#1 Easy Guide To Malayalam Weather Vocabulary

If you plan to spend your next winter vacation amidst the beautiful scenery of Kerala, learning some Malayalam weather vocabulary is inevitable. Now is the perfect time to take a break from packing and give some full attention to the weather expressions in Malayalam that will become significant assets to you this season. Want to learn more? Continue reading!

No matter which corner we plan to travel in the world, the weather is the first thing we always keep in check. The climate, the season, and the weather are crucial in helping us decide what to wear, what type of clothes to carry, and whether or not it is safe to travel to a particular place.

Thus, the weather is an indispensable part of traveling, and it is only essential to learn weather expressions like ശീതകാലം-winter, മൺസൂൺ-monsoon, etc., in the native language of the country you visit. With such words discovery, you will have a smooth sailing journey with the locals and help yourself quickly at times of bad weather. So, let’s get started.

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How To Say Weather In Malayalam

The first thing we need to learn in today’s lesson is how to pronounce the word “Weather” in Malayalam. കാലാവസ്ഥ is the Malayalam translation for the word weather, and its pronunciation is kālāvastha.

The word “Climate” is also known as kālāvastha. However, the word “Season” is written as സീസൺ and pronounced similar to the English word as sīsaṇ. കാലം or kālaṁ can also be used for the same.

Weather In Kerala: Facts

Before we hop into the next lesson filled with different weather words, let us have a quick peek at the state’s weather conditions. Learning these pointers can be very helpful for your trip as it will make you aware of the situation that persists over there and allow you to make plans accordingly. Although, it is highly recommended that you keep regular weather forecasts in check.

  • Kerala experiences diverse climate changes due to its unique and vast geographical setting. The state mostly comes under an equatorial tropical climate and has more pleasant weather than most of its neighboring states.
  • The best part about traveling to the south of India is that the weather is never too humid or too dry. Although it is a hot state, unlike other regions, the temperature never soars over 40-degree celsius and receives frequent rainfall to keep the climate bearable.
  • Kerala is also the first state to receive monsoon rainfall, and the pour continues for months. Retreating monsoons continue till November, and finally, from mid-Nov to Feb, the winter prevails. It experiences a typical winter season and is not extremely cold like the Northern states.
  • While the coastal areas experience warm and cold weather conditions, the hilly parts of the state somewhat experience cold and pleasant climates at all times. They remain calm throughout the year. The best time to travel to Kerala is between September and March. Although Kerala never experiences a harsh climate other than heavy rainfall, these months have the most comfortable climate for tourists to visit.

Malayalam Weather Vocabulary: Primary Words

Nice weather malayalam

Now let us start with our primary weather expressions with proper Malayalam translation from the dictionary. Learn these thoroughly to say goodbye to your google translator and have a stress-free journey in Kerala. Let’s begin!

1. Sunny – തെളിഞ്ഞതായ

The first typical weather that most people love is the തെളിഞ്ഞതായ weather. Pronounced as teḷiññatāya, summers in Kerala usually hits between April and May. Most sunny times in Kerala experience winds, storms, and torrential rainfall. Although there are risks of cyclones, the temperature never rises very high and remains at an average of 37 degrees on a typical day. So, Summer time is, without a doubt, a very exotic time to travel around in the state, and once you land in India, you will realize why Kerala is known as God’s own country while other states keep complaining about the summer heat.

2. Rainy – മഴയുള്ള

The following typical weather that people are fond of is known as മഴയുള്ള- maḻayuḷḷa. The rainy season is a romantic time for lovers to spend time together at a park strolling the empty streets under an umbrella. However, Kerala is known to experience hefty rainfall, which can turn your plans upside down. The state goes through two monsoon seasons; the first hits around June. Sometimes the rain can be so heavy that extreme floods make the condition very difficult to handle.

3. Cloudy – മേഘാവൃതമായ

While sunny and rainy days are all the hype, if you are different like me, you must be loving cloudy weather. Known as മേഘാവൃതമായ- mēghāvr̥tamāya, other than extreme sunny or rainy, I prefer cloudy days where the clouds are pretty, and the winds are chilly. While rainfall is seen throughout the years in Kerala, the cloudy surprise can make any coffee date a perfect match before the rain comes. So, make sure you and your friends make the best of it during your trip.

4. Stormy – കൊടുങ്കാറ്റുള്ള

Weather that we all despise when we have outings planned is കൊടുങ്കാറ്റുള്ള- keāṭuṅkāṟṟuḷḷa. If you visit Kerala during its monsoon time, you will undoubtedly encounter many stormy days that will ruin all your plans at the markets and coffee shops with friends. Nevertheless, stormy weather can also be fascinating if you have indoor plans. With all the cozy blankets and card games, even the storm can make your day brighter than ever before.

5. Windy – കാറ്റുള്ള

The following best weather that I prefer most is കാറ്റുള്ള- kāṟṟuḷḷa. It is always lovely to feel the breeze run through your hair when you walk out of your room. Not too firm, not too light, the wind always brings a smile to your already glowing face. Kerala experiences a lot of windy days. Especially near the beaches, you will love the windy feels that will make your skin feel every breath of the state. However, due to heavy rainfall, Kerala also experiences heavy gale-force winds, which can be very dangerous. So, always take precautions and plan your days according to the forecast to have a beautiful time.

6. Foggy – മൂടൽമഞ്ഞ്

To all the winter lovers, we are finally at your best weather that is മൂടൽമഞ്ഞ്- mūṭalmaññ. However, talking about visiting a state home to intense rainfalls and hot temperatures, there will only be a few instances that will allow you to enjoy any foggy situation. Even in winter, the state never experiences extreme cold conditions, and it is always average with mildly hot, mildly cold, or heavy rainy conditions. However, it is a good sign that promotes fewer accidents and allows people to see the beautiful green nature without any disturbances.

7. Snowy – മഞ്ഞുള്ള

If you love snowy- മഞ്ഞുള്ള or maññuḷḷa weather, Kerala is not the place for you. Although the hilly parts of the country, like Munnar, get to entertain some extreme winter and snowfall conditions, only hailstorms are more common than any continuous snowfall. Chilly winter is all the state has for you, so keep your furry coats back home, as I doubt you will ever need them so much during your entire vacation.

Other Malayalam Weather Vocabulary – Seasons, Climates, And More

Weather terms

This section will go through all other words related to weather expressions you can use while forming a sentence. Understanding these will only enhance your vocabulary and give you a better understanding of the language.


Freezeഫ്രീസ് ചെയ്യുകphrīs ceyyuka
Global warmingആഗോള താപംāgēāḷa tāpaṁ
Heavy rainകനത്ത മഴkanatta maḻa


Land breezeകരയിലെ കാറ്റ്karayile kāṟṟ

Phrases Related To Weather In The Malayalam Language

How’s the weatherകാലാവസ്ഥ എങ്ങനെയുണ്ട്kālāvastha eṅṅaneyuṇṭ
It is rainingമഴ പെയ്യുന്നുmaḻa peyyunnu
The weather is so sunny todayഇന്ന് നല്ല വെയിൽ ആണ്inn nalla veyil āṇ
I love cloudy weatherഎനിക്ക് മേഘാവൃതമായ കാലാവസ്ഥ ഇഷ്ടമാണ്enikk mēghāvr̥tamāya kālāvastha iṣṭamāṇ
It is going to snow soonഉടൻ മഞ്ഞു വീഴാൻ പോകുന്നുuṭan maññu vīḻān pēākunnu
The breeze is so pleasantകാറ്റ് വളരെ സുഖകരമാണ്kāṟṟ vaḷare sukhakaramāṇ
The weather is too hotകാലാവസ്ഥ വളരെ ചൂടാണ്kālāvastha vaḷare cūṭāṇ
I feel very humid todayഇന്ന് എനിക്ക് നല്ല ഈർപ്പം തോന്നുന്നുinn enikk nalla īrppaṁ tēānnunnu
It is very foggy in the morningരാവിലെ നല്ല മൂടൽമഞ്ഞാണ്rāvile nalla mūṭalmaññāṇ
I love windy weatherകാറ്റുള്ള കാലാവസ്ഥ എനിക്കിഷ്ടമാണ്kāṟṟuḷḷa kālāvastha enikkiṣṭamāṇ

Wrapping Up!

So did you enjoy learning the above words, phrases, and facts regarding the weather in Kerala? With this knowledge, you will have no problem understanding the locals in the state, and also, at times of weather emergencies, you will be able to understand the display boards quickly. Especially in Kerala, a state that has pure love for its language and culture, learning their language will only help you out in every instance than cause any burden. Moreover, you will make many friends with your skills and impress the locals without trying too much.

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