Traveler’s #1 Guide To The Boryeong Mud Festival

We have all heard the phrase “get down and dirty,” but we never thought it could be applied in literal terms. You would be astounded to know that the Korean festival known as the “Boryeong Mud Festival” or “보령머드축제” is a perfect definition for this phrase. 

This year the Boryeong Mud Festival 2022 took place from 15 July to 16 August, which attracted many international visitors to pay calls to the site. The festival is held in Daechon Beach, located on the West Coast of South Korea. 

History Of The Boryeong Mud Festival

The city of Boryeong Si is located at a distance of 200 KM from Seoul in the South Chungcheong Province, where the festival takes place primarily. The festival’s history dates back to 1994, when the city’s economy was stalling. Then they came up with a brilliant idea of promoting mud cosmetics as the mud from that place has natural healing elements.

The official website of the Boryeong Mud festival tells about the birth of the Boryeong festival and how it attracted locals and international visitors to the town of Boryeong. It is usually celebrated according to the Korean Calendar.

Activities At The Boryeong Mud Festival

Boryeong Mud Festival

Tourists worldwide come together to enjoy one of the year’s biggest cultural festivals. Due to this festival, Korea has become one of the top summer destinations for traveling. Many events make the festival stand out, including the opening and closing ceremonies with K-Pop concerts and other big bands. 

People join in to get the wet, muddy gunk on their bodies for healthy skin and enjoy fireworks, swimming in the sea, night shows, mud pools, mud baths, mud wrestling, mud prisons, beauty pageants, etc.

Mud Bath

Mud baths include drenching one’s body in the wet mud to let the body soak the healing minerals in the skin. This has been an ancient practice since the Greek era and is practiced in a fun element at the Boryeong Mud Festival.

What could be a better time for the bathhouses to make money?

Mud Prison And Mud-Slides

A mud prison is just like having a mud bath, where you get locked up in a cage, and the staff members will splash mud all over your head and body. Well, this is fun. Make sure you don’t suffocate yourself.

Get into a mud slide for a perfect mud massage zone during this mud festival. Would you like to have a mud wrestling with someone? Mud Wrestling is an epic sport of this festival that many love.

Night Shows

Boryeong festival is famous for its performances, which include rave parties, opening and closing ceremonies, K-Pop bands, and other performers booming up the stage. Friends and visitors look forward to having a whale of a time.

Fireworks, Pageants, And A Hell Lot Of Food

Is there a festival without food? No. The same goes for the Boryeong Festival will give you a taste of the local cuisine and an excellent variety of international cuisine; trust me, you would not want to come back.

Fireworks are also held during the ceremonies and are an exuberant view for visitors. Additionally, many visitors want to participate in the pageants and enjoy the festival to its full potential.

Accommodation For Boryeong Mud Festival

Halfway through the article, we all know that people love this festival. Not only locals but international tourists plan their summer itinerary to South Korea to visit the town of Boryeong Si for the Boryeong Mud Festival, so tickets and hotels sell out faster than expected.

The key to securing perfect accommodation is to book prior. Even six months prior works well if your plans are confirmed. Many websites list the hotels and accommodations at Boryeong.

The icing on top is to find a hotel that is just a walk away from Daechon Beach. You can look for reviews on Trip Advisor and find a mid-range or high-range hotel according to your budget.

Transportation Options For The Boryeong Mud Festival

Boryeong Mud Festival

There are two options available to get to the Boryeong Mud Festival one is by bus, and the other is by train. Get round trip transportation to every place in South Korea’s biggest festival.

Catch A Train

To go to the Boryeong Festival by train from Seoul, you must use the KTX-Korail Pass for foreign visitors. You will catch the train from Yongsan Station, Seoul, and take a two- and forty-minute ride to Daechon Station. The best way to book these tickets is online, in advance. 

Ride A Bus

If you prefer riding by bus from Seoul to the Boryeong Bus terminal, the travel time is up to two hours and thirty minutes. However, during the festival, there is a high chance of getting a direct bus from the Seoul Express Bus Terminal to Daecheon Beach for the Mud Festival.

Tickets And Charges

There are two ways to enjoy the Boryeong Mud Festival: one is to go to Daecheon Beach and let one’s hair down, or the other option is to buy a ticket for the Mud Zone, where all the activities take place.

However, the only downside is waiting in long queues but, hey! It’s once in a lifetime sort of thing, so it is worth the wait. However, don’t expect to get through those queues quickly. Enjoy outside of the Mud Zone with your friends and family.

The ticket to the Mud Zone is 11,000 Won and can be booked before the event through online applications and websites, which is convenient because you will have to line up and wait to get the tickets on the spot.

Tips And Tricks For The Boryeong Mud Festival

Boryeong Mud Festival

Now, this Mud Festival is a huge thing, and you need some tips to get through this, or your experience might not be as good as you have planned. But don’t sweat. We have created a list for you which will equip you with the necessary guidelines you need to survive the festival.

Don’t Wear Anything Too Nice

Now sorry to burst your bubble here, but you know by now that you are going to be smothered in mud and it might be a whole lot of fun, but it will be a nightmare if you wear something you like, so wear some random shorts and shirts you are willing to throw away.

You Do Not Need To Look Your Best

Remember, you are here to enjoy, and you can not look good and be mudded simultaneously, so post some candid shots. You do not need to get your hair, nails, or makeup done, be natural and soak up that mud. Also, tying up your hair is the best option, and be in your natural skin to absorb all the healing properties of the dirt.

Wear Sunscreen

I do not know how to stress this enough, but you need to wear sunscreen; otherwise, you will look like a roasted peanut. Even though the mud offers cooling properties, it is super hot because the festival is mainly in mid-July or the following months, so it is super duper hot, and the sun will burn your flesh.

Buy A Waterproof Casing

Boryeong Mud Festival

It would help if you bought something waterproof in case you are carrying a camera or phone with you as you do not want that to get mudded at least. Also, personal vaults are available to store your belongings, but they follow a closing schedule.

Do Not Carry Any Valuables

When you are at the beach, try to bring nothing with you except your phones or the keys to your room because you are here to relax and not worry about your belongings. Plus, the beach is super crowded, so losing your stuff is easy.

Do Not Raise A Glass Every Minute

It is okay to enjoy and have a Korean drink, but the night will be long, so you need control over that booze. If you drink too much, it will be difficult for you to stay sober and enjoy the nightlife. So have a toast or two and enjoy the muddy haven.

Always Have Wi-Fi On Your Phone

Although there is going to be free Wi-Fi, it is being used by thousands of people, so there will not be good coverage. And for that, buy the local sim and have some internet packages purchased because you might need a map or an Uber anytime, so don’t rely on the free Wi-Fi.

Do Not Get Limited To The Beach

Yeah, I know this one will be a little controversial, as you are here for the Boryeong Mud Festival, but there is much more to offer than the Mud Festival. You need to explore the city and take a walk with your friends because being in the mud all day will make you sick.

Eat As You Mean It

Boryeong Mud Festival

This is the time to relish the different local and international cuisine at the seaside. Take to some delicious stalls and see what they have to offer. Just be careful not to chug a lot of oysters. You might have some food poisoning that is not something you would want.

Negotiate Prices

Also, be sure to have a local tour guide or a translator not to get scammed because hotels and local people have this chance to loot more money from people. So you have to be cautious of what you are paying. Check prices and compare them with one another to find the cheapest suitable option.

Buy Some Souvenirs 

And lastly, before you leave, be sure to buy some beauty mud products as they are very famous for their healing properties and many people swear by them, or maybe some postcards and magnets for your fridge as a reminder of your memorable trip to the fantastic city of Boryeong Si. 

So now that you have your complete guide to the Boryeong Mud Festival, get ready to jump into this once and lifetime opportunity of fun and plan your summer trip to South Korea, so you don’t miss this fantastic festival because anywhere else in the world is getting mudded will be fun. 

Just remember our guidelines, and you will not be led astray. Now pack your bags because we will see you there.

Wrapping Up

Boryeong Mud Festival

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