Top #8 Haunted Places In Japan You Need To Know

Enjoy scary stories and horror movies? We think you’ll find this info on haunted places in Japan fascinating. So, let’s make your upcoming vacation to Japan one you’ll never forget!

You’ve likely heard several Japanese ghost stories if you grew up watching Japanese horror anime, movies, or TV dramas. Surprisingly, Japan is home to many creepy destinations, including historic sites associated with tragic events from World War II, abandoned houses, and other locales steeped in mysterious happenings. Those who prefer to test their bravery have long been captivated by Japan’s number of haunted house attractions.

If you connect with that overview, you’ve found your spot! Here’s a blog post on 8 haunted places in Japan that you should definitely see.

#8 Most Spooky Haunted Destinations In Japan

Get ready to face your fears and tour some of Japan’s most haunted locations. Let’s go if you’re feeling fearless.

1. Aokigahara Forest Or Suicide Forest (青木ヶ原樹海, Aoki Gaharajukai)

Haunted Places In Japan haunted japanese forest  Aokigahara Forest suicide forest in japan

You probably recall that American YouTuber Logan Paul made headlines and drew much criticism when he posted a video showing a dead body in Japan’s Aokigahara forest. However, before he took it down, his film from Japan’s’suicide forest, Aokigahara, had over 6.5 million views.

At Fuji’s feet is a forest known as Aokigahara. It has been linked to suicide since the 1960s at the earliest, earning it the English term “Suicide Forest” and a reputation as one of the world’s most frequented suicide locations.

2. Hiroshima’s Peace Memorial Park (平和記念公園, Heiwa Kinen Kōen)

 Hiroshima's Peace Memorial Park

The city of Hiroshima founded this museum to educate people everywhere about the horrors of the atomic bomb, hoping that doing so may hasten the day when nuclear weapons are abolished forever, and world peace is achieved. A swollen and fused tricycle, on which a 4-year-old kid was riding when an explosion killed him, is on display at the museum. Even a simple remembrance, like a student’s lunchbox, might evoke a similar feeling to that of a person at a tragic event. Japan is the only country where the effects of the nuclear age can be seen physically.

3. Inunaki Tunnel (犬鳴トンネル, Inunaki Tonneru)

Tucked up in the Fukuoka highlands, the Inunaki Tunnel is the site of a gruesome murder. Within this mountain tunnel, the burned bones of a guy (aged 20) were discovered in December 1988. They say a gang of adolescent boys carried out this horrific crime.

Inunaki Tunnel Has Been Blocked

A dog’s bark is the literal translation of “Inunaki.” The tunnel is abandoned and has been shut off with concrete blocks because of the number of trespassers trying to enter it. Japan’s latest horror film, Howling Village, is in the tunnel (2019). In the wake of the film’s accomplishment, the tunnel became a popular tourist destination, drawing large crowds even during the outbreak.

The Location Of The Inunaki Tunnel

The mountain tunnel leads to rural regions from the town of Miyawaka in Fukuoka Prefecture. This authentic landscape is rather terrifying. Not even 100 meters in length, the tunnel is somewhat winding.

4. Nakagusuku Hotel Ruins (中城ホテル跡, Nakagusuku Hoteru Ato)

Nakagusuku Hotel, sometimes called Royal Hotel, Takahara Hotel, and Kogen Hotel, is a half-built hotel in Kitanakagusuku, Okinawa. It’s located not far from Nakagusuku castle. So if you like to explore haunted houses, this is one of the mysterious places in an enormous size that await you to see with your eyes!

5. Himuro Mansion (氷室邸, Himuro-Tei)

The most gruesome murders in Japanese history are rumored to have occurred at the Himuro Mansion. The story goes that seven bodies were discovered during a failed occult ceremony.

6. Camp Hansen (キャンプ・ハンセン)

Japan was nearly devastated during World War II, and many people, including soldiers, lost their lives. Camp Hansen is a former United States Marine Corps facility in Okinawa. There have been stories of a lone soldier who arrives in a stained with blood uniform and requests cigarettes.

7. Oiran Buchi (花魁渕)

Oiran Buchi japanese haunted places

The ghosts of the dead have engraved the ground because of the unexpected deaths that occurred here. Stories of hauntings at this site almost often involve the middle of the night. People here are most frequently exposed to the screams and cries of women who have fallen to their deaths.

8. Ikego Middle Gate (池子中門, Ikego Chūmon)

Ikego Housing Detachment, run by the United States Navy, was a concentration camp where many Korean and Chinese captives died during World War II due to their slave labor. Guards stationed at the middle gate often report hearing footsteps, seeing bodies, and even catching a glimpse of someone who appears to be missing a leg.

Do You Have The Guts To Visit Those Haunted Spots?

Not everyone enjoys visiting haunted attractions. However, you should check out the suggested destinations if you’re up for an adventure. Even if you’re too scared to see such parts of Japan, the country still offers stunning scenery. Visiting Japan might be a great way to reignite your interest, particularly if you feel burned out from studying the language.

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