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Best Armenian Sports Vocabulary: 99+ Words

June 22, 2022

Are you a tourist like me and fascinated by the sport's history of Armenia? Or maybe you're a die-hard fan of your favorite Armenian sports team? Or are you a rookie foreign athlete in Armenia and want to learn more about Armenian sports terminology?

If so, you are on the right blog! In this article, we are going to learn some Armenian sports vocabulary and about the overall thrilling history of Armenian sports and achievements. So you know, why learning the sports vocabulary would come in handy at times. Let us delve into our topic.

High Sports Spirit In Armenian Sports

I’ve been living in Armenia and three springs have come by. And believe me, you’ll never be disappointed by the sport spirit of Armenians. Their inclination toward sports is fascinating. Almost every house in Armenia has an athlete of their own kind, and they are not only limited to the popular outdoor sports but also to indoor activities as well. And that’s why, maybe, we can see that almost every international chess champion is from Armenia.

Let us find out more about Armenian sports.

A Brief Introduction To Armenian Sports 

Armenians play a wide array of sports and games. Armenia is an active member, with full membership of the International Sports Community of various sports. Some well-known international sports associations that have been successful in collaboration with Armenia are UEFA, FIB, and IIHF.B

Basketball, volleyball, and football are some of the most popular sports played in Armenia. One thing you should add to your knowledge is that, recently, Armenia seems to be very competitive in sports like chess, wrestling, and weightlifting at an international level which is why they love to have delicious Armenian food.

Armenia is a landlocked country, but who can miss the fun of water sports? Armenians enjoy water sports on their lakes, notably Lake Sevan. Armenia is a mountainous country with an exotic landscape. Armenia’s mountainous terrain offers excellent opportunities for activities such as rock climbing and skiing. 

Former Member Of Soviet Union

You must have gotten the idea from the heading. Armenia was once part of the Soviet Union. However, even before the partition, Armenians were very enthusiastic about sports, as they are now. Sports are their heritage. In 1980, Armenia played and competed in the Olympics representing the USSR. Armenia and the Soviet Union were a Unified Team till 1992.

Armenia has assisted the USSR in winning the medal standings on numerous occasions of the Olympics. Armenia won multiple bronze and gold medals. Hrant Shahinyan, a notable gymnastic player, won two golds and two silver medals in the Summer Olympics of 1952. 

Armenia participates as an independent nation now, since the Winter Olympics of 1994 Lillehammer Games. Do you love popular Armenian athletes? Let us know about your favorite team and athletes in the comments below. Now, back to our blog post.

Popular Armenian Sports And Achievement

Armenian Sports Vocabulary

Keep scrolling through the article below for popular sports in Armenia and their notable international achievements.

Football Sport

Football is the most famous Armenian sport. At the international level, Armenia used to be a member of the Soviet Union's national football team. FC Ararat of Yerevan was the most successful team in football in the Soviet Union, winning the Soviet Championship in 1973. Sounds like an entire business.

In 1992, the Armenian national team football won its first official match against Moldova. They were solely representing Armenia this time, instead of the USSR. The Armenian Football Federation is in charge of the national team. The highest football competition in Armenia is the Armenian Premier League. There are presently only eight teams in the league.

Sports Of Chess

Recently, chess has become a widely played sport in Armenia. It is promoted as a curriculum activity in Armenian schools. In the international chess scene, ethnic Armenian chess players have had a lot of success. Tigran Petrosian, Vladimir Akopian, Sergei Movsesian, etc. are notable chess players that have set multiple world records in their distinguished careers. 

The most famous chess player of Armenian descent is the legendary Garry Kasparov. The World Team Chess Championship was won by Armenia (2011). Participants in the Armenian chess team were Sergei Movsesian, Vladimir Akopian, Levon Aronian, Robert Hovhannisyan, and Gabriel Sargissian.

Wrestling Sport

Wrestling is also a successful sport in Armenia, especially at the Olympics. The majority of the Armenian Olympics medalists are wrestlers. In traditional Armenian wrestling, wrestlers used to wear traditional garb or attire. This attire was a popular choice in a Soviet combat sport.

Armen Nazaryan won gold and Armen Mkrtchyan won silver, securing Armenia's first-ever two medals in modern Olympic history (Summer Olympics of 1996, Atlanta).

Other than these sports, football, ice hockey, and volleyball are also popular among Armenians. Such great mood elevators!

Any There Other Sports Other Than The Popular Ones?

Yes, other than the popular sports, there are numerous other growing sports in Armenia. The government of Armenia and other associations are trying their best to incorporate the interest of other colorful games into the lives of their people.

  • Figure Skating_Figure Skating Sports Federations and Associations are now to be seen in Yerevan.
  • Ice Hockey_Many tournaments of ice hockey are being held to grab the attention of citizens. For example, in the 2010 World Championships, the Armenian Ice Hockey Federation held a Division 3 tournament for the Armenian men’s ice hockey national team.
  • Rugby Union_The Rugby Union has drawn much attention from the Armenian Diaspora community. There are many Armenian Rugby players in the country of France and the neighboring country of Georgia.
  • Another growing sport in Armenia is skiing. It has been a recreational activity for a decade, but now it is gaining popularity as a sport too. Numerous ski resorts are now being built to promote skiing. The Armenian Ski Federation manages the sports activities of snowboarding and skiing.

Armenian Government Efforts To Promote Armenian Sports

Armenian Sports Vocabulary

The Armenian government is now well aware of the sport's potential for its citizens and has taken well-appreciated rebuilding efforts toward sports. A few of the notable ones are listed below in the article.

  • The Armenian government has financed around 1.9 million dollars for rebuilding Soviet-era regional school sports. In one resort town, the government also invested about 9.3 million dollars for better sports infrastructure during the winter season.
  • The Armenian government is now aiming to produce world-class Armenian cyclists as well, and for that, they have opened a cycling center in the capital Yerevan in 2005.
  • The Armenian government also gives a cash reward of $7 Lac to Olympic gold medalists. 

Sports Associations Promoting Armenian Sports

The Pan-Armenian Games (Armenian: Համահայկական խաղեր/ Romanianization: Hamahaykakan khagher) are held in Armenia as well. Moreover, many other competitions are held outside Armenia, wherever the Armenian diaspora is present in the world. Many sports organizations sponsor these competitions. The organization’s members of those sponsors hold a meeting in a host city to play friendly matches. Recently, the Armenian Student Sports Federation has been seen promoting students' sports competitions and activities at an international level.

Armenian Sports Vocabulary

Armenian Sports Vocabulary

Below is some Armenian sports-related vocabulary with English and Romanized translations. Here is a list of the types of Sports in Armenian:

English WordsArmenian WordsRomanized Armenian
Air SportsՕդային սպորտOdayin sport
Ball SportsԳնդակավոր սպորտGndakavor sport
Board SportsՏախտակ ՍպորտTakhtak Sport
Combat SportsՄարտական սպորտMartakan ​​sport
Cycle SportsՀեծանվային սպորտHetsanvayin sport
Ice SportsՍառցե սպորտSarrts’e sport
Indoor SportsՆերքին սպորտNerk’in sport
Mind SportsՄտքի սպորտMtk’i sport
Racket SportsՌակետ ՍպորտRraket Sport
Strength SportsՈւժային սպորտUzhayin sport
Target SportsԹիրախային սպորտT’irakhayin sport
Water SportsՋրային սպորտJrayin sport

Air Sports

Here are some of the most common air sports that you must know about in the Armenian language.

Armenian Sports Vocabulary
English WordsArmenian WordsRomanized Armenian
Air racingՕդային մրցավազքOdayin mrts’avazk’
BallooningՕդապարիկ վարելըOdaparik varely
Canopy pilotingՀովանոց օդաչուHovanots’ odach’u
Cluster ballooningԿլաստերային փուչիկKlasterayin p’uch’ik
Drone racingԴրոնների մրցավազքDronneri mrts’avazk’
Hang glidingԿախովի սահումKakhovi sahum
High divingԲարձր սուզումBardzr suzum
Hopper ballooningՀոպպերի օդապարիկHopperi odaparik
Human-powered flyingՄարդկային ուժերով թռչումMardkayin uzherov t’rrch’um
Kite fightingՕդապարկի կռիվOdaparki krriv
Kiteboarding/kitesurfingԿայտբորդինգ և քայթսերֆինգKaytbording yev k’ayt’serfing
Parachuting and skydivingՊարաշյուտ և skydivingparashyut yev sk’aydayving
ParaglidingՊարապլաներային սպորտParaplanerayin sport
Powered hang glidingԷլեկտրական սահումElektrakan sahum
Powered paraglidingԷլեկտրական պարապլաներային թռիչքElektrakan paraplanerayin t’rrich’k’
Rally flyingՌալի թռչումRrali t’rrch’um
Ultralight aviationԳերթեթև ավիացիաGert’et’ev aviats’ia

Athletics Sports

Here is a short list of the most common athletics for you to know about.

Armenian Sports Vocabulary
English WordsArmenian WordsRomanized Armenian
Discus ThrowՍկավառակի նետումSkavarraki netum
High jumpԲարձր ցատկելBardzr ts’atkel
Javelin throwՆիզակի նետումNizaki netum
Long jumpՀեռացատկHerrats’atk
Pole VaultՁողացատկDzoghats’atk
Relay raceԷստաֆետային մրցավազքEstafetayin mrts’avazk’
Shot putՀրաձգությունHradzgut’yun

Board Sports

Now let's move on to some board sports with their Armenian translation.

Armenian Sports Vocabulary
English WordsArmenian WordsRomanized Armenian
All-terrain WindsurfingԲոլոր տեղանքով վինդսերֆինգBolor teghank’ov vindserfing

Water Sports

Armenian Sports Vocabulary

Here are some water sports that you should definitely know about:

English WordsArmenian WordsRomanized Armenian
Barefoot Water-skiingԲոբիկ ջրային դահուկBobik jrayin dahuk
Horse SurfingՁիասերֆինգDziaserfing
Jet BoatingՋեթ ԹիավարությունJet’ T’iavarut’yun
Kayak SurfingԿայակ սերֆինգKayak serfing
Raft RodeoՌաֆտ ՌոդեոRraft Rrodeo
Scuba DivingՍտորջրյա լողStorjrya logh
Sea WalkingԾովային քայլքTsovayin k’aylk’
Spinnaker FlyingSpinnaker FlyingSpinnaker Flying
Sub-wing DivingԵնթաթևի սուզումYent’at’evi suzum
Underwater HockeyՍտորջրյա հոկեյStorjrya hokey
Underwater ScooterՍտորջրյա սկուտերStorjrya skuter
Yoga paddleՅոգայի թիավարումYogayi t’iavarum

Why Should You Learn Armenian Sports Vocabulary?

The right question is, what is there for you in Armenian? If you are a journalist, then you will be encountering many Armenian athletes in several international competitions and forums in different sports. Why not earn the privilege of an exclusive interview by impressing them with their native tongue? 

You must have gotten an idea by now why you should learn Armenian sports vocabulary. Gone are the days when sports were only limited to specific sports. Numerous other sports are in the field now. And if you belong to a sports-related department, then you should learn the vocabulary of each related sport. We know what is better for you!

Wrapping Up

Armenian Sports Vocabulary

This was an overview of Armenian sports and their related vocabulary. With this sports vocabulary, you can start any sports communication at ease. Ling App provides the best means for you to learn Armenian. So download the app now and have the best experience.

Happy Learning!

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