Slovenian Music: 3+ Remarkable Types

Music has sizable importance in everybody’s life. This mix of high and low beats and chords puts up the moods of people and makes everyone tune in to certain states of being. The good thing is that it has varieties, and every country has its style and culture of music. So does Slovenia! This article will discuss all Slovenian symphonies and Slovenian musical legacies you should know about. Let’s get started!

Music Of Slovenia

Slovenian folk music implies an aspect of polka that has gained considerable popularity worldwide. Slovenian folk music has many styles, including polka, waltz, saltin, lender, mafrine, etc.


The earliest musical instrument is the Divje Babe flute, found in a cave near Cerkno, Slovenia. It is perhaps the oldest musical instrument ever, and it is roughly 55,000 years old. The history of the modern Slovenian symphony can be traced back to the 5th century. This contemporary Slovenian music was produced after the sweep of Christianity in Carantania, and this was the first link or connection to the people’s language.

Classical Music

Secular music gained much fame as church music during the medieval era. In the 16th century, music was used to convert in Carniola during the times of the protestant reformation. The first Slovenian music style was Eni Psalmi, which was discovered in 1567. 

19th Century

The 19th century marked the growth and rise of Slovenian classical music. It was based on romanticism while the German minorities were pushing for German identities, and thus Slovenia shared the Ljubljana opera house and German opera companies.

Top-rated musicians and composers Uros Rojko and Emil Adamic, along with many others, influenced Slovenian folk songs and traditional music.

20th Century

The 20th century brought a good time for the Slovenian music industry; it gave birth to renowned music artist and composer Marij Kogoj who was incredible in his field and made a proud moment for the Slovene people.

The classical music of Slovenia came into being in the 1960s due to the marvelous works of great musicians Dane Skerl, Ivo Petric, Uros Krek, and Primoz Remove.

Folk Music

Slovenian folk music and songs sound sweet and rhythmic. This type of music is performed on the Styrian harmonica (the ancient kind of accordion), fiddle, zithers, clarinet, and by brass bands of alpine style. To enhance your knowledge, Fiddle and Cimbalon bands are called velike goslarije in eastern Slovenia. Many musicians have done incredibly in the music industry of Slovenia.


Harmony singing is an essential tradition in Slovenia. Harmony is a mix and match of chords and melodies in which frequencies and notes occur side by side. Shortly, it is a technique in which Isolated or individual sound combines to make entire song compositions.

Slovenian Pop-Folk Music

Did you know Slavko Avsenik’s band invented the original Oberkrainer sound, Slovenia’s initial ethnic musical expression, gaining immense popularity in central Europe? This band had created 1000 original compositions, a significant part of Slovenian-style Polka legacies. Their most outstanding instrumental composition was the polka called na golici in Slovene. 

Slovenian Song Festival

Song festivals play an essential part in each world’s culture, and so does Slovenian culture. Slovenian song festival, known as Slovenska Topeka in the Slovene language, is dedicated to a particular genre of Slovene popular music.

Popular Slovenian Music

Slovenian Music

Pop, Rock, And Indie Music

Perpetuum Jazzile is a Slovenian musical band with incredibly talented members. It is the most internationally online-listened Slovenian group that has earned more than 15 million views for official Cappella “Africa” performances from May 2009 to September 2013. The deathcore band Within Destruction also proved itself in the international market and released two full-length albums that have gained enormous popularity. 


Following is a list of famous singers or songwriters who have done a great job in the Slovenian music area.

  • Frane Milcinski was a poet who was born in 1914 in Ljubljana. He won numerous awards, and the film Kekec for which he had co-written the theme song, won the first global award for his Slovene feature movie.
  • Tomaz Pengov was a renowned singer and songwriter born in 1949. He was known for his successful albums like Odpotovanja (the first independently released album in Yugoslavia), Biti tuRimska cesta, and Pripovedi.
  • Tomaz Domicelj was a famous musician, singer, songwriter, and professor. He was born in 1948 in Ljubljana. He released two successful albums named Brez Zavor and Na planini je zivel.

World Music

Bratko Bibic was a Slovenian accordionist and rock musician. He was the leader of the Bagnagrad band, which mish-mashed both rock and folk music of Slovenia. He was a massive solo star who had a sizable influence on world music.

Punk Rock

Punk rock is a specific music genre with characteristics like simple melodies, short songs, fast tempos, etc. Slovenia was the hub for his genre. Many artists who have worked for the success of this genre in Slovenia are Lublanski Psi, Cao Picke, Pankrti, Niet, etc.

Foreigners Can Access Slovenian Music

After knowing about the Slovenian musical legacy, you must have fallen in love with their music taste and eagerly want to know about the fact that where you can find them. Basically, there are lots of places where you can attend Slovenia musical festivals like the Mediterranean international folk festival, also known as MIFF. You can visit this festival anytime as it takes place mainly in Piran and sometimes in Izola and Koper. In my opinion, it is the easiest way to feel the music of Slovenia.

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Wrapping Up

Slovenian Music

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