5+ Best Tagalog Tongue Twisters That You Should Know!

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Have you ever thought about learning the Tagalog tongue twisters? This is your sign to do so! If you are struggling with your Tagalog pronunciation or just want to learn more about Tagalog, this is a fun way to get started! 

While it is very confusing at first, this list that we have for you will surely make the process of mastering it as easy as possible. If this is something that you are greatly interested in, be sure that you read on!

What Are The Benefits When You Use Tongue Twisters?

These Filipino tongue twisters are great ways to bond with friends and family. But they also have other benefits if you make it a habit to say them or use them to aid when learning a new language. Though memorizing these tongue twisters can undoubtedly be a challenge to most people, you can also notice the benefits!

1. Better Pronunciation

The most obvious benefits of saying Tagalog tongue twisters from time to time are better diction and pronunciation. Because these phrases can be complex to pronounce at a normal speaking speed, mastering such tongue twisters will greatly advance your pronunciation skills.

Not only that, but this will also help you with your stuttering problems if you ever have some. Because it exposes your mouth and brain to confusing sets of words, especially when you speak them out loud, this will allow you to say the words better and clearer.

2. Fluency In The Language You Are Speaking

Better pronunciation also comes with more advanced fluency in the language. Not only do these tongue twisters help you with your pronunciation, but they will also allow you to say difficult Tagalog words with more ease. That said, this will be of great help, especially when studying a language with many complex words.

In the case of the Filipino language, while most words are easy to remember and cite, there are a few words that are not. This makes Filipino tongue twisters very helpful in mastering the pronunciations of the most complex words.

3. Increased Strength In Mouth Muscles

And because these sets of words are challenging to say and pronounce out loud, your muscles strengthen. When you say tongue twisters more often, you are not limited to boosting your pronunciation skills, but you will also improve your mouth muscles and strengthen them, too!

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Here Are The Tagalog Tongue Twisters To Learn!

Now that you already know the benefits of making it a habit to say these phrases, these easy Tagalog tongue twisters will surely motivate you and add more fun as you learn about Filipino, the national language of the Philippines based on Tagalog.

Whether you are learning Tagalog or not, these Tagalog tongue twisters will still help you develop your skills faster and better!

Leroy’s watch is a Rolex.Ang relo ni Leroy ay Rolex.
Oh, you’re going down? I am going down too.Aba, bababa ka ba? Bababa din ako.
The dancers danced and danced the dance that the dancers danced.Isinayaw nang isinayaw ng mga mananayaw ang sayaw na isinasayaw ng mga mananayaw.
You’ve just been to the noodle house, and you’re going to the noodle house again.Kapapansiteria mo pa lang, magpapansiteria ka na naman.
Full moon, month of the full moon.Kabilugan ng buwan, buwan ng kabilugan.
Monico, the mechanic, tinkered with the machine of Monica’s doll.Minekaniko ni Monico ang makina nang manika ni Monica.
It’s unsettling when you have an upset stomach.Nakakapagpabagabag kapag kinakabag ka.
Oh, you’re going down? I am going down, too.Palakang Kabkab, kumakalabukab, kaka-kalabukab pa lamang, kumakalabukab na naman.
Seventy-seven white rice cakes fried by a white whistling duck.Pitumpu’t pitong puting putong ipinirito ng puting patong papito-pito
Susan examines the chick’s containerBinusisi ni Susan ang sisidlan ng sisiw.
Tonton jumped into the deep well under the waterfall in the eggplant field.Tumalon si Tonton sa malalim na balon sa ilalim ng talon sa taniman ng talong.

Fun and easy? Definitely! Not only are these tongue twisters a great way to get to know the Tagalog language better, but they will surely give you a lot of benefits along the way, too!

While these can be a challenge, it is still fun to learn about, especially when you are a beginner in learning the Tagalog language. If you haven’t thought about learning the Tagalog language, you might want to consider this as your sign to do so!

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