How To Learn Tagalog Fast? 3+ Best Tips You Must Know!

The Philippines is not just a home to pristine beaches and good food. It is also where you can find one of the most unique Asian languages. And since you landed on this post, then we are that you are in search of new tips on how to learn Tagalog fast! Well, you are in luck because we made this post just for you. If you are ready to learn or “matuto” in the right way, keep reading below!

Being able to learn Tagalog is indeed fun, especially for Westerners! One reason behind this is that this Asian language is so unique in the sense that it reflects not just Asian elements but also Spanish! In fact, there are several words and expressions that came from Spanish to the point that the locals even managed to create the Chavacano language! Interesting, right?

Why Learn The Tagalog Language

How To Learn Tagalog Fast

We feel you! Language learning can sometimes feel overwhelming, especially if it has features that are far from what you are used to. However, learning a language like Tagalog can be useful to you in multiple ways. Let’s get to know more about this in the sections below.

It Can Give You An Edge!

A student? Applying for a job? Regardless of what the reason may be, being fluent in a niche language can help you out professionally. Since most companies are taking on an all-inclusive approach to their marketing, you might even find spots open for bilinguals. And because not many are that fluent in foreign languages, some of the top companies are offering pretty high salaries for these positions.

It Can Be A Great Way To Learn Something New

Learning the basic Tagalog words and expressions in a much deeper way can help you get a new understanding of how some things work. For instance, you can follow cooking steps in Tagalog without any hassle and might cultivate a love for this task. In time, you might even consider cooking as a hobby! The same goes for painting with some of the artists in the Philippines. If you get to speak the language, you’ll be able to express yourself better when speaking with co-artists.

It’s Not A Hard Language To Learn!

Unlike other languages, Tagalog is not that hard to master, thanks to its use of the Latin alphabet. So if you already know the English alphabet, then you simply have to add a few more letters, and you are already on your way to learning. At the same time, Tagalog sentences are very flexible, so there are different ways to express a sentence. Not yet convinced? Just take a look at the examples down below and see how learning Tagalog is as easy as one, two, and three!

Ang pangalan ko ay…My name is…
Kumusta ka?How are you?
Salamat po!Thank you!

How To Learn Tagalog Fast? Here’s How!

How To Learn Tagalog Fast

Ready to know the tips and tricks that work best for language learners when it comes to learning the Tagalog language? Continue reading down below, and let us start learning Tagalog the right way!

Watch Tagalog Content!

If you are just looking into how Tagalog pronunciation works and getting acquainted with various expressions used in real life, watching videos and movies in Tagalog can help! This works best if you are a beginner because you will be able to have an idea of how the language works. Aside from that, this will definitely make it easier and more convenient for you to pick up Tagalog phrases and words while still enjoying the process of learning a new language.

Need Recommendations?

If you need recommendations on what vloggers, movies, and shows to watch, we got you!

  • CongTV – if you love vloggers that give you a slice of life while still being funny, he is a must-watch!
  • Goyo – if you love looking back at a nation’s history while putting in the work of learning its language, this is an amazing movie that you can watch with your family or friends!
  • Too Good To Be True – looking for a laid-back show while still being able to tug at your heartstrings? This Filipino favorite is a show you must not miss!

Talk To Tagalog Native Speakers!

One great way that you can speak the language of your choice is to speak to the people that know it the most definitely. If you have Filipino friends around the area, you can use it to your advantage! It doesn’t have to be very hard words, but rather you can always get started with simple lessons like conversational phrases, and you might just be good to go!

Use Language Learning Apps!

In this day and age, being able to speak Tagalog as English speakers will not be as hard anymore. This is because of our language learning apps on the market! From having your own language tutors down to applications that gamify the lessons, being able to be a native speaker of the Filipino language won’t be as hard anymore. With Tagalog apps now, you will certainly be able to speak this easy language like a walk in the park!

Learn With The Ling App Now!

Looking for the best app to learn Tagalog? Make way for the Ling App!

How To Learn Tagalog Fas

The Ling App is a language learning application that is committed to making language learning easy. Whether you want to speak Korean fluently or get to know the Spanish language better, this application is the way to go. Equipped with activities like quizzes and mini-games, everything that you will ever need to master two languages or more can be found on this amazing language platform.

Made to be easy and convenient, download the Ling App today and get started with your language learning journey now!

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