25+ Best Korean Snacks To Satisfy Your Cravings

Are you planning to go on a trip to Korea soon? If you are looking for the best souvenirs for your family and friends, one thing you should not miss out on is the wide selection of Korean snacks 한국 간식 (Hangug Gansik). Like most Asian countries, the locals believe that food is a better gift than any other material thing. If you’d love to learn more about this, then this blog is perfect for you! Read on below to find out more!

South Korea is not just known for delicious Korean food, K-dramas, K-pop music, skincare, and mobile phones. They are also home to delicious Korean snacks ranging from traditional Korean ones to modern ones. There is a variety of delicious snacks to enjoy. There are Korean snacks for people that have a sweet tooth, salty snacks, spicy snacks, cream snacks, and more.

One of the reasons why South Koreans and even other people from different countries love this is because these popular Korean snacks are affordable and easy to find in a local convenience store, Korean grocery, and even online. They are also well-advertised in different Korean dramas that will surely make people crave as they watch.

If Westerns have burgers, french fries, and pizzas, Koreans have tasty snacks that everyone can enjoy anytime and anywhere. So, brace yourself because today, you’re in for a treat. We will learn about the most famous Korean snacks.


How To Say “Korean Snack” In Korean

한국 간식 (Hangug Gansik)

Korean Snacks

Before we learn about different Korean snacks, let us first learn how to say the word “Korean Snack” in the Korean language. Native Korean speakers say 한국 간식 (Hangug Gansik) when referring to Korean snacks. But, to make it simpler, South Koreans use the word 간식 (Gansik), which means “snack” in Korean.


Delicious Korean Snacks That You Must Try

If you are asked which Korean snack is your favorite, you’ll surely be having a hard time choosing just one because Korean snacks are really lit. For Korean food, Korean bbq is famous. For Korean street food, Korean rice cakes or stir-fried rice cakes are also among the crowd’s favorite. But for Korean snacks, there’s a lot of tasty snacks to enjoy. That’s what we will discover today.

Entering Korean convenience stores is like entering paradises of Korean snacks. There’s a handful of Korean snacks to choose from. Korean snacks have always been a part of South Korean’s daily life. They have snacks when they are hanging out with friends, watching movies or dramas, studying, road tripping, outing, drinking, and more. Korean snacks can also be enjoyed alone or with friends and family. So, below are the best Korean snacks that locals and foreigners enjoy.

1. 허니버터칩 (Heonibeoteochip)

English Translation: Honey Butter Chips

One of the most incredibly famous Korean snacks is the Honey Butter Chips or 허니버터칩 (Heonibeoteochip) in Korean. In fact, since it was released, it can be easily sold out because it is loved not just by the locals but also the foreigners. Honey butter chips are fried potato chips with a sweet and salty flavor balance. This Korean snack has a tasty flavor because of the combination of acacia honey and French butter.

Honey butter chips is a Korean snack that has created a “Honey Butter Craze.” In fact, this Korean snack has been appearing in different Korean dramas and food blogs, from local to international. That’s why if you ever got a chance to see this snack in convenience stores or somewhere else, lock the target and make sure to buy for your own, your family, and friends.

2. 오리온 초코파이 (Orion Chokopai)

English Translation: Orion Choco Pie

Another one of the most well-known Korean snacks is the Orion Choco Pie or 오리온 초코파이 (Orion Chokopai). It is almost impossible to meet a single South Korean who doesn’t know or haven’t tasted choco pies yet. It is a Korean snack made of two layers of yellow sponge cake covered with chocolate and has marshmallow filling.

Choco pies have different brands in South Korea, but the most famous one is the Orion. You can also choose from different flavors such as dark chocolate, strawberry, banana, and injeolmi (Korean rice cake. This popular snack is wrapped in a box that you can easily finish because it is really addicting, especially if you love sweets.

3. 다이제 (Daije)

English Translation: Orion Dr. You Original Diget

Another Korean snack from Orion that locals love is the Orion Dr. You Original Diget or 다이제 (Daije). We usually incorporate snacks with junk food or other unhealthy food, but this is one of the Korean snacks that can prove that snacks can be both healthy and tasty.

4. 빼빼로 (Ppaeppaero)

English Translation: Pepero

One of the most addicting Korean snacks of all time is the Pepero or 빼빼로 (Ppaeppaero). It is a delicious Korean snack that is made of sticks that are covered with chocolate. This Korean sweet treat has lots of varieties, such as milk chocolate, cookies and cream, peanut butter, sprinkles, and white chocolate.

What’s more interesting about this is that Pepero actually has its own holiday. Yes! You have heard it right. South Koreans celebrate Peprero Day annually every 11th of November. It is a holiday similar to Valentine’s Day because it is mainly observed by couples who exchange wonderful food, candies, or chocolatey goods.

5. 칸쵸 초코 (Kanchyo Choko)

English Translation: Lotte’s Kancho Choco Biscuits

With flaky cookies filled with chocolates, Lotte’s Kancho Choco Biscuits or 칸쵸 초코 (Kanchyo Choko) has been easily loved by sweets lovers. Aside from the rich chocolate flavor, it also has cutesy pictures printed on each cookie. It is hard to eat such a cute Korean snack, but you’ll most probably finish a whole cup, especially when you’re stressed, or you’re craving sweets.

6. 행복 카스타드 (Haengbok Kaseutadeu)

English Translation: Lotte’s Happy Promise Custard Cakes

Custard cakes are also one of the most favorite Korean snacks or Koreans, and the Lotte’s Happy Promise Custard Cakes 행복 카스타드 (Haengbok Kaseutadeu) is leading the custard cakes poll. This Korean snack is made with a light, fluffy sponge cake filled with a thick, sweet custard. Korean snack is perfect for breakfast or dessert. After trying this, it will surely satisfy your cravings. That’s a happy promise.

Lotte Confectionery also has other custard cake creations that people love. Custard Sweet Gold or 카스타드 스위트 골드 (Kaseutadeu Seuwiteu Goldeu) It is a pillowy sweet potato pie with custard fillings.

7. 애니타임 밀크민트 (Aenitaim Milkeuminteu)

English Translation: Lotte Anytime Milk Mint

Milk and mint? Who would have thought that this would be such a great tandem? Imagine a mint covered with milk coating. This is how Lotte Anytime Milk Mint or 애니타임 밀크민트 (Aenitaim Milkeuminteu) tastes like. This is a Korean snack that has a very cool mint flavor. What’s surprising is that the creamy sweet milk coating eases you into the minty center.

8. 야채 크래커 (Yachae Keuraekeo)

English Translation: Lotte Vegetable Crackers

Calling all veggie lovers: This Korean snack is for you. For those who don’t like veggies, give this Korean snack a chance because Lotte Vegetable Crackers or 야채 크래커 (Yachae Keuraekeo) is a delicious snack. Lotte Vegetable Crackers are made of crackers filled with different vegetable flavoring. But, don’t let the vegetable flavoring scare you because the buttery texture and faint savory taste of vegetables will do wonders in your taste buds.

9. 가나 밀크 초콜릿 (Gana Milkeu Chokollit)

English Translation: Lotte Ghana Milk Chocolate

Have you seen the K-drama “Reply 1988“? This is one of the Korean snacks they advertise when you play a video clip from this K-drama on Youtube. Being promoted by a huge K-drama is something that will make you curious about Lotte Ghana Milk Chocolate or 가나 밀크 초콜릿 (Gana Milkeu Chokollit).

Lotte Ghana Milk Chocolate is one of the most popular chocolate brands in South Korea. The reason is not just because it is delicious chocolate, but the process of making it is incredibly impressive. They use a micro-grinding technique breaking the chocolates down into tiny pieces. This is the reason why it has a delicious and smooth texture. Chocolates are undoubtedly one of the most famous Korean snacks, so if you have seen Lotte Ghana Milk Chocolate, see for yourself why.

10. 꼬깔콘 (Kkokkalkon)

English Translation: Kkokkalcorn

Are you into corn snacks? Well, Korean have their own version of it. This is one of the most popular Korean snacks both adults and children enjoy. This corn-shaped Korean snack that people eat off from their fingers. Kkokkalcorn is rich in corn flavor, and it also tastes sweet and salty, which can be very addicting.

11. 인절미 라이스볼 (Injeolmi Raiseubol)

English Translation: Azuki Bean Rice Ball Snacks

If Westerns have Cheetos cheese puffs, Koreans have the Azuki Bean Rice Ball Snacks or 인절미 라이스볼 (Injeolmi Raiseubol). It is one of the most popular Korean snacks for a reason – it’s a light, puffy, crunchy, and flavorful Korean snack. The only difference of Azuki Bean Rice Ball Snacks is that it has a slightly sweet flavor with a taste of peanut butter, unlike Cheetos that has a cheesy and salty flavor.

12. 초코콘 (Chokokon)

English Translation: Chocolate Corns

If you’re familiar with cheese puffs, Chocolate Corns or 초코콘 (Chokokon) are the chocolate version of them. This is one of the most famous chocolate Korean snacks and Pepero and choco pies.

13. 해오징어 (Haeojingeo)

English Translation: Dried Squid

South Korea is also rich in seafood ingredients, so turning it into Korean snacks is brilliant. If you’re familiar with beef jerky, Dried Squid or 해오징어 (Haeojingeo) has a similar texture with it. Some may take a while to get used to the beef jerky-like texture but, this is a perfect snack if you want a salty flavor and full of Korean protein snacks.

14. 호박모나카 (Hobak Monaka)

English Translation: Pumpkin Monaca

The Pumpkin Monaca or 호박모나카 (Hobak Monaka) is one of the most famous Korean snacks that is made of rice-based biscuits. It has a thick layer of sweet pumpkin center, and it is individually wrapped because it is so sweet. It is a snack best enjoyed as the seasons change.

15. 꽃게스낵 (Kkotge Seunaek)

English Translation: Crab Chips

Let’s move on to another one of the most delicious seafood Korean snacks which are the Crab Chips or 꽃게스낵 (Kkotge Seunaek). We can’t deny that many people love crabs, so turning them into chips is a pretty fantastic idea. Crab chips are slightly sweeter than shrimp snacks. It tastes more like Old Bay than straight-up salty seafood.

16. 신당동 떡볶이 (Sindangdong Tteokbokki)

English Translation: Shindangdong Tteokbokki Chips

Tteokbokki is a street food famous in Korea and in different parts of the world. This is the reason why Shindangdong Tteokbokki Chips or 신당동 떡볶이 (Sindangdong Tteokbokki) is one of the Korean snacks that people love fussing about.

17. 김스낵 (Gimseunaek)

English Translation: Seaweed Crisps

Seaweed is a staple in Korean cuisine. Many Korean dishes use seaweed, so it is no surprise that it turns out to be one of the best Korean snacks of all time. Seaweed Crisps or 김스낵 (Gimseunaek). Who wouldn’t love its light and crispy texture, savory flavor, and health benefits? Indeed, Korean seaweed crisps don’t need much explanation because it is widely known worldwide.

18. 에이스 초코라또 (Eiseu Chokoratto)

English Translation: Ace Chocolato

If you want a combination of flaky cracker and creamy sweet milk chocolate, then Ace Chocolato 에이스 초코라또 (Eiseu Chokoratto) is the one for you. This is made of little square butter cookies that have milk-chocolate coating shaped like a mountain. Ace Chocolato may be another chocolate snack, but this is definitely one of your choices when craving something sweet.

19. 고구마깡 (Gogumakkang)

English Translation: Goguma Kkang 

For a freshly fried sweet potato experience, Goguma Kkang or 고구마깡 (Gogumakkang) is the right snack for you. This Korean snack has a salty taste and has a distinct sweet potato flavor. The crunchiness paired with a super healthy vegetable, sweet potato, is a holy grail for some people. The Goguma Kkang is part of the sweet potato fry trend; that’s why you can easily see it everywhere.

20. 찹쌀약과 (Chapssal Yakgwa)

English Translation: Korean Sweet Cakes

Are you craving something quick and sweet? Then Korean sweet cakes 찹쌀약과 (Chapssal Yakgwa) will definitely satisfy your cravings. This is a popular Korean candy that is sweet, light, flaky, and affordable. Sweet cakes are also one of the traditional Korean desserts that locals love; that’s why it is no doubt that these are delicious Korean snacks.

21. 와플메이트 (Wapeulmeiteu)

English Translation: Korean Waffle Mate

Do you love having a hot cup of coffee in the mornings? Why not pair it with Korean Waffle Mate or 와플메이트 (Wapeulmeiteu). This Korean snack has a flaky texture and a very slight sweet taste from honey. Don’t get me wrong, because this Korean waffle mate can also be enjoyed without a hot coffee.

22. 농심 새우깡 (Nongsim Saeukkang)

English Translation: Nongshim Shrimp Crackers

If Americans love potato chips, Koreans have shrimp crackers. Aside from crab chips, we also have shrimp crackers. One of the most famous shrimp crackers in South Korea is the Nongshim Shrimp Crackers or 농심 새우깡 (Nongsim Saeukkang). It is shaped like french fries, baked, not fried. Nongshim Shrimp Crackers have a variety of flavors such as sweet and sour, chicken, and spicy shrimp crackers.

23. 빙그레 바나나우유 (Bing-Geule Bananauyu)

English Translation: Binggrae Banana Milk

One of the bestselling Korean snacks is the Binggrae Banana Milk or 빙그레 바나나우유 (Bing-Geule Bananauyu). You have most probably seen this in K-dramas because it is trendy in South Korea and can be found in local convenience stores and groceries. This drink is made of milk, banana juice, and sugar. There’s also a lot of flavors to choose from, like Strawberry, Melon, and Black Sesame.

24. Maxbon 피쉬 앤 치즈 소시지 스틱 (Maxbon Piswi Aen Chijeu Sosiji Seutig)

English Translation: Maxbon Fish And Cheese Sausage Sticks

Have you watched the K-drama Hometown Cha-cha-cha? They feature sausage sticks there twice. These sausage sticks are fish meat, melted cheddar cheese, and corn grains. You mostly see this eaten by children.

25. 라면 (Ramyeon)

English Translation: Ramen

Is there any chance we would miss this undoubtedly one of the most famous Korean snacks of all time? From their K-dramas, you can see that South Koreans love Ramen or 라면 (Ramyeon). They aren’t called instant noodles for no reason. Ramen is easy to prepare, and it is available everywhere. Eating Ramen is one of the best bonding experiences between friends, families, and lovers.


Other Korean Snacks

After learning the most famous Korean snacks, here are some additional Korean snacks that you might enjoy. You can find most of these Korean snacks in convenience stores and groceries, but you can also buy online, especially if you’re living outside South Korea.

It is no surprise that many non-Korean people appreciate Korean snacks because once a snack is featured in a K-drama or international food blog, it becomes an instant hit. So, here are the final set of Korean snacks to learn.

Hangul (Korean)RomanizationEnglish Translation
아비샤그 과일 칩abisyageu gwail chibAbishag Fruit Chips
빙그레 사만코 아이스크림 샌드위치bing-geule samanko aiseukeulim saendeuwichiBinggrae Samanco Ice Cream Sandwich
빙그레 스모키 베이컨 칩스bing-geule seumoki beikeon chibseuBinggrae Smoky Bacon Chips
초코보이즈chokoboijeuChoco Boys
초코하임chokohaimChoco Heim
곡물 라이스 바gogmul laiseu baGrain Rice Bar
길림톰의 농장양념아몬드gillimtom-ui nongjang-yangnyeom-amondeuGilim Tom’s Farm Seasoned Almonds
핫바hasbaHot Bar
허니 트위스트 스낵heoni teuwiseuteu seunaegHoney Twist Snack
해태맛동산haetaemasdongsanHaitai Matdongsan
홈런볼homleonbolHomerun Ball
해태 에이스크래커haetae eiseukeulaekeoHaitai Ace Cracker
요거트 젤리yogeoteu jelliLotte Yogurt Jelly
부드러운 말랑 소 쫄깃한 캔디budeuleoun mallang so jjolgishan kaendiLotte Soft Malang Cow Chewy Candy
시크 초코sikeu chokoLotte Chic Choc
해바라기씨 초코볼haebalagissi chokobolLotte Sunflower Seed Choco Ball
크런키 초콜릿keuleonki chokollisLotte Crunky Chocolate
프라이드 치킨 스낵Drumstix peulaiNongshim Drumstix Fried Chicken Snacks
양파 링yangpa lingOnion Rings
마켓오 리얼 브라우니makes-o lieol beulauniOrion Market O Real Brownie
고소미크래커gosomikeulaekeoOrion Gosomi Crackers
포카칩pokachibOrion Pocachip
마이 젤리 피치mai jelli pichiOrion My Gummy Jelly Peach
뿌슈뿌슈ppusyuppusyuPpushu Ppushu
부드러운 암소budeuleoun amsoSoft Cow
거북이 칩geobug-i chibTurtle Chips
요구르트와 콜라 프링글스yoguleuteuwa kolla peuling-geulseuYogurt and Cola Pringles
고래 먹이golae meog-iWhale Food


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