iTalki Vs Mondly: Which Is The #1 Best App?

In this post, we will talk about iTalki vs Mondly and answer which is the best platform to use for language learners like you! If you are ready for that, then keep reading below and learn more about the best alternative.

With language learning made accessible because of several language learning resources and language learning apps that are accessible within just a click, sometimes it does get confusing and tough to choose the best software that suits your needs as someone who wants to learn a new language.

The good thing is that the Ling App is here to help you compare these applications and help you decide on which is the best language learning software for you! From looking at the learning style, the language courses, down to the way, they teach languages.


Mondly Review: Is It For You?

Mondly is a language learning app that gamifies popular languages to make them easier, convenient, and fun. Best for beginner to intermediate learners, Mondly is made up of “bite-sized lessons on real-life situations” to strengthen your basic vocabulary and listening skills. Other than that, learners develop language skills slowly but surely.

Because it is designed to mimic a game in order to make language learning entertaining yet still stimulates your mind in retaining information, the structured course is effective and can make you learn new words even with just a few minutes on your phone!

iTalki Vs Mondly

What Are The Benefits Of Using Mondly?

There are a lot of benefits to using this application when you want to learn a new language. Interested? Then read on to know more!

It Improves Your Conversational Skills

And because Mondly is meant to help language learners and their target language, the platform uses a technology wherein the learners don’t just learn languages but then can hold and listen to conversations from native speakers. This allows the language learner to not just fully grasp the native language but to also have an enhanced learning experience.

There Are A Variety Of Languages To Choose From!

Mondly is designed to cater to your language needs. This application provides more than 30 languages to choose from. From learning the basics to becoming an advanced learner, Mondly doesn’t make learning a language easy, but it is also very diverse and provides variety.

Mondly Uses Augmented Reality And Virtual Reality

Interesting features, right? Mondly uses these technologies to develop and make language learning literally out of this world. In learning a new language, these technologies make the retention of words and phrases quicker and easier. Through Mondly AR and Mondly VR, the language learner can use their world as their classroom and use their phones to open a new world of language learning.

Does Mondly Have Its Cons?

With everything, there are indeed downsides. To make your decision-making a tad bit easier, here are the cons of using Mondly.

It Is Repetitive

Because the main focus of the application is to gamify a native language and also make it bite-sized, it becomes repetitive and, in some ways, predictable. With its focus to be a language learning app that helps you develop your skill in acquiring words and daily lessons which are focused on developing your vocabulary, it does not have comprehensive grammar lessons, which brings us to the next downside.

There Aren’t Much Grammar Lessons

Although it provides lessons that immerse you in grammar and learning phrases, it does not have one-on-one lessons with very comprehensive grammar lessons, unlike other apps. This makes the advanced learners have little to no progress in building the grammar foundation with their target language.


iTalki: Why Is It Considered To Be The Best?

Known to some as one of the best language learning apps, iTalki holds online classes that make learning languages more effective and productive. This makes the application stand out from other courses and applications.

In learning a new language, iTalki is one of the go-to applications that one can use. It covers almost all the languages, but it is also actually one of the ways that a person can also earn money. This is through the way people can not just learn through the language learning application but because it also allows you to teach! As long as you are a native speaker of that language, you are eligible to teach others.

Not just that, but it is easier for English speakers to use iTalki simply because of how the lessons are structured based on your language needs and your goals. Not only does iTalki allow you to learn a foreign language, but it also allows you to connect with other people all around the globe!

iTalki Vs Mondly

What Are The Benefits Of Using iTalki?

Ranging from basic level lessons down to advanced courses, there are different aspects of why iTalki is one of the best applications.

Designed For You

Because this application provides one-on-one lessons from a native speaker of the language that you want to learn, you have all the freedom to set the goals you wish to and cite your language needs. This makes the language style of your tutor and well as the lessons to be in-lined with what you want to achieve from each lesson. The course structure will ultimately depend on you!

There Are So Many Available Languages!

iTalki is popular not just because of the learning style that it promotes but it is also because of how diverse its language selection is. It even allows you to learn about languages that are not common or languages that don’t have many resources. This application is a community comprised of people worldwide, which makes the language learning app not just limited to a couple of languages.

Variety Of Lessons

iTalki is not just limited to learning new words or strengthening your vocabulary. Because it gives you the total freedom to the language goals you want to achieve, you will have a wider scope of what you are to learn about. From intense yet thorough grammar lessons to talking to a native speaker of that language, down to being able to ask about anything that you are confused with freely, iTalki is very diverse and versatile when it comes to the lessons that it provides.

Does iTalki Have Its Downsides?

Yep, there are downsides when you use iTalki, just like any other language app.

iTalki Is Not Free

The lessons range from $4 to $30 per hour. Is it worth it? It will depend on the goals you want to achieve in a certain amount of time. If you are a beginner in learning a certain language, you might want to rethink it again and again before deciding.

It Is Not Convenient

And because lessons are online and need to be scheduled unless your teacher can be booked right away, it limits you from accessing or learning the language whenever you want to. Though our technology today allows us to call people as soon as possible, it is not as convenient as face-to-face lessons or when you are just using an application that has bite-sized lessons or activities that make you learn bits and pieces of the language you want to learn.

If you are torn between iTalki vs. Mondly, ask yourself what you want to achieve when it comes to language learning – do you want to learn new words daily, or actually be able to hold a proper conversation with a native speaker from that country? After that, take the pros and cons into consideration, it does help!


Are There Other Alternatives?

Drops Vs Pimsleur

If you feel like none of these applications work for you, you might want to check out the Ling App! This application does wonders, from activities that help you retain the information more down to games that help you learn new phrases and words! It is convenient, easy to navigate, and very effective! It is also very diverse when it comes to the languages that it teaches.

If you want a language learning application that is basically language learning made easy and is an enjoyable experience for you, the Ling App is the way to go!

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