5+ Best Ways To Say Happy Birthday In Estonian!

Celebrating a birthday in Estonia? What better way to do it than also knowing the best ways to say happy birthday in Estonian, right? Aside from that, you will also learn more about the Estonian language and Estonian culture through the various traditions that are done to celebrate such a wonderful occasion.

Whether you want to say birthday wishes or make your friends feel loved on their day, especially if they speak and understand Estonian, this is the only guide you need. 

If this is something you find great interest in, then be sure to read more below!

How Are Birthdays Celebrated In Estonia?

Celebrating one’s birthday can mean different things. To some, it is to celebrate a full year of existence, while others celebrate it to commemorate their achievements over the years.

Regardless of why they are celebrated, the most exciting part about birthdays is how they are celebrated in different cultures.

While it can vary from country to country, it is an interesting topic to learn about if you are interested in immersing in the culture.

So, read below to learn how birthdays are celebrated in Estonia!

They Love Parties!

Happy Birthday In Estonian

What is a birthday without parties, right? While this is a common practice in most countries, Estonians make it a point to celebrate birthdays by hosting gatherings and parties. Whether it is with their friends or loved ones, one of the ways they love to celebrate their birthdays is by doing such.

Not only are they able to destress and catch up with family and friends, but they most certainly can also celebrate their special day with the people that are dear to them. That said, if you find yourself in Estonia in the near future, you might also want to host a party and go all out to celebrate it!

They Like To Give And Receive Gifts

A common tradition that is practiced in Estonia is the act of giving gifts to the celebrant. Regardless of the gift, they love to receive something on their special day.

Compared to other countries where a gift is not necessary, it is a common occurrence in Estonia to go above and beyond to give something to the birthday celebrant.

And so if you are invited to an Estonian birthday party, or you have an Estonian friend celebrating their special day, be sure that you think about giving them a present because they will surely appreciate it! 

These gifts do not have to be luxurious or grand because the thought put into the gift is what matters the most.

Happy Birthday In Estonian

Your Easiest Guide To Say Happy Birthday In Estonian

Now that you already know about the most common ways how a typical birthday is celebrated in Estonia, you should also know about the best ways in which you get to say it. Aside from singing the happy birthday song, being able to greet them will surely make their day more special and memorable.

English EstonianPronunciation
A happiest birthday to you, may you have a good one!Palju õnne teile sünnipäevaks, olgu teil hea!
All the best to you, your special day, and to all the birthdays to come!Kõike paremat teile, teie erilise päeva ja kõigi tulevaste sünnipäevade puhul!
Happy birthday! May all of your heart’s desires be granted and fulfilled!Palju õnne sünnipäevaks! Olgu kõik teie südamesoovid täidetud ja täidetud! 
Have a fabulous and joyous birthday to you!Ilusat ja rõõmsat sünnipäeva teile! 
Hope you have a wonderful birthday!Loodan, et teil on imeline sünnipäev! 
It’s your day! Happy birthday to you!See on sinu päev! Palju õnne sünnipäevaks! 
I wish you all the best and happiness, a happy birthday to you!Soovin teile kõike head ja õnne, palju õnne sünnipäevaks! 
May you have all the abundance, love, and peace. Have an amazing birthday!Olgu teil kogu küllus, armastus ja rahu. Imelist sünnipäeva! 
May all your desires be granted and you have more birthdays to come!Las kõik teie soovid täituvad ja teil on veel sünnipäevi tulemas! 
On this day, I celebrate you and your life.Sel päeval tähistan sind ja sinu elu. 
To more candles to blow and cakes to eat!Et rohkem küünlaid puhuda ja kooke süüa! 
To many more happy and memorable returns!Veel palju rõõmsaid ja meeldejäävaid tagasitulekuid! 

Now that you already know about the ways in which you get to say happy birthday in Estonian, you will surely also pick up an Estonian word or two! That said, wishing your friend or relative a happy birthday will surely be not as hard.

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 Happy Birthday In Estonian

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