14+ Best Korean Flirting Phrases You Should Try Out

Korean Flirting Phrases

Wanna make the heart of your special someone race? It’s easy! Learn these Korean flirting phrases! Every Korean drama fan dreamed of having a K-drama-like love life or romantic scenes. Who wouldn’t want to find love in South Korea, right?

From sweet Korean love phrases down to romantic dates, everyone would want to experience that, and it will all begin with flirting. So if you’re here to learn Korean, let us not further the wait!

How To Say The Word Flirt In The Korean Language?

The Korean word for “flirt” is 바람둥이 (baramdungi). This is the right word when you wanna use it as a noun. On the other hand, 추파를 던지다 (chupareul deonjida) is the Korean word that you can use for the verb “flirting”.

Now that you have learned how to say “flirt” and “flirting” in the Korean language, let us now learn different Korean phrases used in flirting.

Korean flirting phrases Ramyeon meokgo gallae

K-Drama Flirty Phrases

라면 먹고 갈래? (Ra-myeon meok-go gal-lae?)

English Translation: Do you want to come over for ramen? / Do you want to eat ramen?

This one is the Korean version of the expression “Netflix and Chill”. This Korean expression is translated as “Do you want to eat ramen?” in Korean. It was first used in the 2001 film “One Fine Spring Day”. Since then, the expression’s popularity has skyrocketed, and it has been used in other successful Korean dramas like “Crash Landing on You” and “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim.”

Korean flirting phrases Nabi boreo gallae

나비 보러 갈래? (Na-bi bo-reo gal-lae?)

English Translation: Do you wanna see butterflies?

The meaning of this line from “Nevertheless” is “Do you wanna see butterflies?“. It is the same as “Do you want to come over for ramen?” The main character, Na-bi, meets Park Jae-Eon at a bar right after a bad breakup. When Na-bi sees that he has a butterfly tattoo, which is also the meaning of her name, she is attracted to him. Then, Jae-Eon invites her to his place by asking if she wants to “see the butterfly.” 

달리 어떻게 뜨지? (Dal-li eo-tteo-ke tteu-ji?)

English Translation: How else should I look at you?

Another romantic line from K-drama that you can use in flirting is 달리 어떻게 뜨지? (Dal-li eo-tteo-ke tteu-ji?) which means “Why do you look at me like that?” “How else should I look at you?”. This conversation between King Lee Gon and Inspector Jeong Tae-Eul is from the 2020 Korean drama The King: Eternal Monarch. Jeong Tae-Eul can’t believe what she’s hearing when “King” Lee Gon talks about his rule over the Kingdom of Corea. She thinks he is crazy and stares at him in shock, leading to this conversation. 

Korean flirting phrases Non nae saramiya non nae goya

넌 내 사람이야. 넌 내 거야.” (Non nae saramiya non nae goya)

English Translation: You’re my person. You belong to me.

This phrase is one of the most iconic lines from the K-drama “Scarlet Heart: Goryeo,” which means, “You’re my person. You belong to me.” Does it also make you re-live the pain and anguish from the drama? I bet it does! 

당신은 그 짝사랑을 빨리 끝내야 해요. (Dangsineun geu jjakssarangeul ppalri kkeunnaeya haeyo)

English Translation: You need to hurry and end that one-sided love.

This phrase means, “You need to hurry and end that one-sided love.” This line could warm the heart of even the coldest person. When Ahn Min Hyuk told Do Bong Soon, that he loved her; he told her that she needed to get over her crush so he could love her right away.  

Korean flirting phrases Hoksi messi joha haseyo

혹시 메시 좋아하세요? (Hok-shi Messi joh-a-ha-se-yo?)

English Translation: Do you like Messi?

Wanna make the guy you’re like drawn to you easily? Then use the phrase “혹시 메시 좋아하세요?,” which means, “Do you like Messi?”. This advice comes from Nan-Hee, a character in the drama “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo,” who counsels her pals to discuss sports, particularly soccer and football, with their crushes. You should immediately inquire about your crush’s favorite athlete since, according to Nan-Hee, men are drawn to women who share their hobbies. 

More K-Drama Flirty Phrases

English TranslationKorean RomanizationSound
Do you want a cup of coffee?커피 한 잔 하고 갈래keopi han jan hago gallae
Do you want to see my cat/dog at my house?우리 집 고양이 / 강아지 보고 갈래uri jip goyangi / gangaji bogo gallae
Oppa, do you want to eat chicken?오빠 치킨 먹고 갈래?oppa chikin meokgo gallae?
I’ll return the CD I borrowed, so come for a while.빌렸던 CD를 돌려줄 테니 잠깐 들어와billyeossdeon Ctreul dollyeojul
teni jamkkan deureowa

Do you want to go to my house to eat what my mother made today?오늘 우리 집 가서 우리 엄마가 만든 거 먹을래?oneul uri jip gaseo uri eommaga mandeun geo meogeullae?
You can leave your toothbrush at my house.우리 집에 칫솔 두고 가도 돼uri jibe chissol dugo gado dwae

 Common Korean Flirting Phrases

For a country with a conservative culture, South Korea has a really unique way of flirting. What’s amazing in this culture is that they can express their feelings towards another without physical touches. Just romantic Korean phrases or Korean love phrases. Here are different ways to flirt in Korean.

Meeting And Dating In Korean Flirting Phrases

Meeting And Dating In Korean

Nothing feels more pressure than the first date or first meeting. You’ll have to make a good impression so that you’ll capture their heart easily. So, here are some Korean flirting words that are being said during the first meeting and first date. 

핸드폰 번호가 뭐예요? (Haendeupon beonhoga mwoyeyo?)

English Translation: What is your phone number?

The first one is, of course, getting the phone number. Remember the scene in the K-drama Goblin (Guardian: The Lonely and Great God) where Sunny asked for Grim Reaper’s phone number? Yes, it’s not always the man who asks for the number. It can also be the other way around. This is where almost everything starts – by exchanging numbers. Most people nowadays spend time texting, chatting, or calling each other by phone before meeting personally. 

Korean flirting phrases Katokeyo

카톡해요? (Katokaeyo?) (Casual Way)

English Translation: Do you use KakaoTalk?

KakaoTalk is a mobile messaging app for smartphones. When you’re in South Korea, it’s impossible that you won’t hear of this. They use this to send messages, photos, and videos and call each other. You can learn more about Korean with Kakaotalk with our article dedicated to what the app is all about.

The sentence “카톡해요? (Katokaeyo?)” is a casual way of saying it. You should only use this when talking to someone the same age as you. But, if you want a more formal one, you can say “카카오톡 하세요? [Formal] ( Kakaotok haseyo?)”. 

Korean flirting phrases Jumaree sigan isseoyo

주말에 시간 있어요? (Jumaree sigan isseoyo?)

English Translation: Are you free this weekend?

Asking “주말에 시간 있어요? (Jumaree sigan isseoyo?)” or “Are you free this weekend?” is another way of flirting with someone. It simply implies that you are asking someone out during the weekend. Remember the scene in Reply 1988 where Taek asked Deok-sun out for a movie? That’s a very subtle but sweet way of flirting with someone. 

언제 우리 같이 저녁 먹을까요? – (Eonje uri gachi jeonyeok meogeulkkayo?)

English Translation: Shall we get dinner together sometime?

Inviting someone over dinner is also a way of flirting. Meeting for dinner is perfect for a romantic date. Just look at the K-drama “Business Proposal”. This is where Shin Ha-ri and Kang Tae Moo met for the first time during their blind date. 

Korean Flirting Phrases Jamkkan sanchaekalkkayo

잠깐 산책할까요? (Jamkkan sanchaekalkkayo?)

English Translation: Shall we go for a short walk?

Who would’ve forgotten one of the most iconic scenes in the K-drama “Itaewon Class” where Yi-seo invited Sae-ro-yi in for a walk, even how busy his schedule is? Well, asking someone for a walk is a simple yet romantic to do with your special someone. So, if you want to use that in flirting with someone, you can say, “잠깐 산책할까요? (Jamkkan sanchaekalkkayo?)”. 

Korean Flirting Phrases Uri deiteu halkkayo

우리 데이트 할까요? (Uri deiteu halkkayo?)

English Translation: Shall we go on a date together?

One of the best feelings, when you’re in love, is being asked or asking someone for a date, just like the romantic scene in the K-drama “Fight for My Way,” where Dong-man and Ae-ra kissed for the first time, and Dong-man asked Ae-ra to start dating each other. In these kinds of situations, you can say, 우리 데이트 할까요? (Uri deiteu halkkayo?)

언제 다시 볼까요? (Eonje dasi bolkkayo?)

English Translation: When shall we meet again?

Can’t get enough of your first date? Well, asking, “When shall we meet again?” is a way of saying that you still want to see that person again. It’s a subtle but really heart-racing way to flirt with someone. 

영화 보러 갈래? (Yeonghwa boreo gallae? )

English Translation: Do you want to watch a film?

Korean Dating Words And Phrases

One of the most common ways to flirt with someone is by inviting them to watch a movie. Whether in a movie house or in your own house, it’s a very intimate move to tell a person who is not your close friend or family.

English TranslationKoreanRomanizationSound
Let’s talk on KakaoTalk우리 카카오톡 해요uri kakaotok haeyo
Do you have time this weekend?주말에 시간 있어요?jumare sigan isseoyo?
Are you available during break time?쉬는 시간 시간 있어요?swineun sigane sigan isseoyo?
That was a great evening즐거운 저녁이었어요jeulgeoun jeonyeogieosseoyo
Would you like to have dinner together?같이 저녁 먹으러 갈래요?Gachi jeonyeok meogeureo gallaeyo?
When are you free?언제 시간 되세요?[Polite] Eonje sigan doeseyo?
What time do you want to meet?내일 몇 시에 만날까요?[Polite] Naeil myeot sie mannalkkayo?
What time do you want to meet?내일 몇 시에 만날래?[Casual] (Naeil myeot sie mannallae?)

After Date In Korean

Ending your day right is a really important thing to remember when you want to have a romantic relationship with someone. So, part of flirting is making sure that you let the other person feel that you think of them before you sleep. 

Korean Flirting Phrases Oneul jeonyeok jeulgeowosseoyo

오늘 저녁 즐거웠어요. (Oneul jeonyeok jeulgeowosseoyo.)

English Translation:  I enjoyed tonight.

Who wouldn’t feel romantic during night dates? Well, K-drama fans surely have a fair share of night dates from K-dramas like Na Hee-do and Baek Yi-jin in “Twenty-Five Twenty-One”. Letting the other person know that you enjoyed the time you spent together is also a subtle way of flirting. It will definitely increase the chance of spending more time together.

You can also say 즐거운 저녁이었어요 (jeulgeoun jeonyeogieosseoyo), which means “That was a great evening.” 

Korean Flirting Phrases Jipkkaji taewoda julgeyo

집까지 태워다 줄게요(Jipkkaji taewoda julgeyo.)

English Translation: I will take you to your house.

Remember when Sa Hye-jun, from “Record of Youth”, walked An Jeong-ha to her house and Jeong-ha also walked Hye-jun outside? Well, I don’t know about you, but when someone volunteered to walk you to your house, it gave me the idea that the person really cares for me. 

전화 할게요. (Jeonhwa halgeyo.)

English Translation: I will call you.

Saying 전화 할게요 (Jeonhwa halgeyo) or “I will call you.” never disappoints. Knowing that someone will make his/her way to connect with you is a way of flirting. Remember the scene in Goblin between the Grim Reaper and Sunny? Admit it; they are really cute! 

Compliments In Korean

Flirting isn’t just about romantic phrases. Complimenting someone is a way of appreciating the other person. Who wouldn’t want to hear nice things about them, right? So, here are the compliments that you can use when you’re flirting. 

잘 생겼어요! (Jal saenggyeosseoyo!)

English Translation: You are handsome!

You can use this to compliment a man. Well, in Korea, there are lots of handsome celebrities that make girls around the world go wild. So, complimenting a man on his looks is a real deal. 

예뻐요! (Yeppeoyo!)

English Translation: You are pretty!

Of course, you can compliment girls too. As you all know, South Korea has strict beauty standards, and idols and celebrities are icons of beauty both in South Korea and worldwide. So, letting the girl feel that she’s beautiful is a really nice way of flirting with them. 

정말 친절하네요! (Jeongmal chinjeolhaneyo!)

English Translation: You are so sweet!

How Do You Flirt In South Korea?

Flirting in South Korea isn’t like the kind of flirting you see in Westerns. Flirting in Korean culture is pretty much like what you see in Korean dramas. They use romantic, sweet, and cute phrases to touch the heart of the person they like. Aside from romantic phrases, they also flirt by acting cute, called aegyo (애교).

If you’re planning to start your love life in South Korea, learning Korean will greatly help. So, this blog will teach about different Korean words and phrases related to flirting. Yes, flirting might be easy for you in your native language, but doing it in a foreign language is different. By learning Korean flirting words, you won’t just learn how to win the hearts of your special someone; you will also learn how to communicate with respect and act properly in front of them.

More Korean Phrases For Flirting

After complimenting their looks, make sure to compliment their personality, too. Yes, many people nowadays value personality more than looks. In Korea, it’s easy to achieve a perfectly beautiful face, but a good heart comes from within.

English TranslationKoreanRomanizationSound
You are so cute!너무 귀여워요!Neomu gwiyeowoyo!
You look great!멋지네요!Meotjineyo!
You make a good first impression!첫인상이 좋네요!cheodinsangi jonneyo!
You are the man of my dreams내가 꿈꾸던 남자예요naega kkumkkudeon namjayeyo
You are the woman of my dreams내가 꿈꾸던 여자예요naega kkumkkudeon yeojayeyo

Affectionate Korean Love Phrases

When everything goes deeper, you’re going to be needing more than just compliments. You’ll also need to throw some affectionate phrases that will make your heart skip a beat. Here are some of them:

English TranslationKoreanRomanizationSound
I miss you보고 싶어Bogo sipeo
I like you좋아해Joahae
I want to see you만나고 싶어Mannago sipeo
I miss your smile미소가 정말 그리워Misoga jeongmal geuriwo
I like you a lot많이 좋아해Mani joahae
I love you사랑해Saranghae
I love you a lot많이 사랑해Mani saranghae
I love you too나도 사랑해Nado saranghae
Give me a hug!안아 줘!Ana jwo!
I want to hug you안아주고 싶어Anajugo sipeo
I want to kiss you뽀뽀하고 싶어Ppoppohago sipeo
I would like to spend more time with you너랑 더 오래 같이 있고 싶어Neorang deo orae gachi itgo sipeo

Romantic Korean Phrases

Here are some romantic Korean love phrases. Romantic and cute Korean phrases will also help you level up your romance when you’re flirting with someone. If you wanna have your K-drama-like love story, make sure that you learn some of these. There is also a separate blog about romantic Korean phrases that you can read.

English TranslationKoreanRomanizationSound
It was love at first sight첫눈에 반했어Cheonnune banhaesseo
I think of you as more than a friend나는 너를 친구 이상으로 생각해Naneun neoreul chingu isangeuro saengakhae
I think of you before I sleep자기 전에 오빠 생각나Jagi jeone oppa saenggakna
Stay with me내 곁에 있어줘Nae gyeote isseojwo
Stay here with me내 곁에 있어줘Nae gyeote isseo jweo
I’m touched감동받았어Gamdongbadasseo
I’m crazy about you너에게 반했어Neoege banhaesseo
I love you more than anything당신을 그 어떤 것보다도 더 사랑해요Dangshin-eul geu eotteon geot bodado deo saranghaeyo
I love you more than you know생각하고 있는 것 이상으로 사랑해Saenggakago inneun geot isangeuro saranghae
I love you more and more everyday시간이 지날수록 더 사랑해sigani jinalsurok deo saranghae
I love you more than words can express말로 표현할 수 없을 만큼 사랑해Mallo pyohyeonhal su eopseul mankeum saranghae
I cannot imagine my life without you당신이 없는 삶은 상상할 수 없어요.Dangsini eopneun salmeun sangsanghal su eopseoyo.
I want to be with you forever영원히 당신과 함께하고 싶어요.Yeongwonhi dangsingwa hamkkehago sipeoyo.
I wanted to be with you all my life.너랑 평생 같이 있고 싶어.Neorang pyeongsaeng gachi itgo sipeo.
You are totally my type오빠 완전 취향저격Oppa wanjeon chwihyangjeogyeok
I love you with all my heart진심으로 사랑해요Jinsimeuro saranghaeyo
I’m yours난 네꺼야Nan Ne-kkeoya
I can’t live without you넌 없이는 못 살아Neon eopsineun mot sara

Common Korean Love Words

English TranslationKoreanRomanizationSound
Secret crush짝사랑Jjaksarang
Love life첫사랑Cheotsarang
Blind date소개팅Sogaeting
Kiss (quick peck)뽀뽀Ppoppo

Love Quotes In Korean

English TranslationKoreanRomanizationSound
We were meant to be together.우리는 천생연분이야Urineun cheonsaengyeonbuniya
If I know what love is, it is because of you.내가 사랑이 뭔지 안다면 당신 덕분입니다Naega sarangi mwonji andamyeon dangsin deokbunimda
You make me want to be a better man.당신 덕분에 난 더 좋은 사람이 되고 싶어졌어요Dangsin deokbune nan deo joeun sarami doego sipeojyeosseoyo

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