10+ Important Flowers In Vietnamese

Flowers never fail to fascinate our senses with their unique beauty. In some cultures, especially in Vietnam, flowers are viewed differently depending on the type and color. For the locals, some of these even hold special meanings.

If you are still new to the Vietnamese language and the beliefs of Ho Chi Minh City locals, this blog got you covered. From the national flower to different kinds of flowers in Vietnamese, like peach blossoms, apricot blossoms, yellow flowers, and orchids, you will get to learn all the necessary words with proper translation and facts. So, if you are ready for that, keep reading below!

Vietnam’s National Flower

hao sen Flowers In Vietnamese

Lotus, known as Hoa sen, is the national flower of Vietnam. For the locals, it symbolizes purity, optimism, dawn, and commitment. For this reason, you can find lotus-like designs everywhere, from art and fashion to architecture and literature.

One interesting thing about the Hoa sen flowers is that they close up and sink underwater at the same time at night but will boom with bright colors at dawn. Hence, they are known as the flower of dawn. It is found in all the murky pond regions of Vietnam and is considered one of the most beautiful flowers you can see for yourself in the cultural land.

While the exceptional beauty of the lotus flower is already mesmerizing, it is not just the sight that makes it the national symbol of Vietnam. What lies underneath is much more intriguing and unknown to many. So, let us quickly peek at some amusing facts about Vietnam’s national symbol.

  1. Like roses from temperate to tropical climates, lotus flowers in the Vietnamese region come in many different colors, each carrying its own meaning and simple beauty. For instance, the white flowers or a white lotus are known for representing purity and freshness, whereas the Pink beautiful flowers express devotion to Buddha. Similarly, the blue lotus carries wisdom, logic, and sagacity, showing enlightenment. Also, the purple lotus blooms are signs of spirituality.
  2. The lotus is not just a sight to view but also a medicine for the Vietnamese people. It is an essential ingredient in many herbal medications consumed by locals religiously. You will find lotus in many dishes as well.
  3. The blooming time of lotus differs depending on the climate of the region. To see flowers bloom in northern Vietnam, you must visit the place as early as March of the year. While in the South Vietnam region, lotuses can be seen blooming only in late May month of the year.
  4. You must be thinking flowers are only meant for decorating houses. But what is impressive is that Vietnam tried to design a whole tower that looks like the national beauty, the lotus. It is known as the Bitexco Tower and was the tallest Tower once in Ho Chi Minh City. So, make sure you visit the Tower once you land in Vietnam for vacation.

Important Flowers In Vietnamese

Now we will discover some of the most beautiful Vietnamese flowers that are also an important element in the tet holiday of Vietnam with their meanings and significance.

Yellow Apricot Flowers (Hoa Mai Vàng)

Flowers in Vietnamese

Hao Mai is one of the most beautiful flowers in Vietnam and the most important one during special occasions like the tet holidays. Tet tradition marks the beginning of the Lunar New Year and is like Christmas and Thanksgiving combined in one day celebrated by the Vietnamese people.

The apricot flower or Hoa mai is believed to bring good luck, love, calmness, and wealth to the family. Almost every house, especially in the southern part, uses Hai Mai plants in their living rooms to decorate and bring happiness to their family.

Peach Blossom (Hoa Dao)

Hoa dao blossom tours - Flowers In Vietnamese

While yellow mai flowers or apricot blossoms are the stars in the southern cities, Hao dao flowers are the center of attraction in the Northern dominant, symbolizing the Lunar New Year (Tet). Peach blossom trees seek full bloom very early in the north-side of Vietnam. Hence, the hoa đào flowers are named “Braveheart.”

The peach flower is another significant tet holiday plant considered an indispensable part of the locals. It is used to decorate their houses as the pink-colored flowers are believed to scare away evil spirits, just like the courageous Vietnamese who fought for hundreds of years against western colonization and brought a tremendous amount of good fortune.

Chrysanthemum (Hoa Cúc)

hoa cúc Flowers In Vietnamese

To make your Vietnam travel memorable, you must visit the large yellow and bright fields filled with hoa cúc flowers. hoa cúc is also a tet flower quite dear to the Vietnamese. They are planted throughout the year and are considered the symbol of a composed and simple life.

Locals use it to lure happiness and blessings during the tet holiday and decorate their houses for a pretty display. In fact, it is one of the most popular flowers in Vietnam, and you will see many photoshoots that take place around the hoa cúc farms.

Rose (Hoa Hồng)

roses ho chi minh - Flowers In Vietnamese

One of the most famous flowers whose fragrance has made us all fall in love, just like the people of Vietnam, is the Hoa hồng bloom. Hoa hồng is a very popularly grown flower, found with various kinds and colors representing different world meanings.

The red rose expresses deep love with its sweet scent, the white rose is known for its humble and pure love, the pink rose signifies the precious and delicate girls of Vietnam, and the yellow roses are generally gifted to friends, showing affection and care. Many species, such as Dalat rose, Hai Phong city rose, and the royal rose, is widely seen, and each contributes to special occasions with diverse meanings.

Plum Flower (Hoa Mận)

Hoa Man Flowers In Vietnamese

North Vietnam landscapes during spring are fully covered with the serene white beauty of the gorgeous looking plant called the plum flowers or Hoa mận. To witness the flowers blooming, the best time to visit is in late January, but cold weather can cause a delay in its bloom time.

When we talk about plum flowers in Vietnam, the Moc Chau Plateau is the best place to visit to have a clear sight of the white plum blossoms. The white color of the mesmerizing flower can make you lost in a daydream as you wander around the villages and hills talking to ethnic locals.

Bougainvillea Flower (Hoa Giấy)

Bougainvillea Flowers In Vietnamese

Ever heard of Bougainvillea Flower, or Hoa giấy as the locals call it? Hoa giấy is an ornamental flower plant found in central coastal climate areas. It generally blossoms in the summertime from March with cheery bright-colored petals. They are quite popular in Vietnam as their maintenance and growth routines are quite lenient and do not require much care.

The petals can come in colors like white, pink, red, etc. The vibrant colors of the paper-like petals that grow out in bushes express the hospitality of coastal people in Vietnamese places like the Danang, Quy Nhon, Mui Ne, etc.

Sunflower (Hoa Hướng Dương)

sunflower Flowers In Vietnamese

There are huge Hoa hướng dương fields that mark as gorgeous tourist attractions. Sunflowers usually blossom in the spring season in Vietnam, around March and April. One of the best and largest fields at a farm in Nghia Son Communie is owned by the TH True Milk Company, which grows Hoa hướng dương stretching over 100 hectors. It is also the major destination for the Hoa hướng dương festival for locals, and many respected guests are welcomed every year to have a view of the pretty sight.

The Vietnamese people respect sunflowers for their unique ability to provide energy, mirroring the prosperity of the sun. They express happiness, joy, and excitement, making them one of the best gifts for loved ones.

Marigold (Cúc Vạn Thọ)

Cuc Van Tho Flowers In Vietnamese

How can we not mention Cúc vạn thọ or Marigolds while discussing favorite Vietnamese flowers? Marigolds symbolize longevity, reasonability, and reliance in Vietnamese culture, and you will not find one who does not adore the essence and beauty of a marigold. Like the peach blossoms and apricot blossoms, Marigold is also a significant tet flower and is believed to bring luck and good health to people during the festival. The two main colors of Cúc vạn thọ are orange and yellow.

Lily (Hoa Loa Kèn)

Hoa Loa Ken Flowers In Vietnamese

Lilies, known as Hoa loa kèn or hoa lan chuông in Vietnamese, grow extensively in the Mekong Delta, resulting from flooding. From the early September days, farmers engage in harvesting extraordinary and delicate lily flowers, providing an unforgettable view of long-stemmed lilies swimming across areas. Water lilies are especially known as Hoa Súng in Vietnam. They are among the majorly grown lily flowers harvested by farmers as a way of occupation during the season.

Orchid (Phong Lan)

purple Phong lan Flowers In Vietnamese

Before we end the line of the most important Vietnamese flower group, let us enlighten ourselves with Phong lan in Vietnam. The orchid flora is probably the widest and richest amongst all other regional floras, curated by the locals with extensive research and knowledge of orchid diversity. Apart from being the richest in this floral arena, the importance of orchids has an exalted position in the local culture.

Unlike other flowers, orchids are used to make wreaths that are usually brought to funerals to express sorrow and condolences. However, most houses also use the different orchid branches to decorate their homes and neighborhood streets, making them the hub for best photos.

More Of Beautiful Flowers In Vietnamese

So we have learned about some of the important flower types that the Vietnamese people hold dear to their country’s culture. However, we have created a list of all other flower names with proper translation to enhance your vocabulary. Just read them and have a better exploration.

  • Begonia- Thu hải đường
  • Bellflower- Hoa chuông
  • Cactus- cây xương rồng
  • Dahlia- Thược dược
  • Dafodil- Daffodil
  • Daisy- Daisy
  • Dandelion- Bồ công anh
  • Dragon-plant- Cây rồng
  • Golden bell tree- Cây chuông vàng
  • Hibiscus- Dâm bụt
  • Ivy- Cây thường xuân
  • Jasmine- Hoa nhài
  • Japan rose- Nhật Bản tăng
  • Pasque flower- Hoa Pasque
  • Pink musk- Xạ hương hồng
  • Rosemary- cây mê điệt
  • Saffron- Nghệ tây
  • Tulip- Hoa tulip
  • Violet- Hoa violet

Wrapping Up!

Learning about some flower names has enlightened us about the culture of the Vietnamese people and the significance that a simple-looking flower can make to one’s life. Knowing such factors can help one learn more about the language and gain extensive insight into the lifestyle of the native people. So, if you are eager to learn more than these flower names, Ling App is here to give you a warm welcome like the pink peach blossom of Vietnam.

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