30+ Phrases To Improve Your Essential Shopping Vocabulary In Estonian

If you are planning a holiday or mini-break to Estonia, it is essential that you arrive armed with a few Estonian phrases. Putting some time aside for a bit of language learning before stepping off the plane will reap dividends. Being able to speak a few words and phrases will help you out in all sorts of situations, especially if you want to buy some essentials or go on a shopping spree. So, let’s look at some phrases to help improve your shopping vocabulary in Estonian.

Shopping Vocabulary In Estonian

Shopping in Estonia is simple. There are shops selling everything you could possibly need in most of the towns and cities across this northern European country. Department stores and other shops are usually open every day, and most will take cash and major credit cards from around the world. If you start your Estonian adventure in the capital Tallinn, you will find a plethora of shopping opportunities right on your doorstep where you can improve your shopping vocabulary in Estonian. It is well worth putting some time aside to explore the fashion stores, designer boutiques and galleries where there is something for everyone from furniture to fashion and textiles to trinkets.

Shopping In Tallinn

If you are heading home from Tallinn, why not take a browse around the Old Town’s elegant boutiques to pick up a gift or souvenir for friends and family? Müürivahe, Suur-Karja and Väike-Karja streets are popular destinations for those seeking perfume, shoes, and quality fashion. Larger malls and department stores are just a stone’s throw away.

Tallinn is internationally renowned for its knitwear. Mittens, gloves, socks, hats, scarves, and jumpers are available throughout the city in various brightly colored patterns. Other handicrafts that will tempt shoppers include household items made out of stone, leather, and juniper wood.

In this blog, we will explore some expressions and Estonian words that will help you get by in the Estonian language when it comes to purchasing everyday items that you really can’t do without.

Shopping abroad shouldn’t be intimidating for the beginner, so let’s kick off with some translations you can use in conversation that will help you communicate effectively when you head into town to pick up a few necessities.

Essential Shopping Phrases In English And Estonian

How much is this?Kui palju see maksab?
Do you take credit cards?Kas teil saab maksta kaardiga?
Do you deliver?Kas te toote koju?
Would you like a carrier bag?Kas te soovite kilekotti?
Could I have a carrier bag, please?Kas ma saaksin ühe kilekoti, palun?
Could I have another carrier bag, please?Kas ma saaksin veel ühe kilekoti, palun?
Department storeKaubamaja
What time do you close?Millal te sulgete?
What time do you close?Mis kell te sulete?
What time do you close?Mis kellast pood suletakse?
Are you open on Saturday?Kas te olete avatud laupäeval?
Are you open on Sunday?Kas te olete avatud pühapäeval?
Do you have this in my size? Kas teil on seda minu suuruses?
How much is this? Kui palju see maksab?
That’s too expensive See on liiga kallis
Would you take…? Kas te võtaksite…?
Expensive Kallis
Cheap Odav
I can’t afford it Ma ei saa seda endale lubada
I don’t want itMa ei soovi seda
You’re cheating me Te petate mind
I’m not interested Ma pole huvitatud
OK, I’ll take it Olgu, ma võtan seller
Can I have a bag? Kas ma saaksin (kile)koti?
Do you ship (overseas)?Kas te transpordite (üle mere)?

Now we have the important shopping vocabulary in Estonian under our belt, let’s look at some of the commonly used words you may want to use when heading out to collect something you may have forgotten to pack or need to replace.

Essential Shopping Words In English And Estonian

I need…Mul on vaja…
pain relievervaluvaigistit
cold medicinenohurohtu
stomach medicinekõhu(valu)ravimit
a razorhabemenuga/pardlit
an umbrellavihmavarju
sunblock lotionpäikesekreemi
a postcardpostkaarti
postage stampspostmarke
writing paperkirjutuspaberit
a penpastapliiatsit
a pencil(harilikku) pliiatsit
English-language booksingliskeelset raamatut
English-language magazinesingliskeelset ajakirja
an English-language newspaperingliskeelset ajalehte
an English-language newspaperingliskeelset ajalehte
an English-Estonian dictionaryInglise-Eesti sõnaraamatut

With endless opportunities to update your wardrobe and practice your shopping vocabulary in Estonian, it is important to learn the basics when it comes to clothing.

Essential Clothing Words In English And Estonian

Winter jacketTalvejope

At some point during any shopping trip, it is inevitable that the subject of money will raise its head. It is vital that any communication about money is clearly understood by everybody involved in the transaction and this can be done by using the following money and shopping vocabulary in Estonian.

Essential Money Words In English And Estonian

banknote rahatäht
coin münt
coupon kupong
credit card krediitkaart
currency valuuta
customer klient
shopping basket ostukorv
cashier kassiir
wallet rahakott
dollar dollar
euro euro
money raha
online shopping e-poodlemine
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