Beautiful In Korean: 8 Ways To Express Beauty

Kim Tae Hee, Song Hye Kyo, Bae Suzy, Kim So Eun, and Son Hye Jin. They are just 5 perfect examples to define beautiful in Korean 예쁩니다 (Yeppeumnida). From skincare products and beauty treatments to their naturally flawless skin, Koreans, both women, and men are undoubtedly beautiful.

But, Korea is not just about beautiful flowers like cherry blossoms and beautiful tourist spots like Changdeokgung Palace. Lies beneath the beautiful and jaw-dropping sceneries in Korea are an amazing culture and beautiful people. So, let’s learn how to say beautiful in Korean 예쁩니다 (Yeppeumnida).

The word beautiful is often used to describe something or someone aesthetically pleasing to the senses or mind. However, saying beautiful can be done in different words and forms. It can also be said in different languages like Beau/Belle in French, Bellissimo/Bellissima in Italian, 美麗 (mei5 lai6) in Cantonese, and ស្អាត (Sat) in Khmer.

Appreciating the beauty of something or someone is a manifestation that you have a genuine heart. Learning to see beauty even in small things is what we need during these times of uncertainty because it is when we learn how to appreciate how blessed we are to have this beautiful world that we will truly be happy and contented.


How Do Koreans Speak?

If you are a fan of K-dramas, you will notice that Koreans have different ways to speak to one another. For those who are new to learning Korean, the first thing you should know is that Koreans practice and value politeness and respect for other people, especially elders. Koreans have this thing called levels of politeness. This dictates what Korean words or phrases you should use when talking to other people.

When talking with your friends, someone close to you, or someone younger than you, use the informal form. Use the formal form when talking with someone much older than you or someone with higher ranks than you. Koreans also have a standard form that is not too formal and not too informal either.

So, if you want to say something to a Korean, make sure that you remember and understand their ways when talking to someone. There’s no harm in being polite. In fact, this can save you from offending someone by mistake.


Learn Korean: How To Say Beautiful In Korean

Beautiful, or 예쁩니다 (Yeppeumnida), is one of the best words you can use to describe Korea in different aspects. From the breathtaking scenery and the colorful culture down to the amazing people, Korea is truly beautiful in its way. So, let’s learn how to say beautiful in Korean. You will discover the standard, formal and informal ways of saying beautiful in Korean.


Beautiful in Korean (Standard) pretty korean words

The standard way of speaking in Korean involves using Korean words that are not too formal but not too informal either. If you know a little bit about the Korean language, you can use this in casual conversations to still sound polite. So, try learning this standard way to say beautiful in Korean. Don’t worry. Even if it is written in Hangul, there’s a romanization beside the word to serve as your guide for pronunciation.

1. 예뻐요 (Yeppeoyo)

2. 아름다워요 (Areumdawoyo)

3. 이뻐요 (Ippeoyo)

All of these words are used to say pretty or beautiful in Korean. You may notice the Korean character 요 (yo) added at the end of each word to make it sound polite.


If you would like to go formal, then these words are the ones to learn. It is just the same as the words above. The only difference is the character 니다 (ni da) at the end of the word. The character 니다 (ni da) is used to make the word formal. The formal form of the word is usually used for people much older than you or people of higher ranks. It can also be used when talking to strangers as a sign of respect.

Beautiful in Korean (Formal) pretty korean words

1. 예쁩니다 (Yeppeumnida)

2. 아름답습니다 (Areumdapseumnida)


Talking with your friends, girlfriends, or someone younger or the same age as you? You can use the informal way to say beautiful in Korean. You can see the absence of the Korean character 니다 (ni da) and 요 (yo).

Korean Informal way to say Beautiful

1.  예뻐 (Yeppeo)

2. 아름다워 (Areumdawo)

3. 이뻐 (Ippeo)

When you go to Korea, these are the words that you will usually hear from the locals to say beautiful in Korean. It is just being modified depending on what you are talking about or to whom you are talking.

Other Words For Beautiful In Korean

Aside from pretty and beautiful, there are other words that you can use related to the word beautiful. Add these words to your Korean vocabulary. Who knows? You might actually use it someday.

Korean (Hangeul) Romanization English Translation
매력적인 maeryeokjeogin attractive
유쾌한 yukwaehan pleasant, delightful
눈부신 nunbusin dazzling
아슬 아슬한 aseul aseulhan breathtaking

Using The Word ‘Beautiful’ In Korean Phrases And Sentences

After learning the different ways to say beautiful in Korean, let us now use it in sentences or phrases. Remember, the main goal of learning a language is to be able to communicate with other people. So, here are eight phrases that Korean people use to say beautiful in Korean.

Korean (Hangeul) Romanization English Translation
예쁘게 yeppeuge Beautifully
당신은 아름다워요. Dangsineun areumdawoyo. You’re beautiful.
아름다운 나라네요. Areumdaun naraneyo. This is a beautiful country.
아름다운 언어예요! Areumdaun eoneoyeyo! It’s a beautiful language!
웃는 얼굴이 아름다워요. Unneun eolguri areumdawoyo. Your smile is beautiful.
 정말 아름다우세요. Jeongmal areumdauseyo. You’re so beautiful.
내면이 외면보다 더 아름답네요. Naemyeoni oemyeonboda deo aleumdabneyo. Beauty is skin deep.
예쁜 여자가 너한테 이 전화 번호를 전해달래. Yeppeun yeojaga neohante i jeonhwa beonhoreul jeonhaedallae. A beautiful lady asked me to give this phone number to you.

Korean: A Beautiful Language To Learn

Have you ever been to Korea? If not, have you ever watched K-dramas or listened to Kpop? From there, you can see how beautiful Korea is. It is not just about the tourist spots and beautiful culture and traditions, it is also about their beautiful people, and the Korean language is spoken throughout the whole country. But, what makes the Korean language beautiful? It is the culture and traditions behind it. The use of words and the way it was spoken depending on whom you are talking with is amazing.

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