Mastering Compliments In Cantonese: 9 Awesome Phrases To Learn

Compliments In Cantonese Ling

Up for a quick Cantonese compliment lesson like “You’re very beautiful” 你好靚 nei5 hou2 leng3? Today is your lucky day! Here’s a list of compliments in Cantonese.

Who doesn’t like a compliment? Well, it really feels nice to receive or give one. While it’s easy to do it in your native language, it’s challenging to do it in other languages like the Cantonese language.

Learning compliments in Cantonese is helpful especially if you’re visiting Hong Kong. It will help you find new friends and build strong relationships with others. It is an act of appreciation and maybe a way to impress someone and make them feel good.

Giving compliments is heartwarming enough, so how many of you say that to native speakers using their language?

Let’s learn Cantonese compliments. The phrases listed below are used in spoken Cantonese since compliments are usually spoken.

Things To Remember In Giving Compliments

Before we learn different compliments in Cantonese, we have to know the proper way of saying them. First, a compliment should be sincere. Before you make comments or say something nice, make sure it’s really deserved and not just because you want to be nice.

You also need to be specific, because vague or open-ended compliments aren’t always welcome and can be hard for the person to respond to. Lastly, remember that compliments should be short and concise. The last thing we want is to draw too much attention to ourselves and make the person we’re complimenting uncomfortable. Being polite in Cantonese is a revered ethic for many Hongkongers.

Now that we learn the things to remember in giving compliments, let’s now learn the different Cantonese compliments.

Compliments In Cantonese

The Cantonese word/phrase for “to compliment” is 稱讚 (cing1 zaan3). It is a verb that is used to give a nice comment to somebody. Here are some compliments in Cantonese that you might want to know.

“You’re very beautiful.” – 你好靚 (nei5 hou2 leng3)

This compliment about saying beautiful in Cantonese is one of the most common that you will hear. When you happen to see a beautiful girl, this is a nice thing you can say.

“You’re very handsome.” – 你好靚仔 (nei5 hou2 leng3 zai2)

This one is used for a guy if you want to compliment their looks. If you find a guy attractive, like seeing Cantonese actors Andy Lau and Tony Leung, this is probably the perfect compliment to say.

“You are so cute.” – 你好可愛。(nei5 hou2 ho2 oi3.)

If you find someone cute like a little kid, you can say this compliment. This is also a perfect compliment when dating someone they do cute things that really touched your heart.

Great job! Cantonese with Ling App

“Great job.” – 做得好 (zou6 dak1 hou2)

Hong Kongers are truly hard workers, so if you want to praise someone for their hard work, saying “Great job.” is just one of the phrases you can use. Appreciation is one of the ways to make someone feel that they are valued.

“You’re smart.” – 你好叻 (nei5 hou2 lek1)

If you want to compliment someone for having a great mind, you can use this compliment. This is really helpful, especially in school or the workplace where people tend to show their intellectual skills.

“You’re an excellent cook.” – 你係一個好出色嘅廚師 (nei5 hai6 jat1 go3 hou2 ceot1 sik1 ge3 cyu4 si1)

We also compliment people based on their talents and skills. Of course, when you are in Hong Kong, having great Cantonese food is inevitable. So, when you are invited to someone’s home for a meal and you liked the food, this is a perfect compliment that you can say.

“You are good at taking pictures.” – 你影相影得好靚 (nei5 jing2 soeng2 jing2 dak1 hou2 leng3)

Now that we are in a digital world, taking great pictures is indeed a talent. It’s easy to notice now that we have social media, it’s easy to notice someone’s skill in creating digital content like pictures and videos. So, this one might be handy for you.

“You’re really nice.” – 你好好人 (nei5 hou2 hou2 jan4)

When you’re in Hong Kong, meeting someone nice is very easy. For example, someone helped you figure out how to go to a certain place, or when someone made an effort to help you out when you’re struggling. Learning this phrase is a simple way to express your gratitude.

“You are an awesome friend.” – 你係一個好好嘅朋友 (nei5 hai6 jat1 go3 hou2 hou2 ge3 pang4 jau5)

If you’re in Hong Kong, you’ll meet a lot of people that you might want to add to your life. These people might eventually become your friends and soon, you might want to compliment them for being good ones. So, learning this compliment will really be helpful to show your appreciation towards your friends.

More Compliments In Cantonese

Here are more Cantonese phrases that you can use to compliment or express gratitude to your friends, family, special someone, and more.

Looks And Appearance

Your smile is beautiful.你笑得好靚nei5 siu3 dak1 hou2 leng3
This shirt looks nice on you.件衫好襯你gin6 saam1 hou2 can3 nei5
That jacket looks nice on you.你件外套好襯你。nei5 gin6 ngoi6 tou3 hou2 can3 nei5.
You look great today你今日好精神。nei5 gam1 jat6 hou2 zing1 san4.
You look gorgeous.你好靚。nei5 hou2 leng3.
That color is perfect for you.那個顏色很適合你。naa5 go3 ngaan4 sik1 han2 sik1 hap6 nei5 。
You smell really good.你聞起來真香。nei5 man4 hei2 loi4 zan1 hoeng1 。
Your hair looks stunning.你的頭髮看起來棒極了。nei5 dik1 tau4 faat3 hon3 hei2 loi4 paang5 gik6 liu5 。
Your voice is magnificent.你的聲音很美妙。nei5 dik1 seng1 jam1 han2 mei5 miu6 。
You have such a good personality.你有這麼好的個性。nei5 jau5 ze5 mo1 hou2 dik1 go3 sing3

Traits And Personalities

You have good taste.你好有品味nei5 hou2 jau5 ban2 mei6.
You have a great sense of humor.你好搞笑nei5 hou2 gaau2 siu3
Your inside is even more beautiful than your outside.你嘅內在美仲靚過你嘅外在美nei5 ge3 noi6 zoi6 mei5 zung6 leng3 gwo3 nei5 ge3 ngoi6 zoi6 mei5
You make me want to be a better person.你令我想成為一個更加好嘅人nei5 ling6 ngo5 soeng2 sing4 wai4 jat1 go3 gang3 gaa1 hou2 ge3 jan4
Your smile is very contagious.你的微笑很有感染力nei5 dik1 mei4 siu3 han2 jau5 gam2 jim5 lik6 。
You bring out the best in other people.你把別人的優點發揮出來。nei5 baa2 bit6 jan4 dik1 jau1 dim2 faat3 fai1 ceot1 loi4 。
You’re strong.你很強壯nei5 han2 koeng4 zong3
You are brave.你真勇敢nei5 zan1 jung5 gam2
You’re inspiring.你真鼓舞人心nei5 zan1 gu2 mou5 jan4 sam1
You’re a great listener.你是個很好的傾聽者nei5 si6 go3 han2 hou2 dik1 king1 ting3 ze2
You’re so thoughtful.你真體貼nei5 zan1 tai2 tip3
You always know just what to say.你總是知道該說什麼nei5 zung2 si6 zi1 dou6 goi1 syut3 sam6 mo1
It’s always fun to play with you.和你一起玩總是很有趣wo4 nei5 jat1 hei2 waan2 zung2 si6 han2 jau5 ceoi3 。
Everything will be all right with you.你一切都會好起來的nei5 jat1 cit3 dou1 wui2 hou2 hei2 loi4 dik1


English TranslationCantoneseRomanization
I love your cooking.我鍾意你煮嘅嘢食ngo5 zung1 ji3 nei5 zyu2 ge3 je5 sik6
You have good taste.你好有品味nei5 hou2 jau5 ban2 mei6
You have a way with words.你好識得講嘢nei5 hou2 sik1 dak1 gong2 je5

Workplace And Accomplishments

You’re awesome.你好勁nei5 hou2 ging6
Your resume is impressive.你嘅履歷好出色nei5 ge3 lei5 lik6 hou2 ceot1 sik1
You’ve exceeded my expectations.你嘅表現超乎我意料之外nei5 ge3 biu2 jin6 ciu1 fu4 ngo5 ji3 liu6 zi1 ngoi6
Your perspective is refreshing.你的觀點令人耳目一新nei5 jau5 ze5 mo1 hou2 dik1 go3 sing3
You have the best ideas.你有最好的主意nei5 jau5 zeoi3 hou2 dik1 zyu2 ji3
Your creativity seems endless.你的創造力似乎無窮無盡nei5 dik1 cong3 zou6 lik6 ci5fu4 mou4 kung4 mou4 zeon6
I’m so proud of you!我真爲你驕傲!go5 zan1 wai4 wai6 nei5 giu1 ngou6
You are making a difference.你正在改變現狀。zeng3 zing1 zing3 zoi6 goi2 bin3 jin6 zong6
You’re a great example to others.你是別人的好榜樣。nei5 si6 bit6 jan4 di1 dik1 hou2 hou3 bong2 pong3 joeng6
You are more helpful than you think.你比你想象中更有幫助nei5 bei2 nei5 soeng2 zoeng6 zung1 gang3/gaang1/gang1 jau5 bong1 zo6。
Any team would be lucky to have you on it.任何一支球隊都有你參加都是幸運的。jam6 ho4一jat1 zi1 kau4 deoi2 dou1 jau5 nei5 caam1 gaa1 dou1 si6 hang6 wan6 dik1。

Other Cantonese Compliments

I really enjoy talking to you.我真的很喜歡和你說話。ngo5 zan1 dik1 han2 hei2 fun1 wo4 nei5 syut3 waa6。
You are perfect.你很完美nei5 han2 jyun4 mei5
You’re wonderful/great.你真棒nei5 zan1 paang5
You’re one of a kind./ You’re unique.你是獨一無二的nei5 si6 duk6一jat1 mou4 ji6 dik1

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