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Unlock 95 Easy Cantonese Jobs Vocabulary

October 5, 2021
Being one of the Asian Tigers, surely, you're wondering about their jobs 工作 | Gung1 Zok3. But first, let us learn some Cantonese jobs vocabulary.

Did you know that Hong Kong has the second most number of billionaires in the world? Yes, it's actually next to Hong Kong. So it is not surprising if you know that their GDP is 346.6 billion USD in the year 2020. You are probably wondering what makes them wealthy, right? Well, it's because of the low taxation, well-established international financial market, busy port trades.

Because of this, many people want to go to Hong Kong to find opportunities even though it is one of the cities that the cost of living is really expensive. So, if you're trying to find a job in Hong Kong, let's first have some fun learning about Cantonese jobs vocabulary for free.


What's The Cantonese Word For Job?

The first Cantonese jobs vocabulary that we shouldn't miss is learning to say the word "job" in the Cantonese language. Check out the word below:

Cantonese Jobs Vocabulary

工作 (Gung1 Zok3)

In Hong Kong, this is the word you'll hear from the locals when they say "jobs." However, you can also hear some say 職業 jik1 yip6, which is the Cantonese term for occupation or career.

However, while you are searching the net, you might encounter words like gōng chéng shī, shè yǐng shī, and lǎo shī. These are not Cantonese, and it's Mandarin, another Chinese language spoken in Mainland China. If you want to know more about the difference between Mandarin and Cantonese, check this link.


Naming Common Jobs In Cantonese Language

If you're heading to Hong Kong, there are probably two main reasons; it's either for traveling or money.

We cannot deny the fact that Hong Kong is one of the most visited countries around the world because of its beautiful culture and tourist spots. But, what attracts people more is the career opportunities and occupations available. So, as part of learning Cantonese jobs vocabulary, let's learn some jobs.

You recently learned how to say jobs 工作 (Gung1 Zok3) in Cantonese, now let me give you a few of the highest paying jobs in Hong Kong. Don't worry; the English translations are also included, so it will be easy for you to learn. Take note. Pronunciation is really important when you're learning Chinese. So whether it's Cantonese or Mandarin, make sure to get the pronunciation right.

行政總裁 (Hang4 Zing3 Zung2 Coi4)

English Translation: CEO

行政總裁 (Hang4 Zing3 Zung2 Coi4) | CEO

With the number of billionaires in Hong Kong, it is undeniable that being a CEO of companies, both local and international, is one of the primary factors which contributes to their success. A CEO of a large company in Hong Kong can earn 1 million or 2 million USD per year. Of course, it depends on the industry. Yes, it really takes hard work and long-term experience, as well as influences in climbing up to this position.

金融 (Gam1 Jung4)

English Translation: Finance

金融 (Gam1 Jung4) | Finance

Another high-paying industry in Hong Kong is Finance. This is not surprising since it's one of Hong Kong's greatest strengths in the economic sector. In Hong Kong, this is where good grades pay off because if you have graduated with high grades and applied to banks, they will most likely take you in, but of course, it still depends on other factors like interviews and experiences. If you join this type of industry, you can make 4,000 to 5,000 USD per month. If you get lucky to work with big clients, then you can earn more.

Some foreigners seek opportunities in the finance sector for professional gains and experiences since they are known to be one of the countries with high GDP.

律師 (Leot6 Si1)

English Translation: Lawyer

Lawyer | 律師 (Leot6 Si1)

Being a lawyer in Hong Kong can really earn you a lot of money but it also depends on your specialty. Most highly paid lawyers works as a company or family lawyer of big companies or influential people. A lawyer who works in international firms in Hong Kong earns more than a junior lawyer who works in a local firm can make 4,000 to 5,000 USD per month.

醫生 (Ji1 Sang1)

English Translation: Medical Doctor

Doctor | 醫生 (Ji1 Sang1)

In Hong Kong, being a medical doctor is a real deal. If you work as a medical doctor in this country, you can easily make 8, 000 USD or more depending on your experiences. Though studying medicine really takes time, it will soon pay off when you're in the actual field.

資訊科技 (Zi1 Seon3 Fo1 Gei6)

English Translation: Information Technology

IT | 資訊科技 (Zi1 Seon3 Fo1 Gei6)

As the world goes global, the industry of Information Technology becomes in-demand in Hong Kong. But you have to know that when you start at the bottom, you're most likely to receive a low salary, but the pay gets higher if you're promoted to higher positions. It also depends on the industry you're working with.

Aside from learning some Cantonese Jobs vocabulary, you may also want to learn some Basic Words and Phrases in Cantonese, Introducing Yourself in Cantonese, and Basic Greetings in Cantonese. This will help you keep on track about what's happening in the workplace.

Aside from learning some Cantonese Jobs vocabulary, you may also want to learn some basic words and phrases in Cantoneseintroducing yourself in Cantonese, and basic greetings in Cantonese. This will help you keep on track about what's happening in the workplace.


Other Jobs In Cantonese Language

Other Jobs In Cantonese Language

Now that you have learned the highest-paying jobs in Hong Kong, let's widen your vocabulary about Cantonese jobs vocabulary with a list of other jobs in Cantonese. This may not be a complete list but it's good for starters. You may also want to check Talent List Hong Kong for more information.

Cantonese Jyutping  English Translation
會計師wui6 gai3 si1accountant
運動員wan6 dung6 yun4athlete 
演員yin2 yun4actor
建築師gin3 juk1 si1architect 
藝術家ngai6 seot6 gaa1artist
太空人taai3 hung1 yan4astronaut 
天文學家tin1 man4 hok6 ga1astronomer
考古學家haau2 gu2 hok6 ga1archeologist
作家haau2 gu2 hok6 ga1archeologist
 作家zok3 gaa1author
空中小姐hung1 jung1 siu2 je2air stewardess
助手jo6 sau2assistant
副經理fu3 ging1 lei5assistant manager
髮型師faat3 ying4 si1barber
生意人saang1 ji3 jan4businessman
銀行家ngan4 hong4 gaa1banker
銀行職員ngan4 hong4 zik1 jyun4bank staff
老板lou5 baan2boss
書法家syu1 faat3 ga1calligrapher
公務員gung1 mou6 yun4civil servant
文員man4 jyun4clerk
教練man4 jyun4clerk
教練gaau3 lin6coach
廚師cyu4 si1chef
公司總裁gung1 si1 zung2 coi4company president
地盤工人dei6 pun4 gung1 jan4construction worker
木工muk6 gung1carpenter
清潔工人ching1 git3 gung1 yan4cleaner
收銀員sau1 ngan2 jyun4cashier
 速遞仔cuk1 dai6 zai2courier guy
上司seung6 si1direct superior
 舞蹈員mou5 dou6 jyun4dancer
牙醫nga4 yi1dentist
司機si1 gei1driver
送貨員sung3 fo3 yun4delivery worker
設計師chit3 gai3 si1designer
 僱員gu3 jyun4employee
 僱主gu3 zyu2employer
美容師mei5 yung4 si1esthetician
工程師gung1 ching4 si1engineer
電工din6 gung1electrician
空中服務員hung1 jung1 fuk6 mou6 yun4flight attendant
消防員siu1 fong4 jyun4firefighter
農夫nung4 fu1farmer
漁夫yu4 fu1fisherman 
傳譯員cyun4 jik6 jyun4interpreter
保險經紀bou2 him2 ging1 gei2insurance agent
裁判coi4 pun3judge
記者gei3 je2reporter/ journalist
圖書管理員tou4 syu1 gun2 lei5 yun4librarian
救生員gau3 sang1 jyun4lifeguard
經理ging1 lei5manager
機器匠gei1 hei3 zoeng6mechanic
音樂人jam1 ngok6 jan4musician
化妝師faa3 zong1 si1makeup artist
護士wu6 si6nurse
牧師muk6 si1pastor/ priest (for Christians) 
神父san4 fu6pastor/ priest (for Catholic)
警察ging2 caat3police
教授gaau3 sau6professor
校長haau6 zoeng2principal
總統zung2 tung2president
郵差yau4 chaai1postman
警察ging2 chaat3police officer
藥劑師joek6 zai1 si1pharmacist
健身教練gin6 san1 gaau3 lin6personal trainer
攝影師sip3 ying2 si1photographer
救護員gau3 wu6 yun4paramedics
職員zik1 jyun4staff
社工se5 gung1social worker
bei3 syu1
syu1 gei3
保安bou2 on1security guard 
科學家fo1 hok6 ga1scientist  
士兵si2 bing1soldier
裁縫choi4 fung2tailor 
學生hok6 saang1student
導遊dou6 yau4tour guide
技術員gei6 seut6 yun4technician
sin1 saang1
lou5 si1
獸醫sau3 ji1veterinarian


Next Lesson: Other Words And Phrases Related To Jobs In Cantonese

Learning about Cantonese jobs vocabulary isn't complete without learning some words, phrases, and sentences. So, here are examples of additional vocabularies to learn for free.

CantoneseJyutpingEnglish Translation
無業mou4 yip6unemployed
面試min6 si5job interview
見工gin3 gung1to go to a job interview
入行 jap6 hong4to enter an industry
應聘jing3 ping3to apply for a position
做嘢zou6 je5to work
gaau3to teach
佢 係 一 個 出 名 嘅 藝 術 家。keui5 hai6 yat1 go3 cheut1 meng2 ge3 ngai6 seut6 ga1。He is a famous artist.
我 爸 爸 係 一 個 律 師。ngo5 ba4 ba1 hai6 yat1 go3 leut6 si1。My father is a lawyer.
佢 係 一 個 工 程 師。keui5 hai6 yat1 go3 gung1 ching4 si1。He is an engineer.
佢 係 一 個 生 意 人。keui5 hai6 yat1 go3 saang1 yi3 yan4He is a businessman.
我哋點解要請你?ngo5 dei6 dim2 gaai2 jiu3 ceng2 nei5?Why should we hire you?
Cantonese Jobs Vocabulary


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