33 Cantonese Airport Vocabulary For Beginners

Traveling is one of the greatest adventures we could ever experience, and Hong Kong is a perfect destination. So, here are some Cantonese airport vocabulary (機場 | gei1 coeng4) you should learn. When you travel, whether local or international, you really have to know how to get around and settle things in the airport. So, there is not much of a problem when you are in a local airport. But, how if you travel to other countries and don’t know how to speak their language? Although most people who work in airports know English, isn’t it good to learn at least the basic words and phrases?

Buckle yourself up, and let’s learn some Cantonese airport vocabulary. If you are new to learning Cantonese, why not start your language learning journey with Ling App?


Mandarin And Cantonese Are Different

I know you’re excited to learn some Cantonese airport vocabulary but, you have to remember something. Mandarin and Cantonese are different. From the pronunciation, tones, Chinese characters, and more. They also differ where it is spoken. If you are in Hong Kong, most people speak Cantonese. If you are in mainland China, most people speak Mandarin. If you want to learn more about the difference between these two, you can check out the blog entitled “Cantonese vs. Mandarin: Learn Their 6 Major Difference”. This will definitely be useful if you want to learn about Chinese languages.


What Is The Cantonese Term For Airport?

機場 (Gei1 Coeng4) – Airport

Cantonese Airport Vocabulary

When we hear the word travel, we would definitely think about planes and airports. Before we learn Cantonese airport vocabulary further, we should first learn how to say “airport” in Cantonese. The word 機場 (gei1 coeng4) is used by Hong Kongers to say “airport” in Cantonese.

Airports are essential when we travel abroad. This is a manifestation of the improvement of the transportation system and, of course, technology.


Some Reminders When You’re In Hong Kong International Airport

In any country you will go to, there will always be rules and etiquette to remember when going to the airport so that you’ll have a smooth flight. Before we learn Cantonese airport vocabulary, we must know these reminders. Remember, aside from safety purposes, it is also a way of showing your respect to the country and its culture. Traveling to Hong Kong now may not be too possible as of now but, there will always be next time. But if you are planning to go to Hongkong and end up in Hong Kong International Airport, here are some of the protocols and reminders that you need to follow.

  1. Restricted Articles – Bringing or packing restricted articles such as guns (槍 | coeng1) and knives (刀 | dou1) are not allowed.
  2. Dangerous Goods – Even unintentionally, we might be packing some dangerous (危險 | ngai4 him2) goods that we think are not. Few examples of these are corrosive substances, flammable liquids, and gas cylinders. These goods may put everyone on the plane at risk.
  3. Lithium Batteries -For convenience, we usually bring Lithium batteries (電池 | din6 ci4) and portable power banks with us. These should not be in your checked baggage because it is dangerous.
  4. LAGs (Liquids, Aerosols, and Gels) – All the LAGs on your hand baggage should be put on a container that can be resealable. It should also not be larger than 100 ml unless it’s for baby milk or food, medications, and other food requirements. Remember that these are all subject to verification. If it did not meet the above criteria, these LAGs should be disposed of.

Now that we’re okay with the baggage let us now proceed to the security screening. This can be as strict as it could be because it’s for the safety of everyone, so bring your patience with you. Here are some of the security screening reminders that you have to keep in mind:

  1. Prepare your boarding and travel pass – This will make the process smoother and convenient, especially in the Immigration Hall.
  2. Place your electronic and metallic items in a tray -For everyone’s security, passengers are asked to do this. Remember, even LAGs in hand baggage are also subject to screening.
  3. Passed by the archway metal detector – Although you might also be subjected to a hand search, you should still pass the archway metal detector.


Cantonese Vocabulary In Hong Kong Airport

Hong Kong is one of the travel destinations you should put on your bucket list. The Hong Kong International Airport Code is HKG. If you are traveling to Hong Kong, this is definitely one of the most important things you should learn. You can see it on your ticket and the monitoring screens in the airport. But, aside from HKG, there are also lots of words and phrases that you should learn.

Learning Cantonese airport vocabulary is essential. It helps you book your flights, find your luggage and even ask to bring you to your hotel accommodation. So, here is a list of Cantonese words, phrases, and sentences related to the airport. You may also want to check Ling App for some games and exams that will improve your learning.

Cantonese Airport Words

In learning a language, the first basic step is to learn words. So, now that we are learning Cantonese airport vocabulary let us start with the basic words to add to your vocabulary. Don’t worry because each word has the pinyin translation to guide your pronunciation, and it also has the English meaning beside it. So, you don’t have to bring a dictionary with you. Just learn these words for free, and you already have your head start.

CantonesePinyinEnglish Translation
飛機fei1 gei1airplane
班機baan1 gei1flight
護照wu6 jiu3passport
簽證chim1 jing3visa
個人身份證go3 yan4 san1 fan6 jing3personal ID card
行李hang4 lei5luggage
行李輸送帶hang4 lei5 syu1 sung3 daai3conveyor belt
登機證dang1 gei1 jing3boarding pass
入境表yap6 ging2 biu2immigration form
集合點jaap6 hap6 dim2meeting point
標示biu1 si6sign
扶手電梯fu4 sau2 din6 tai1escalator
準時.zeon2 si4.on time

Cantonese Airport Phrases

Just like taking a language lesson, after learning some words, we should learn some standard phrases. These phrases will really be essential in learning sentences in Cantonese. Try learning these phrases, including their pronunciation.

CantonesePinyinEnglish Translation
登記dang1 gei3to check-in
出示cheut1 si6to show
fong3to put
cheui4to take off
tin4to fill
gan1to follow
lo2to get
jip3to pick up
準時.zeon2 si4to be late

Cantonese Airport Sentences

Now that we’re down to the sentences, which is the most complicated part of learning a language, remember that knowing how to communicate and have a meaningful conversation effectively is the main purpose of learning a language. So, for the last group Cantonese airport vocabulary, let us now learn some Cantonese sentences.

CantonesePinyinEnglish Translation
我哋班機幾點呀?ngo5 dei6 baan1 gei1 gei2 dim2 aa3?What time is our flight?
請 出 示 你 嘅 護 照。ching2 cheut1 si6 nei5 ge3 wu6 jiu3。Please show your passport.
去機場吖,唔該.heoi3 gei1 coeng4 aa1 , m4 goi1.To the airport, please.
我班機幾點呀?ngo5 baan1 gei1 gei2 dim2 aa3?Where do I check-in?
請 出 示 你 嘅 個 人 身 份 證。ching2 cheut1 si6 nei5 ge3 go3 yan4 san1 fan6 jing3。Please show your personal ID card.
請 將 你 嘅 行 李 放 喺 呢 度。ching2 jeung1 nei5 ge3 hang4 lei5 fong3 hai2 ni1 dou6。Please put your luggage here.
佢 將 佢 個 袋 放 喺 行 李 輸 送 帶 上 面。keui5 jeung1 keui5 go3 doi2 fong3 hai2 hang4 lei5 syu1 sung3 daai3 seung6 min6。He lays his bag on the conveyor belt.
我 放 我 個 登 機 證 喺 籃 入 面。ngo5 fong3 ngo5 go3 dang1 gei1 jing3 hai2 laam4 yap6 min6。I put my boarding pass in the basket.
我 去 攞 行 李。ngo5 heui3 lo2 hang4 lei5。I will get my luggage.
我 會 跟 標 示 去 集 合 點。ngo5 wui5 gan1 biu1 si6 heui3 jaap6 hap6 dim2。I will follow the sign to the meeting point.


Do You Want To Hear The Cantonese Pronunciation Of These Words?

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Leave your doubts behind and start learning Cantonese today. Then, sooner or later, when everything’s fine, you can fly again to Hong Kong to use what you have learned!

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