7 Best Go-To Haunted Places In Vietnam

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Are you interested in tourist spots with deep dark histories? In this post, we’ll venture through the most spine-chilling haunted places in Vietnam and the spooky Vietnamese words you need to master. Buckle up and prepare your comfort foods as we introduce these mysterious regions in this country!

Everyone has a favorite genre when it comes to their movies and games. Some like romance, others prefer science fiction, and others love the unknown. Perhaps, all the terror behind every historical place makes them grin like maniacs! If you’re a ghost hunter who likes to unearth secrets from different places, then you’d love what we have in this post!

Vietnam has existed for over 20,000 years, so it’s unsurprising to hear that it has witnessed a lot. That includes the deaths and losses of those who once lived there. To help you in this chilling adventure, we rounded up the seven haunted places in Vietnam you must visit during your vacation!

Haunted Places in Vietnam - tourist place

7 Haunted Places In Vietnam

You’re a tough cookie if these places won’t send chills all over your body. The areas listed below are a mixture of famous and underrated haunted spots in Vietnam that you might want to visit. So, prepare your tea as we unfold the tales behind these tourist spots!

1. Con Dao Prison

The Con Dao Prison probably steals the place of being one of Vietnam’s most famous haunted buildings. You may be wondering what’s so scary about this prison. Well, this is the place where most high-ranking Vietnamese leaders were detained during the French colonial period. While some regular citizens refused to give their respect to the colonists’ flags were also thrown in this place.

If you were thinking that they just spent their time behind the bars of Con Dao Prison without torture, then you’re wrong. When you enter this site, you’ll find several torture contraptions here. It was said that the prisoners were not in good shape as some were tortured, starved, and suffering from a disease. If you search for pictures online, you’d also notice that it has an American-style tiger prison– giving us more to why it’s also known as the “hell on Earth.”

2. Establishment At 300 Kim Ma Street In Hanoi

This exciting place holds plenty of horror stories- it’s also known as the Haunted Bulgaria Ex Embassy. Some say that this place used to be a cemetery that houses the remains of some Chinese. While many locals claimed that it was once used as a hospital, and all the patients admitted there died. There are also many rumors that the workers who built the establishment didn’t pay tribute to the souls living in the area, which then caused the mysteries in it.

In 2009, a murder happened in front of the haunted Bulgaria Ex Embassy where the victim had his throat slit by his girlfriend in his car. What a coincidence, don’t you think? Aside from this freaky twist of fate, several ghost stories claim to hear strange footsteps, door echoes, and other weird noises detected in this place.

Today, this place is owned by the Vietnamese government and is guarded well. So, if you want to visit this place, you can try your luck by asking the one in charge.

3. 727 Tran Hung Dao

This reportedly haunted building in a Saigon urban legend was first known as President Hotel. It served as lodgings for the US Army, but upon the construction of this establishment, the owner, Nguyen Tan Doi, wanted it to have 13 floors. The French architect warned him that the number he picked was terrible luck, but he didn’t listen.

After the completion of this establishment, more strange occurrences were encountered in this haunted place. It was rumored that to eliminate the spirits lingering in the area. A shaman advised the owner to get four bodies of a virgin and bury them in the corners of the grand building.

Everything went well at first, but after Vietnam gained its authority back, Vietnamese families started moving here. They reported seeing ghosts of a girl who took her own life on a full moon at a young age, an apparition of a man from the military, and many more. Whether these ghost stories are true or not, there’s one thing for sure- this dilapidated building has a deep dark tale that continuously gets passed to some Vietnamese daily lives.

Haunted Places In Vietnam-Tao Dan Park

4. Tao Dan Park In Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Parks are typically where people take a break when they don’t want to spend time in their houses. However, the serene area may not be as relaxing as it seems when night waltz in. It was rumored that a man’s ghost still lurked in this park. He was murdered while his girlfriend was assaulted by their malefactors. The grief-stricken soul of this young man was still waiting for the young girl he’d lost.

However, the locals living in Ho Chi Minh City denied these supernatural sightings claimed on the internet. But given this rumor, would you still walk alone in Tao Dan Park?

5. Ba Vi

We all know that hospitals are one of the most mysterious places in the world. But what’s even scarier is visiting an abandoned building formerly known as a medical facility. Although there’s not much to unearth in this place, it’s a popular place in Hanoi that tourists frequently visit.

Perhaps these visitors wanted to see more hair-raising apparitions of a girl wearing a white dress or the souls of fallen soldiers. No one truly knows why many people are drawn here, but it is undoubtedly one of Vietnam’s most interesting haunted places.

6. Prenn Pass, Da Lat

This villa is one of the most haunted places recognized in Vietnam. It’s filled with dark history involving the French Colonists’ era. Rumors say that a French official owned the building. This person wasn’t nice since he once invited a performer and attempted to rape her. Unfortunately, the woman’s only escape was by jumping through the window, which led to her death.

This story is just a few of the gossip involving rape. But one of the eeriest cases was the appearance of three mysterious graves. The local authorities got involved here too, and it was discovered that these tombstones were fake, but are they? 

Despite discovering the truth, they kept these gravestones in Prenn Pass. And the villas remain a tourist spot for those who have a deep interest in the haunted building.

7. Le Thi Rieng Cultural Park

Didn’t you notice something odd with the Ho Chi Minh City parks? In this story, we’ll probably question where people get the courage to roam around this place.

It was said that this cultural park used to be filled with graves. Some find a young kid with a pale face, while others see veteran soldiers patrolling the area. In some sources, the graves are actually for those who are unnamed army members.

If you’re one of the people walking by this area, you might want to pay your respect to these fallen warriors.

Vietnamese Words Related To Haunted Places

Here are useful words that are worth remembering!

English WordVietnamese WordSound
SpiritTinh thần
HauntedMa ám
ApparitionSự xuất hiện
ScaredSợ hãi
DevilAc quỷ
EvilĐộc ác

Did You Find These Haunted Places Spooky?

There are plenty more underrated haunted places in Vietnam worth taking photos of. But for now, we’ll end the spine-tingling tales here. You better look around your house because you may not be alone!

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