#1 Guide To Relationship Vocabulary In Estonian

Planning to define your Estonian relationship? We made the best guide to relationship vocabulary In Estonian for you! Whether if it’s making you feel all good things or it’s a bit complicated, we filled it up with various phrases that can define your relationship along with how Estonians date! This will surely help you understand Estonia’s culture better too! And because we know how challenging it is to learn languages, we made this as easy as we can – we promise!

Through these handful of words and phrases, you will surely get to know the Estonian language quickly and easily too! With this awesome guide from us, not only will we walk you through how to be a master speaker with such an amazing language, but we will show you a learning journey you haven’t experienced before. Ready? Because we are, read on to know more!

What Does The Estonian Dating Scene Look Like? 2 Things You Must Know!

First things first, how do Estonians date? In this part, we will dive into the things that you should know when it comes to the dating culture in Estonia. If you already have an Estonian partner, you might already know these already! However, if you are still new in Estonia’s dating scene, then these should definitely something that you don’t want to miss!

Continue reading down below because we have the answers for you!

Relationship Vocabulary In Estonian

They Start Young

Unlike other countries such as nations in Asia in which they prefer to date after college, people in Estonia like to keep things up a notch by dating people at an early age. Typically, they meet their partners in school, through a common friend, or even at events! Like countries in the west, it is not an uncommon practice to see teenagers go on dates or even have a very serious relationship at such a young age. That said, if you find yourself visiting or living in Estonia, don’t be too surprised if you see young couples everywhere because it is very normal for them!

They Love To Keep Things Private

As much as you might want to go lovey-dovey with your Estonian lover, most of them like to keep things between the both of you and just clingy in private. Though this is not applicable to everyone because they also have their own preferences, this is something that you should expect if you are dating someone from Estonia. Because they are very reserved and calm in nature, it is also expected that they will also act that way if they are in a relationship with someone. Don’t be too disappointed if this happens though! It’s just definitely how they are!

Relationship Vocabulary In Estonian? Here’s Everything You Should Know!

Ready to learn an Estonian word and possibly a whole lot more?

Relationship Vocabulary In Estonian

Buckle up because with these words and phrases in Estonia’s native language, you will surely find yourself to be more in love with Estonian and might just even convince yourself to have more Estonian lessons in the future!

Break upLahku minema
Broken upLagunenud
In a relationshipSuhtes
It’s complicatedSee on keeruline

Describe Your Relationship Using These!

Through these Estonian romantic phrases and even phrases that will best describe your relationship, you will surely be more acquainted with the Estonian language more and more!

Not just that, but with these common words, it will definitely be not as hard as you think it will be to master Estonian or just simply be able to express yourself a bit better!

I am in a relationshipOlen suhtes
I am singleMa olen vallaline
I love youMa armastan sind
It’s a bit complicatedSee on natuke keeruline
He is my boyfriendTa on minu poiss-sõber
He is my husbandTa on minu abikaasa
Just got married!Just abiellus!
She is my girlfriendTa on minu tüdruksõber
She is my wifeTa on mu naine
We are togetherOleme koos
We are engagedOleme kihlatud
We just broke upMe läksime just lahku
You are my loveSa oled mu armastus

Indeed, the Estonian language is a very beautiful language that is worth your time and energy! With the most common words and phrases about relationships, you will surely be a native speaker of Estonian in no time! Though it definitely takes a lot of practice and getting used to, so that you will be able to remember the words properly and be fluent when it comes to pronunciation, nothing is impossible!

Now that there are a lot of platforms and even applications in which you can achieve your language goals and get help when it comes to your language needs, you can now learn languages with ease!

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To Relationship Vocabulary In Estonian

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