13+ Extremely Haunted Places In Hong Kong

haunted places in hong kong

Wanna hop on an extraordinary and thrilling ghost-hunting experience? Well, here are some haunted places in Hong Kong that will give you chills today.

The entire world recognizes Hong Kong as a city that exudes glitz and sophistication and is a leading destination for high-end shopping. Hong Kong has a rich history and culture that is known all over the world. But beneath the tall skyscrapers and large shopping centers lies some haunted stories that are based on horrifying historical events.

In this blog, we will learn about some haunted places in Hong Kong and their Cantonese names, so you will also learn some vocabulary related to our topic. Before anything else, these places are considered haunted because of their history and the events that happened in that place. If you don’t believe in ghosts, at least have an open mind and pay respect to their beliefs and legends.

Hong Kong’s Most Haunted Places

Some of Hong Kong’s most haunted places are recounted here, with the city’s history of Japanese occupation, war crimes, and crowded living conditions providing fertile ground for recounting eerie tales.

Dragon Lodge (龍廬 Lung4 Lou4)

Location: 32 Lugard Rd, The Peak

One of the most famous haunted places in Hong Kong and spots for ghost hunters and thrill-seekers is the Dragon Lodge. But, to understand why this abandoned house is considered haunted, we need to go back in time.

Throughout the years, the property had a number of owners; one of them went bankrupt, while another owner passed away whilst still living in the home. When Japanese soldiers took the premises during World War II, they beheaded several Catholic nuns who were housed there.

In 2004, there were efforts made to rebuild the location, but the workers who were doing the work became convinced that it was haunted after hearing unexplained noises and the sounds of a child wailing that they couldn’t see. It is now considered to be a haunted house due to the fact that it has fallen into disrepair throughout the years under the Japanese army.

The location eventually became such a popular spot for ghost hunters and thrill-seekers that the current handlers of the site were forced to increase security in the area in order to avoid any trespassers.

Bride’s Pool (新娘潭 San1 Noeng4 Taam4)

 Haunted Places In Hong Kong - Bride’s Pool (新娘潭 San1 Noeng4 Taam4)

Location: Plover Cove Country Park, Shuen Wan, New Territories

For women, being a bride-to-be is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world. But this story of one of the most haunted places in Hong Kong, might give you chills. Who would’ve thought that a beautiful rock pool in New Territories could be a home of the spirit of a bride drowned in the falls?

Bride’s Pool has a horrible image because of what happened to a bride in the past. The story goes that four men (porters) were pushing a sedan chair with a bride-to-be on it to her groom’s village.

On the way, they went over one of the waterfalls that feed Bride’s Pool. One of the porters slipped on a rock, which caused the bride and her porters to fall into the pool below. Unfortunately, the bride and all of her porters drowned because her Cheongsam, a traditional, tight-fitting dress, was so heavy. She never made it to her groom, so she waits for him under the pool’s surface, dressed in her Cheongsam.

People have died by suicide in the area around Bride’s Pool, and in 1982, the body of a man killed by his fiance was found. Nowadays, the road is called “The Deadly Curve” because it is a dangerous intersection where many people have died in accidents. No matter what the history of this rock pool is, many people go to Bride’s Pool out of curiosity or to enjoy the beautiful area.

Waterfall Bay Park (瀑布灣 Buk6 Bou3 Waan1)

Location: Waterfall Bay Park, Pok Fu Lam

This bay has a dark history: rumor has it that pirates from the Qing Dynasty would repose here before going on a killing spree through the nearby villages and dumping the bodies of their victims here.

Many young children drowned after the Wah Fu estate was constructed in 1970, and the surrounding neighborhood became a popular playground. Numerous locals blame the tragic number of drownings on the presence of evil water spirits (Shu gu). Waterfall Bay has been blocked off with railings by the government to reduce the number of drownings that have occurred there. Don’t go to Waterfall Bay if it’s going to rain, and don’t get too close to the rails if you do.

Nam Koo Terrace (南固臺 Naam Gu Toi)

Location: No. 55 Ship Street , Wan Chai , Hong Kong

Nam Koo Terrace is a Grade 1 historic building located in Wan Chai, Hong Kong. It is commonly known as Wan Chai Haunted House. Nam Koo Terrace was built in 1915 by a wealthy Shanghainese silk trading family who lived there until the Second World War when they departed Hong Kong.

Nam Koo Terrace was seized by Japanese soldiers for comfort ladies and POWs in the Wan Chai area. These “military brothels” tormented and killed comfort women. Since then, the house has been haunted, and passersby have reported hearing people screaming and seeing strange shadows in the dark windows.

In 2003, a group of students stayed at Nam Koo Terrace to witness a ghost. One girl was hospitalized after claiming she was possessed by a spirit. After 18 years of neglect, Hopewell Holding announced plans to renovate the building and turn it into a wedding registry.

High Street Community Centre

Location: 2 High Street, Sai Wan

This haunted place in Hong Kong is also known as the Sai Ying Pun Community Complex. This century-old structure, in contrast to the allegedly theoretical supernatural aspect of certain other locales, is the setting of a genuine tragedy. Constructed in 1892, the building originally served as a mental hospital where Japanese soldiers tortured and killed villagers who rebelled during World War II.

There are rumors of ghosts bursting into flames, severed bodies floating by, and the cries of women. Strange noises, such as ladies sobbing and mysterious footsteps, have been heard throughout the building, and a guy dressed like a devil has allegedly been seen wandering the halls.

Whether or not you believe in ghosts, there’s no denying that this place has a creepy vibe because of its spooky history. This structure was remodeled into the Sai Ying Pun Community Complex in 1998, yet it is still known by its granite facade and its old name, “High Street Haunted House.”

Murray House (美利樓 Mei Lei Lau)

Haunted Places In Hong Kong - Murray House (美利樓 Mei Lei Lau)

Location: 96 Stanley Main Street, Stanley

Murray House has been around for nearly 150 years, so it’s only natural that there are legends associated with it. The Central district building dates back to 1844 and served as the Murray barracks’ officers’ quarters for more than a century, up until 1960.

During World War II, the site was used by the Japanese military police, and it is believed that around 4,000 Hong Kong people were tortured and killed there. In short, it has been an execution ground and mass grave for many Hong Kongers.

Given this horrifying history, it’s no surprise to know that the Hong Kong government and at least two government agencies that have used the building have had it exorcised, with one of the exorcisms even being broadcast on national television.

After the exorcisms, there were fewer reports of ghost sightings. In the 1980s, the ground under Murray House was sold to make way for a Bank of China branch, and the building was subsequently demolished and rebuilt elsewhere. But do you really believe that they are all gone, or are they just waiting for new visitors to come? We never know.

So Lo Pun (鎖羅盆 So2 Lo4 Pun4)

Location: So Lo Pun, Plover Cove Country Park, New Territories

So Lo Pun is located in the extreme northeast of the New Territories. Its name, which translates to “Locked Compass,” was given to it after claims that compasses in the area and in the village mysteriously stop working.

Although inquisitive onlookers frequently stop by So Lo Pun, the cause for its abandonment is unknown, though there are undoubtedly numerous rumors. There are several legends, including one in which a devastating disease wiped out the Hakka people.

There’s also the legend of how the villagers died. This legend tells that several villagers were on their way to a wedding by boat when an accident killed many of them; the survivors subsequently abandoned So Lo Pun. Whatever the case may be, some who have visited the crumbling ruins have reported encountering unexplainable forces.

Although the reason for the abandonment is unknown, it apparently gives visitors feelings of great unease. If you’re interested in making a visit to the So Lo Pun village, the closest road is three hours away, so the most convenient means of getting there is hiking.

Creepy stairs Hong Kong

Tat Tak School (達德學校 Daak Dak Hok Haau)

Location: Ping Shan, Yuen Long

Tat Tak School has been abandoned since 1988 and is one of Asia’s Top Ten Creepy Places, according to National Geographic. The town where the school is situated has a troubled past. British intelligence slaughtered and buried locals there when they refused to cede their land.

Additionally, it has been reported that numerous locals were slaughtered when under Japanese occupation, and their bones were buried in the hillside near the school. The headmistress allegedly left behind a spirit wearing a red dress when she committed suicide in one of the toilets just before the school closed in 1988 while wearing a red dress.

31 Granville Road (加連威老道 Gaa1 Lin4 Wai1 Lou5 Dou6)

Location: 31 Granville Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

Are you a fan of Hello Kitty? Well, after knowing about this story, you might get a second thought. The Hello Kitty Doll is essential to the story of one of the most haunted places in Hong Kong, which is 31 Granville Road. It is a grisly old structure.

What’s horrifying about this place is the famous murder case called the Hello Kitty murder. This is about a  23-year-old lady who was cruelly beaten for a month at 31 Granville Road, including being forced to eat feces and burned with molten liquid plastic.

Assailants dismembered and discarded her body. Later, the cops found her head inside a huge Hello Kitty doll with one tooth and various internal parts.  The apartment building where this heinous crime occurred was razed in 2012 and replaced with a hotel in 2016, however, the girl’s ghost has been seen there.

White House Compound (白宮 Baak6 Gung1)

Haunted Places In Hong Kong - White House Compound (白宮 Baak6 Gung1)

Location: Victoria Road, Mount Davis

Hong Kongers have long remembered the White House Compound, often known as the Victoria Road Detention Centre or the Mount Davis Concentration Camp. During the 1967 communist uprisings, many people who were being held here as political prisoners or suspected spies were tortured and killed by the police.

Detainees were kept in deplorable conditions, crammed into tiny cells, while some of them spent months in isolation. Only those who had been through the trauma of being held there remained after the riots, leaving the detention center to rot and decay. The center sat unmarked on maps and without signs from the time it was abandoned until 2018, when it was transformed into the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Hong Kong Central Hospital (港中醫院 Gong2 Zung1 Ji1 Jyun2)

Location: 1B Lower Albert Rd, Central, Hong Kong

This now-defunct hospital, perched above Lan Kwai Fong, was once home to 60 percent of Hong Kong’s abortion clinics. Since the private hospital’s closure in September 2012, the government has been considering demolishing the structure.

Bela Vista Villa (東堤小築 Dung Tai Siu Juk)

Location: Cheung Chau Beach Rd N, Cheung Chau
Known as the “Resort of Charcoal Suicide,” a woman in a traditional red Chinese costume killed her son and committed suicide in one of the villas in 1989. Wearing this garment after death turns one become a spiteful ghost.

What’s even more strange is that beachfront villas have had tens more suicides since 1989. Another local tale says a girl burned charcoal and overdosed on drugs in one of the villas after her boyfriend ignored her suicide threats. Residents describe seeing a ghostly female apparition in buildings and on Tung Wan beach in the yin-energy-filled area.

Lui Seng Chun (雷生春 Leoi4 Saang1 Ceon1)

Location: 119 Lai Chi Kok Road

Due to a number of unexplainable happenings and reported sightings of ghosts, the Grade I historical building was known as Liu Seng Chun sat empty for several decades before it was renovated in 2012 to become a center for Chinese medicine and healthcare that is operated by Baptist University.

According to the urban legend, in the 1980s, there were plans to reconstruct the building, but unfortunately, all of the construction workers and cleaning staff fell ill one by one. Accidents that ended in death took place, and some items vanished without a trace.

As a direct consequence of this, the plans for the construction were scrapped, and the structure was never finished. The higher levels would light up in the middle of the night, and countless shadows were observed roaming around the area. Many people also reported seeing children playing “football” with a severed head.

Vocabulary Related To Haunted Places In Hong Kong

CantoneseRomanizationEnglish Translation
鬼片gwai2 pin2ghost film
墳墓fan4 mou6grave
墳場fan4 coeng4graveyard
鬼屋gwai2 uk1haunted house
恐怖hung2 bou3scary
怪異gwaai3 ji6spooky
孤魂野鬼gu1 wan4 je5 gwai2wandering souls and ghosts

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