100+ Trendy Names In Tamil With Meanings & Sounds

Are you curious about the meanings of the best baby names in Tamil? One of the most important tasks parents can do is give a name to their baby. The name will first introduce the baby to the world and stay with them through the rest of their life. 

Some people say that names have an important effect on the baby’s development and personality. So, give your Tamil baby the name that develops the child’s personality well.

Here’s a list of Tamil baby names with their English meaning. Some names are modern and unique. However, people also consider giving their baby Sanskrit and Hindi names. As you know, Hinduism is the dominant religion in Tamil Nadu. So, many Tamil names have a Hindi origin. 

Moreover, some of the names are longer, and you can create a nickname to keep it short. You can even twist traditional names to give them a modern touch.

What Is The Naming Convention For Babies In Tamil?

The naming convention for a newborn baby in Tamil is similar to that of Northern India. Parents frequently consult an astrologer following the birth of their child. The astrologer then examines the horoscope and assists in naming the baby boy or girl.

For Tamil baby names, you have to maintain the common first-middle-surname arrangement. Moreover, having the Name of a Hindu God or Goddess was highly common in the past. It is also very usual to include God-related middle names. Sanskrit baby names are common in Tamil, but modern names have various influences.

Tamil names from South Indian movies have also influenced the current generation. While Tamil first names are evolving, surnames remain traditional. Members of certain ethnic groups also continue to use the same surnames. 

How To Give Your Baby A Perfect Name In Tamil?

To give your baby a perfect name in Tamil, you need to look at various things. The family tree is the first place where you can receive inspiration for a great name. Perhaps one of your relatives has created an internet family tree, or your parents have old family name records.

Look around if anything captures your attention. Moreover, choosing a name from your ethnic background is a lovely way to pay tribute to your roots. If you look up names from your culture on the internet, you will find at least one that you like.

Another step in selecting the perfect baby name is to look up the meaning. So, you do not end up picking a name with a dreadful meaning. For example, you might like the sound of Giselle, but did you know it meant “hostage”? Or that Cameron means “crooked nose?” Ugh.

 You can decide to ignore the meaning because you like the name. However, stay ready to laugh it off when someone inquires about the meaning of your child’s name.

Boy names in Tamil

What Are Some Boy Names In Tamil

What Are The Modern Names In Tamil For Boys?

Parents frequently avoid naming their children after ancient historical figures in today’s neo-civilized society. They avoid giving their children Tamil literary names or Hindu god names.

The meanings of modern Tamil baby names are the same as the old ones. For example, when naming a Hindi baby boy, we usually use the Tamil name “Akileshwaran.” In terms of modern names, “Akileshwaran” has been abbreviated to “Akil.” People modify historical names to give them a more modern appearance.

We have gathered a list of modern Tamil boy names. And each Name has a Tamil meaning and translation. So keep an eye out and visit the below table for more baby names.

English MeaningsNameName In Tamil Script
Lights, Lord MuruganThiyashதியாஷ்
Friend, Sun, God  MuruganMithranமித்ரன்
Always Smile, Flower of Love, Everywhere, Lord Shiva, Baba, Swami, Flower, Friend, BlessingSaiசாய்
Handsome,  Beautiful; Variant of KevinKavinகவின்
Lord Murugan, Surya BahavanAathiranஆதிரன்
Lord Ganesha’s name, The Divine Sound, The Sacred Syllable Om, Intelligent Symbol, Gentle; Wonderful, Happiness, Lord Shiva / Vishnu’s namePranavபிரணவ்
Lord Murugan, Lord SivaAthiranஅதிரன்
Lord Shiva / Vishnu, Lord MuruganDasvanthதஸ்வந்த்
Intelligent, Morning Dawn, God’s Gif,  First Ray of the Light, Lord VishnuVihanவிஹான்
Lord Murugan / Subramanya  Yuganயுகன்
Beautiful God, Another name of Lord MuruganNikilanநிகிலன்
Rain, Lord of the Waters, Neptune, Intelligent, Sensible, Smart, God of Rain, King, InvincibleVarun                    வருண்
God Murugan; NakshatraKirthikகிருத்திக்
Attire, Lord MuruganAadheeran ஆதீரன்
King of KingsTaswinதஸ்வின்
Lord ShivaThaksithதக்ஷித்
Lord MorganKirithik      கிருத்திக்
Sun, Moon, Dedicate, IntelligentPavinபாவின்
Bright, Youth, God’s nameTharun  தருண்
Lord of God, the Lord,  has Heard, told by God, God has to Listen, to hear, Sun, His name is God, Sun Child, Little sun, Strong person, Good person.Samசாம்
Another name of Lord MuruganNikithranநிகிதரன்
Unique, Affection, Love; Lord ShivaAdvickஅறிவுரை
King of the Earth; Happiness; Lord MuruganMagilanமகிலன்
Attraction, Talented, Short Form of God KrishnaKrishகிரிஷ்
Bright, God MuruganTrikshanதந்திரம்
Lord MuruganSastickசாஸ்டிக்
EarthPurvith      பூர்வித்
Son of SunPurvanshu பூர்வாஞ்சு
King of EarthPruthviraj  ப்ருத்விராஜ்
Loved Liked by EveryonePriyangshuபிரியங்ஷு
LovePratiksh     பிரதிக்ஷ்
StartingPrarambh   பிரரம்ப்
Om Sacred MantraPranavasri பிரணவஸ்ரீ
Om Sacred MantraPranavashree       பிரணவஶ்ரீ
GodPranal        பிரானல்

What Are The Most Popular Baby Names In Tamil For Boys?

Baby boy names require the inclusion of religion, modernity, and tradition. Here are suggestions if you want to name your child after a Tamil name.

English MeaningNameName In Tamil Script
Aabhat is a Tamil baby boy name that is rare. The name means ‘shining.’Aabhat  ஆபத்
It is a Hindu name that means “Sun.” Parents who revere the sun as their God give these names.Aadavanஆதவன்
It is a fashionable Tamil baby boy name that means dawn. You’d be opening the gates of all new beginnings.Aahanஆஹான்
Advait means unique. A unique name for your baby!Advaitஅத்வைத்
Arnish is a trendy and modern Tamil baby name for boys. It means “lord of the sea.”Arnishஅர்னிஷ்
The name Ajai is quite popular in practically all groups. The name is common in Tamil culture and signifies “invincible.”Ajaiஅஜய்
Person of good natureChandranசந்திரன்
A variation of the name Deva, Dev refers to Lord ShivaDevaதேவா
Teacher or writerDabirடபீர்
By the grace of GodDaiwikடெய்விக்
Dandapani is a common and old Tamil name for boys. The name refers to GodDandapani  தண்டபாணி
Devesh is a modern Tamil male name that means “God of Gods.” It is a popular Christian name referring to Lord Shiva.Deveshதேவேஷ்
Lord of lightDeepeshதீபேஷ்
Old Tamil name meaning DivineDeiviganதெய்வீகன்
Son of Lord VishnuDuraivelதுரைவேல்
Eegan is a traditional Tamil name that signifies “benevolent, endowed, and charitable.” Eegan  ஈகன்
One who grants all wishesEvyanஎவ்யன்
Prettiest kingEzhilarasanஎழிலரசன்
Name of monthFalgunஃபால்குன்
This Tamil baby boy name has a long and traditional history. Giri refers to Lord Shiva and signifies mountain.Giriகிரி
Means Lord VishnuHanishஹனிஷ்
Modern popular version of Lord Vishnu’s name.Harishஹரிஷ்
Love and happinessHardikஹர்திக்
One who increases joyHarshavardhanஹர்ஷவர்தன்
Lord of earthIleshஇலேஷ்
Lord of victoryJairajஜெயராஜ்
Girl names in Tamil

Girl Names In Tamil

Modern Baby Names In Tamil For Girls 

There are many great Tamil baby girls’ names to inspire you and assist you in finding the perfect Name.

Did you like our list of the best boy Tamil names and surnames? You might also like this list of the best Tamil names and meanings for girls.

English MeaningsNameName In Tamil Script
First powerAadhyaஆதியா
Ahaana means “to exist.” It’s a one-of-a-kind name, a new Tamil baby girl name.Ahaanaஅஹானா
Complete or totalAkhilaஅகிலா
It is the name for your daughter if you want to name her after a Hindu GoddessAmbaalஅம்பாள்
Good wishAamaniஆமணி
Ambujam means lotus and is derived from Sanskrit.Ambujamஅம்புஜம்
Refers to Goddess ParvatiAnanyaஅனன்யா
The letter or the alphabet. Popular both in Tamil Nadu and South IndiaAksharaஅக்ஷரா
Lovely hairAlakaஅலகா
Raga of Indian musicBhairaviபைரவி
Refers to Goddess ParvatiBahvyaபஹ்வ்யா
Righteous, cheerfulBhavikaபவிகா
Goddess of knowledgeBaniபானி
Brightness or ray of lightDeeptiதீப்தி
Goddess DurgaDeviதேவி
Goddess or deityDaeviடேவி
Heavenly, brilliantDhivjaதிவ்ஜா
Goddess ParvatiEshwariஈஸ்வரி
River GodavariGautamiகௌதமி
Chant of salvationGayathriகாயத்திரி
Offerings of the songGeetanjliகீதாஞ்சலி
Refers to Goddess ParvatiGirijiகிரிஜி

What Are The Most Popular Names In Tamil For Girls?   

English MeaningNameName In Tamil Script
Water, shineAabஆப்
Pride, respectAanஆன்
Father’s joyAbiஅபி
Graceful and nobleAdaஅட
A fulfilling soundAvaஅவா
Journey of lifeAayuஆயு
Color of EarthAfraஅஃப்ரா
Date from heavenAiwaஅைவ
Ruling goddess. A very empowering latest girl baby name in Tamil.Ishaஈஷா
Refers to Goddess DurgaLalithaலலிதா
Flower eyesMalarvizhiமலர்விழி
Beautiful daughterOviyaஓவியா
Loved by allPriyaபிரியா
Refers to Goddess Lakshmi. Very popular Tamil nameRaghaviராகவி
The bank of a riverSindhuசிந்து
Good peopleSuprajaசுப்ரஜா
This Tamil baby name is a form of classic poetryVenbaவெண்பா
Bright white moonVanillaவெண்ணிலா
Old Tamil instrumentYaazhiniயாழினி
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