110 Common Vietnamese Verbs By Topics (Free Ebook)

Verbs are essential parts of a language. They help you describe what you are doing, what you want other people to do, or tell a better story. If you are learning the Vietnamese language, you shouldn’t miss the 110 common Vietnamese verbs introduced in this article. 
To help you learn and use the verbs better in real conversations, I grouped them by topics and provided a free downloadable e-book.


Common Vietnamese Verbs For Daily Activities

Daily activities are what you do every day. That’s why it makes sense to learn the following verbs, which are the most common ones:

  1. Ngủ – To Sleep
  2. Thức Dậy – To Get Up
  3. Tỉnh Dậy – To Wake Up
  4. Đánh Răng – To Brush Your Teeth
  5. Rửa Mặt – To Wash Your Face
  6. Thay Đồ – To Get Dressed
  7. Cười – To Laugh
  8. Cười Mỉm – To Smile
  9. Khóc – To Cry
  10. Nói – To Speak, To Say
  11. Nghe – To Listen To
  12. Cho – To Give
  13. Mở – To Open
  14. Đóng – To Close
  15. Vào – To Enter
  16. Biết – To Know



Anyone has feelings, right? Imagine you want to say that you love someone. How do you say it in Vietnamese? The following verbs are used to describe your feelings in Vietnamese:

  1. Thích – To Like
  2. Yêu – To Love
  3. Ghét – To Hate
  4. Giận – To Get Angry
  5. Quên – To Forget
  6. Nhớ – To Remember
  7. Sợ – To Be Afraid Of
  8. Bất Ngờ – To Be Surprised
  9. Muốn – To Want


Vietnamese Vocabulary In Education

You are learning Vietnamese. You will need to learn how to speak, write or understand the language. Use the following verbs right in your Vietnamese class if you have one.

  1. Học – To Learn
  2. Thi – To Do Exam
  3. Dạy – To Teach
  4. Viết – To Write
  5. Đọc – To Read
  6. Kể – To Tell
  7. Hiểu – To Understand
  8. Giải Thích – To Explain


Common Vietnamese Verbs To Introduce Yourself

When you want to make new friends, introducing yourself is an excellent way to start. You can give your name, the country you come from, and some other information that helps other people remember you better. Let’s learn some verbs for your introduction!

  1. Là – To Be
  2. Đến Từ – To Come From
  3. Ở – To Stay
  4. Sống – To Live
  5. Có – To Have
  6. Làm – To Work, To Make, To Do
  7. Đi Du Lịch – To Travel
  8. Gặp – To Meet
  9. Giới Thiệu – To Introduce


Directions, Transportation With These Verbs In Vietnamese

When traveling in Vietnam, you will need to ask for or give directions. To understand the directions in the Vietnamese language, you need to understand these basic Vietnamese verbs.

  1. Đi – To Go
  2. Đi Thẳng – To Go Straight
  3. Đi Bộ – To Walk
  4. Dừng – To Stop
  5. Rẽ – To Turn
  6. Quay Lại – To Go Back
  7. Đỗ – To Park
  8. Băng Qua – To Across
  9. Đón – To Pick Up
  10. Chờ – To Wait


Order Food & Drink, And Check Bills

If you go to Vietnam, you must try Vietnamese food. Vietnamese cuisine is considered one of the most favorite foods in the world. If you want to eat local foods, remember that not every Vietnamese person can speak English. Learning these words to help you order food, drink, and pay at local restaurants.

  1. Gọi Món – To Order Food
  2. Gọi Đồ Uống – To Order Drink
  3. Xem Thực Đơn – To See Menu
  4. Ăn – To Eat
  5. Uống – To Drink
  6. Nếm – To Taste
  7. Thanh Toán, Tính Tiền – To Check Bills
  8. Trả Tiền – To Pay Money
  9. Mang Về – To Take Away


Verbs To Go Shopping In Vietnam

Thinking of buying some souvenirs from Vietnam for friends and family in your home country? The following vocabulary helps you have a better experience in shopping in this country. Remember to ask for prices before you pay or use anything.

  1. Mua Sắm – To Go Shopping
  2. Cân – To Scale
  3. Lựa Chọn – To Select, To Choose
  4. Thử – To Try On
  5. Gói – To Package, To Wrap
  6. Giao Hàng – To Deliver
  7. Gửi – To Send
  8. Giảm Giá – To Discount
  9. Hoàn Tiền – To Refund
  10. Sử Dụng – To Use


Booking & Reservation

When traveling to different regions in Vietnam, you may need to book a room, transportation, flights, or reserve a table at a restaurant. These four words are commonly used in reservation.

  1. Đặt – To Book, To Reserve
  2. Gọi Điện – To Call
  3. Kiểm Tra – To Check
  4. Xác Nhận – To Confirm


Learn Vietnamese Verbs For Emergency

Risks are everywhere and can happen suddenly. Learn these important verbs to help you in emergencies. You will get better help when Vietnamese people can hear and understand you. Again, not every Vietnamese one can speak English, so it’s better to learn some Vietnamese verbs just in case.

  1. Cứu – To Help, To Save
  2. Hỗ Trợ – To Support
  3. Bảo Vệ – To Protect
  4. Giúp – To Help
  5. Tấn Công – To Attack
  6. Đuổi Theo – To Chase
  7. Bắt Giữ – To Arrest

Sports & Entertainment

If you like sports or some entertainment, learn eight following words to describe what you do in your free time.

  1. Chơi – To Play
  2. Nhảy – To Dance
  3. Vẽ – To Draw
  4. Tô Màu – To Paint
  5. Hát – To Sing
  6. Xem – To Watch
  7. Bơi – To Swim
  8. Chạy – To Run



I love cooking very much! If you also enjoy cooking, the following verbs are for you. Maybe you can comment below in Vietnamese on your favorite dish and how you cook it? I would love to try it out.

  1. Nấu Ăn – To Cook
  2. Rửa – To Wash
  3. Thái – To Slice
  4. Băm – To Mince
  5. Chặt – To Chop
  6. Cắt – To Cut
  7. Đảo – To Stir
  8. Hầm – To Stew
  9. Luộc – To Boil
  10. Rán – To Fry
  11. Xào – To Stir-Fry
  12. Hấp – To Steam


Jobs & Interviews

If you plan to work in Vietnam, knowing some common verbs in jobs & interviews may help you find the most suitable one. Of course, to speak Vietnamese at work or find a job in the Vietnamese language, you will need to learn more advanced phrases and sentences, such as answering an interview. However, it’s good to start with these basics.

  1. Tìm Việc – To Find A Job
  2. Nộp Đơn – To Apply
  3. Phỏng Vấn – To Interview
  4. Hẹn – To Schedule
  5. Hỏi – To Ask, To Question
  6. Trả Lời – To Answer
  7. Cảm Ơn – To Thank
  8. Làm Việc – To Work


Download 110 Common Vietnamese Verbs (PDF)

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