15+ Swear Words In Japanese You Should Never Use

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You may have encountered some particularly tricky vocabulary after some time studying Japanese. Because of this, you may want to learn some swear words in Japanese to feel even more challenged!

Learning Japanese curse words may be challenging and entertaining, as they provide a window into the culture and allow you to integrate yourself into everyday conversation.  If you are a  Japanese anime fan, for example, you are probably quite familiar with a few rude Japanese words, such as 馬鹿 (baka), which means “idiot.” And there are a few more expressions that would be fun to know. 

However, we suggest you avoid using these bad words, especially if you speak with people you aren’t close with. So, let’s get rolling!

Complete List Of Swear Words In Japanese

Before starting, please take precautions while using curse words in a Japanese conversation.

Stupid / idiot
(In general)
Stupid / idiot
(commonly used in Kansai area)
Annoyingう ざ い
(short and worse version of うるさい)
Shut up!黙れDamare
(gendered word used to call men)
Ugly womanブスBusu
Ugly manブサ男Busao
Go die!死ねShine
Go to hell死んじまえShinjimae
Get out of my way!どけDoke
Don’t mess with me!ふざけるなFuzakeruna
Damn it / son of a b*tch畜生Chikushou
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Explanations Of Above Japanese Swear Words

Let’s take a closer look at the above terms to grasp better what’s being said if you ever overhear someone using them as insults.

You – お前 (Omae)

Referring to someone else in this manner is highly offensive. You should be careful when using this word, as it can be a rude term most commonly involved with anime.

When using this word, you are expressing that the other person is below you, whether in social status, job position, age, etc. Therefore, if you call someone “omae” they will feel insulted.

Stupid/Idiot – 馬鹿 (Baka) Or アホ (Aho)

Again, if you watch a lot of anime, you’ve probably heard the phrase ばか や ろう (baka yarou) thrown about a lot.

However, while 馬鹿 (baka) is more prevalent in the Kanto region, which includes Tokyo, アホ (aho) is more common in the Kansai region, which includes Osaka.

Guy – 奴 (Yatsu)

The Japanese language has complexities that set it apart from other cultures, including terms that may be used in any context and others that are strictly taboo.

Therefore, the word “yatsu” can be used negatively to lower another person.

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What Is The F-Word And WTF In Japanese?

To emphasize a phrase, some people will employ the f-word, a vulgar word commonly widespread in other languages. This word is so popular in some societies that it will never leave people’s mouths, regardless of the circumstances.

There is also a swear word in Japanese with a literal translation equivalent to English’s f-word. Read below!

F-Word In Japanese

The f-word may be expressed with the simple term クソ (Kuso), which literally means “sh*t!” 

However, there are two choices:

  • F*ck – クソ (Kuso)
  • F*ck you/F*ck off – クソッタレ (Kusottare) 

WTF In Japanese

Fun fact: The Japanese don’t have an exact phrase to say “WTF”! 

If you ask a native speaker, they will tell you different phrases or words that they use depending on the context, such as まじか。くそ or “Maji ka. Kuso” which means “Really, F*ck?”

On the other hand, whether they are surprised, amazed, or upset, they frequently yell “eh” at various volumes. Since it is used in everyday speech, this term is not offensive.

  • Eh? – え (e)

When Will You Hear Japanese Swear Words?

Words and honorifics used in Japanese society are subject to complex standards designed to show respect for individuals, groups, and places.

A swear word, it’s not something you will usually hear in an ordinary conversation, as Japanese people are exceptionally polite.

In fact, in Japanese culture, they take politeness to a whole different level. It’s likely, though, that you’ll overhear a rude word or more from students, especially boys, as they chat among themselves.

In any case, just as in any other nation, it also depends on the people you keep company with.

Why Learn Japanese Curse Words?

Incredibly, there are so many Japanese curse words. However, it’s not something you’re likely to encounter frequently in regular Japanese life. But you will hear them often in your favorite anime!  Remember that we advise avoiding using Japanese swear words in public or even amongst your Japanese friends if you aren’t very close to them. 

There are numerous honorific terms and levels of communication in Japanese, so it’s essential to keep those in mind at all times.

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