5 Best Spanish Speaking Musicians To Listen To

Do you like music and the Spanish language? Learn about some popular Spanish speaking musicians and their songs to start practicing your listening skills!

Did you know that learning a language with music can be an excellent way to remember vocabulary fast? Some people have been able to boost their listening, writing, and speaking skills by practicing with songs. For example, they try to write the lyrics of a song as they hear them. It is such a great way to become familiar with the language at a fast pace! 

If you love music and are wondering what kind of singers and bands you can listen to improve your Spanish vocabulary, here is a compilation of the most popular singers of all time. 

Let’s get to know about each of them and get to know their hit songs to start listening as you learn the language. 

Finally, I will share with you the exercise that has fascinated me the most in learning English and how you can also use it to learn Spanish.

Let’s start!


Spanish Speaking Musicians: Solo Artists

Gloria Estefan, Celia Cruz, Alejandro Sanz, Juanes, Luis Fonsi, Maluma, and Marc Anthony are some of the most famous spanish singers of all time. Besides them, there are some personal recommendations for practicing your language skills.

Enrique Iglesias

Enrique Iglesias is perhaps one of the most well-known Spanish singers of modern times. He was born in Madrid in 1975 as the son of the famous singer Julio Iglesias and the Filipina television host Isabel Presler. 

Enrique grew up in Miami, where he started his musical career in his teenage years. In 1995, he released his highly successful self-titled debut album. Then, he continued working under the Mexican label ‘Fonovisa’, where he had his first best-selling album globally.

Some of his hit songs are the flamenco-influenced ‘Bailamos‘ (1999), ‘Not in Love’ ft. Kelis (2004) and ‘Bailando’ (2014) which became an international success. 

But my favorite song will always be ‘Cuando me enamoro‘ (2010). As soon as you understand the lyrics, it can even make you cry!

spanish speaking singer Enrique iglesias


The Colombian singer Shakira has been an icon and Latin pop idol since the song ‘Whenever, Wherever’ became a hit in 2001. Shakira quickly became an icon of Latin music, as people started to respect her as one of the biggest Latina artists of all time. Historically, Spanish music, mainly Latino music, wasn’t as popular as English. So, having a Spanish singer that paved the road for more and more artists to become known around the whole globe was a big success for the continent.

The uniqueness of Shakira is both her voice and her dance power. She learned the Arabic belly dance from her grandmother and has mixed it with the Latino dance style.

Shakira has won many Latin Grammy and Music Awards during her career and has received compliments for her hit songs such as ‘Hips Don’t Lie’ and ‘Waka Waka.’

Some of her Spanish songs that you can listen to practice are ‘La Tortura’ ft. Alejandro Sanz, ‘Chantaje’ ft Maluma, and ‘Pierro Fiel’ ft. Nicky Jam.

Shakira latin pop singer


A gem for the music industry that we lost too soon. Selena Quintanilla is a legendary singer-songwriter that will always be in our hearts. Although she was born in Lake Jackson, Texas, and her native tongue was English, she came from a mixed Latino family. Her mother is Mexican American and Indigenous American, and her father is Mexican-American. 

Selena loved her Mexican roots and even loved the sound of Latin music and rhythm. Selena could connect with the Latin population in the USA and expand her music to the whole continent. 

Although for that, she had to learn the language, singing her songs in Spanish and appearing on many TV and variety shows in Latin America. 

Some of her most famous songs are ‘Como La Flor,’ ‘Bidi Bidi Bom Bom, ‘Amor Prohibido,’ and ‘Si una vez.’

Selena Mexican American singer latin music

Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin is a Puerto Rican singer, songwriter, and actor who became famous worldwide in 1999 when his hit’ Livin’ la Vida Loca’ initiated the Latin pop era. Many other famous Latin singers such as Chayanne, Enrique Iglesias, and Jennifer Lopez increased in popularity and acceptance in the USA. 

In addition, Ricky Martin had already gained a lot of worldwide fame after performing the 1998 FIFA World Cup’s song ‘La Copa De La Vida.’ 

The most interesting fact about Ricky Martin is that he never sticks to only one music genre but loves versatility and challenges. He has even created reggaeton-style songs together with modern songwriters, as well as with Jennifer Lopez and Wisin’ Adrenalina.’ Other genres that you can enjoy from Ricky Martin in his discography are pop, dance, and salsa. 

If you not only want to practice your Spanish listening skills but would also like to have a bit of fun and try to improve your Latin dancing abilities, try listening to ‘Vente Pa’ca’ featuring Maluma. A song that can never miss in a Latino pub or disco! 

spanish speaking musicians Ricky Martin

Lola Flores

Lola Flores was a legendary Spanish singer who still prevails in the lives of many in Spain and Latin American countries, mainly in Mexico. She was an actress, dancer, and businesswoman who realized her love for the performing arts from a very young age when she used to step on the tables of his father’s bar to sing and dance. 

During the XX century, she was known as an icon of Spain for her versatile musical style, including ‘rumba’ and ‘rancheras.’ As a person, she impressed everyone as she freely talked about taboo topics such as gender inequality and violence against women. 

As an actress, she succeeded in more than 35 movies, which you can find on Youtube

Some of her musical hits are ‘Echale Guindas Al Pavo,’ ‘¡Ay! Pena Penita Pena,’ and ‘La Zarzamora.’ 

Spanish famous singer Lola


How To Learn With Songs?

One of the bests exercises to practice your language skills with Spanish language music is to print the song’s lyrics and blank some words in each sentence. Try to delete random comments without memorizing which words you deleted. Then while listening to the songs, you can try to write down the words you hear in the blank.

At first, it might be difficult, and you might not correctly write every word. However, it is excellent listening practice, and you will eventually improve.

After filling in the blanks, you can check to see if the words you wrote are correct or not. If they weren’t correct, you can write down those words as often as possible


Give Spanish Music A Try

Whether you have been listening to some Spanish or Latin American songs, there are many singers and bands that you can still discover. Those Spanish-speaking musicians will inspire and be a big part of your language learning journey. 

It is similar to learning Spanish with telenovelas on Netflix or TV. I’ve met many people from different parts of the world who have become obsessed with a TV series in Spanish and started getting familiar with the essential vocabulary

The same learning method can be implemented while listening to music. And now that you know interesting facts about these musicians, some songs to listen to, and my learning exercise, you are ready to discover this fun experience to become a pro in Spanish listening and speaking. 

Don’t forget to practice all your vocabulary with your Spanish-speaking friends or family!


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