10+ Time-Worthy Hobbies In Cantonese To Learn Now

Planning to impress the locals and share with them about your hobbies in Cantonese 嗜好 (Si3 Hou3)? Learn precisely what translations to use and start impressing the locals today by reading this post!

Hong Kong is one of the busiest streets in the world. So, thinking about something to do to have fun, relax, or just spend your extra time is not a problem. This country is a perfect place for those people who loves to try new thing in their lives. From day to night, you can engage yourself in different activities that you enjoy and makes you relaxed.

So today, we will learn about the different hobbies in Cantonese. We will also learn the Cantonese characters and their English translations so that you can easily use them in real-life conversations. If you want to learn this language more, check out Ling App, make an account, sign in and then enjoy learning Cantonese.


Common Hobbies In Cantonese

Hobbies in Cantonese

嗜好 (Si3 Hou3) – Hobby

Before we learn different hobbies in Cantonese, let us first discover how to say the word “hobby” in the Cantonese language. Native speakers use the Cantonese word 嗜好 (Si3 Hou3) to say “hobby” but, if you have heard the word 爱好 Àihào, do not be confused because it is in Mandarin which is also a Chinese language spoken mainly in mainland China. If you want to learn more, just check the blog about Mandarin VS Cantonese. So now, let us learn the different hobbies in the Cantonese language.

學外語 (Hok6 Ngoi6 Jyu5) – Foreign Language Learning

學外語 (Hok6 Ngoi6 Jyu5) - Foreign Language Learning

The first hobby that you might want to learn in Cantonese is 學外語 (Hok6 Ngoi6 Jyu5) or Foreign Language Learning. Since Hong Kong is one of the Four Asian Tigers, there are lots of career opportunities that you can find there. But, because there are lots of people who want to get opportunities, learning a foreign language is an edge. If you are bilingual or multilingual, you’ll have a higher chance of being employed. You can help the company to close deals and do business transactions in foreign countries.

書法 (Syu1 Faat3) – Calligraphy

書法 (Syu1 Faat3) - Calligraphy

Calligraphy 書法 (Syu1 Faat3) is a kind of visual art that is related to writing. Hong Kong has a rich culture, and one of the visual arts that are preserved until today is calligraphy. If you want, you can check the Hong Kong Museum of Art for some amazing works. You can also start learning calligraphy, and one of the best places where you can do this is Aura Art in Hong Kong.

陶藝 (Tou4 Ngai6) – Pottery

陶藝 (Tou4 Ngai6) - Pottery

If you’re into ceramics, pottery 陶藝 (Tou4 Ngai6) is a nice hobby to start. It is a process where you form objects and vessels using clay and other ceramic materials. For some people, pottery is really relaxing, and if you actually got good at it, you can earn money out of it. If you want to try pottery in Hong Kong, some of the best pottery and ceramics studios are Touch Ceramics, Cobo Ceramic Workshop, Two Parts Studio, Lump Studio, Tung Yao Ceramics, and Clay Lab.

製作點心 (Zai3 Zok3 Dim2 Sam1) – Crafting Dim Sum

製作點心 (Zai3 Zok3 Dim2 Sam1)- Crafting Dim Sum

When we say Cantonese food, we can never miss out on dim sums. In fact, it is one of the most famous Cantonese food that most people enjoy. So, for all the dim sum lovers out there, why don’t you join a special cooking class at Yum Cha? There you’ll be taught how to cook different kinds of dim sum but what’s more interesting about it is that you can get a free afternoon tea. Imagine, you can get a new hobby and learn new things while having fun. How relaxing is that?

首飾製作 (Sau2 Sik1 Zai3 Zok3) – Jewelry Making

首飾製作 (Sau2 Sik1 Zai3 Zok3) - Jewelry Making

Jewelry adds fanciness to our outfits, and it is also worthy to invest in. But, think how amazing it is to make your own jewelry? A studio called Obellery in Hong Kong hosts jewelry and metal workshops where Visitors can participate in jewelry and metal workshops to create their own one-of-a-kind gem.

刺繡 (Ci3 Sau3) – Embroidery

刺繡 (Ci3 Sau3)- Embroidery

If you’re into embroidery 刺繡 (Ci3 Sau3), there’s a place in Hong Kong called Make and Do Hong Kong where you can learn the basics of embroidery, weaving techniques, and crafting hoops. They will also give you patterns that are inspired by the rich culture of Hong Kong.

做義工 (Zou6 Ji6 Gung1) – Volunteering

義工 (Zou6 Ji6 Gung1) - Volunteering

Volunteering 做義工 (Zou6 Ji6 Gung1) is definitely one of the timely hobbies in Cantonese that you’ll learn because when the pandemic hits the world, there are lots of charities and donation drives to help those who are in need, this hobby is for those who love to help other people and enjoy making other people happy.

玩樂器 (Waan2 Ngok6 Hei3) – Play Musical Instrument

玩樂器 (Waan2 Ngok6 Hei3) - Play Musical Instrument

The first group of hobbies in Cantonese that we have learned are mostly done outside but of course, there are people who are not fond of being outside especially when there is still a pandemic. Learning how to play a musical instrument 玩樂器 (Waan2 Ngok6 Hei3) is still one of the most common and best things to do at home, especially for music lovers.

上網 (Soeng5 Mong5) – Surf The Net

上網 (Soeng5 Mong5) - Surf The Net

Because we are in a digital world right now, surfing the net 上網 (Soeng5 Mong5) has become one of the most common hobbies. Well, who doesn’t surf the net nowadays? You can do many things while surfing the net. You can scroll through your social media accounts like Facebook, watch movies and vlogs, read blogs and e-books, and more.

打機 (Daa2 Gei1) – Play Video Games

打機。(Daa2 Gei1.) - Play Video Games

Online games and video games are still one of the most common hobbies, especially among kids, teenagers, and even adults. One of the leading online, video, or mobile games nowadays are DOTA2, Genshin Impact, Mobile Legends, Call of Duty, and more.


Other Hobbies In The Cantonese Language

CantoneseJyutpingEnglish Translation
烘焙hong3 bui6baking
桌上遊戲coek3 soeng5 jau4 hei3board games
集郵zaap6 jau4collect stamps
烹飪paang1 jam6cooking
畫畫waak6 waa2drawing
做運動zou6 wan6 dung6exercise
釣魚diu3 jyu4fishing
行山haang4 saan1hiking
編織pin1 zik1knitting
打機。daa2 gei1.play video games
砌模型cai3 mou4 jing4model building
縫紉fung4 jan6sewing
歌唱go1 coeng3singing
唱歌coeng3 go1sing a song
行街haang4 gaai1shopping
睇戲tai2 hei3watch movies
木工muk6 gung1woodworking


Cantonese Words And Phrases Related To Hobbies

CantoneseJyutpingEnglish Translation
享受興趣hoeng2 sau6 hing3 ceoi3enjoy a hobby
 試個新嗜好si3 go3 san1 si3 hou3 try a new hobby
係我嘅興趣。hai6 ngo5 ge3 hing3 ceoi3.It’s my hobby.
我其中一個嗜好係睇書。ngo5 kei4 zung1 jat1 go3 si3 hou3 hai6 tai2 syu1.One of my hobbies is reading.
你能玩樂器嗎?nei5 nang2 wun6 ngok6 hei3 maa3?Can you play a musical instrument?
將你嘅語言學習融入其他興趣。zoeng1 nei5 ge3 jyu5 jin4 hok6 zaap6 jung4 jap6 kei4 taa1 hing3 ceoi3Incorporate your language learning into your other hobbies.


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