquial words, calling kids of close friends as your own, and the idea of being happy with your own company. If you want to fit in and communicate effectively, you must learn all that and more.



How To Say Congratulations In Thai 

As a sign of respect and to freely connect with the Thai people, it is recommended that you learn of their usual expressions, which can be used for both formal and regular events. One example of such is the basic way to say congratulations in Thai. Check out our updated list below to see how it works and the variations you can use.

Thai Language Pronunciation Guide When To Use
ยินดีด้วย yin dee dûay Formal
ดีใจด้วย dee jai dûay Formal
ยินดีด้วยนะ yin dee dûay ná Casual 
ดีใจด้วยนะ dee jai dûay ná Casual 
ยินดีด้วยนะเว้ย yin dee dûay ná wóie Casual with friends
ยินดีด้วยนะคะ/ครับ yin dee dûay ná ká/kráp Casual and polite
ดีใจด้วยนะคะ/ครับ dee jai dûay ná ká/kráp Casual and polite

Now that you know how to say congratulations in Thai languages, it is time that your try to say any of these expressions to your friends or work buddies. If you enjoyed this post, feel free to check out our other Thai-related articles like the essential proverbshow to say no, and the funny Thai expressions and words. Also, don't forget to share this post on social media to reach more language enthusiasts worldwide and make our community of learners even bigger!

If you are really interested to learn Thai, you might also want to consider the most recommended free applications available on Google Play and Apple Store. If you are up for these, keep on reading below.


Looking For More Ways To Say Something In Thai?

Before you enroll in expensive language schools and courses, you must know that there are practical options out there available for anyone regardless of their level. You see, now that most of us are stuck indoors, now is the perfect time to make use of totally new technological opportunities that will support our language learning journey.

Luckily, taking lessons on this Asian language is not as complicated as it once was. Today, you can even get free resources and use Google to search for translations of related words or even phrases. However, not all that you can see online are correct, which is why you have to check whether the learning materials you are using are updated and checked by real native speakers.

Our most recommended option for all learners to learn Thai is by taking advantage of mobile applications designed to support your learning journey like the Ling App and Simply Learn. These applications developed by Simya Solutions have been checked by real native speakers and regularly updated to include more relevant information that you can use right away. After all, language is always evolving, and it is important that you keep yourself up to date.

The Ling App is a powerful application that aims to motivate, engage, and help learners develop their own routines in their target language. By setting aside 10 minutes a day, you can indeed learn more about Thai and be confident enough to converse directly without any worries. It is packed with easy-to-digest information, audio files, and challenging review quizzes to ensure that there is acquisition and not just memorization. What makes this even more popular is that millions have downloaded it, and it covers 60+ languages from across the world!

If you are interested in speaking the Thai language right away, you can also do this using Simply Learn. This free application is ideal for tourists looking to speak phrases, use words correctly, and communicate right away. It is a phrasebook with several categories to speak of depending on the situation you are in. To gain confidence when speaking, you can play the embedded audio files to know how something should be pronounced.

So, what are you waiting for? Make real Thai friends today and gain an understanding of their culture by challenging yourself to speak and use the Thai language. Download these apps for free today and get ready to speak like a total native.

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