Basic Vietnamese Phrases For Everyday Use

Check out the Basic Vietnamese Phrases you need to know now!

Whether you’re learning the Vietnamese language for the first time, going on a trip to Hanoi, or meeting Vietnamese people, this guide to basic Vietnamese phrases is here for you! We’ll list some useful Vietnamese phrases that can help you connect better with the locals and immerse you better in Vietnamese culture.

Even if the only Vietnamese word you know is “xin chào“, starting a conversation like a local will let anyone in Vietnam feel a bit more at ease when talking to you. Here are some of the most important phrases to keep in mind for your travels!


Learn Basic Vietnamese Phrases For Your Trip

These basic Vietnamese phrases ensures you know more than "xin chao" when you visit.

Why Should I Learn Basic Vietnamese Phrases?

Someone learning the Vietnamese language for the first time will likely come across these basic Vietnamese phrases at some point in their education. If that’s your case, you’re welcome to use this list of essential phrases for your studies!

This guide was made for people who want to learn some of the most common Vietnamese phrases they can use to better communicate with people from Vietnam. These people can be tourists, ex-pats, or people learning the local language.

The following words and phrases also contain Vietnamese pronunciation! Even so, if you’re unsure how to pronounce them, you can use the Ling app to hear how they’re said.


Common Vietnamese Phrases – Speak Like A Local

Greetings In Vietnamese

Want to get off on the right foot with the Vietnamese people? These words and phrases will build the bulk of your greetings arsenal. So keep them in mind when meeting someone for the first time!

If you’re nervous about meeting people in a foreign country, don’t fret – Vietnamese people are some of the friendliest in Southeast Asia. Even if someone is not a native speaker, they would be happy to talk to them! In addition, younger people especially speak English fluently, so you won’t be too lost.

Hello Xin chào
Hi Chào
Hello, madame Chào Chị
Hello, sir Chào Chú
Hello, cat Chào meo
It’s nice to meet you Rất vui được gặp bạn
Good morning Chào buổi sáng
Good afternoon Chào buổi chiều
Good evening Chào buổi tối

“How Are You” In Vietnamese And How To Answer

How do you say hello in Vietnamese?

In a conversation, a common question is: “How are you?”. When talking to Vietnamese people, this is no exception! Here are some basic Vietnamese phrases that teach you how to say “how are you” in Vietnamese, and how to respond!

How are you doing? Bạn khoẻ không?
How are you today? Hôm nay, chị thế nào?
I’m fine, and you? Tôi khỏe, còn anh?
I’m fine, too. Tôi cũng khỏe
Very good Rất khỏe
It’s whatever Tàm tạm
Not doing good Không khỏe lắm
Very bad Rất tệ
Very tired Rất mệt

Introducing Yourself In Vietnamese

Now, let’s talk about some basic phrases that you can use to introduce yourself in Vietnamese. Use these when you’re meeting someone for the first time and you want to deepen the relationship!

What’s your name? Bạn tên gì?
My name is… Tôi tên là…
Where are you from? Bạn từ đâu đến?
I am from… Tôi đến từ…
How old are you? Bạn bao nhiêu tuổi?
I am… years old. Tôi… tuổi.

Basic Vietnamese Words And Phrases For Pleasantries

After getting to know someone, you might want to end the conversation, or you might even have to apologize at any point. To that end, here are some common Vietnamese words used for pleasantries in the conversation!

Sorry Xin lỗi
Let me apologize Tôi muốn xin lỗi.
I am truly sorry Tôi chân thành xin lỗi.
I won’t do it againTôi sẽ không làm việc đó một lần nữa.
Please don’t be mad. Xin đừng giận tôi.
Goodbye Tạm biệt
See you later Hẹn gặp lại
I will be right back Tôi sẽ quay lại ngay
I don’t get it Không hiểu


Basic Phrases For Travel, Dining, And Shopping – Interact Like A Local

Here's how you can go around with ease in Vietnam!

Basic Vietnamese Phrases For Directions And Transportation

When you talk to your driver in Vietnamese, chances are you’d get a better deal when you speak the local language! Here are some useful phrases to use when traveling around Vietnam. Remember that while the average local likely speaks English (or at least some of it), connecting with them on a higher level requires some knowledge of the language.

Where can I get a taxi? Taxi ở đâu?
Where is the ATM? Máy ATM ở đâu?
Go straight Đi thẳng
Go left Rẽ trái
Go Right Rẽ phảo
Stop Dừng lại 
Go to the airport Đi sân bay
How far is it? Bao xa?
Far Xa
Close Gần
Downtown Trung tâm thành phố
District Quận
Station Ga
Bus stop Trạm xe bus
Where? Ở đâu 
Give me 5 minutes Chờ năm phút
How much is the fare? Bao nhiêu tiền

Ordering Food In Vietnamese

If you find yourself in a restaurant or a café (or even next to some street vendors), craving authentic Vietnamese food, you’ll love these phrases! These common Vietnamese phrases can let you order food just like a local! Now all you need to work on is your order and your pronunciation!

Can I order here? Tôi có thể đặt hàng không?
What can you recommend? Bạn có bất kì gợi ý nào không?
How much does it cost? Nó có giá bao nhiêu?
Can I order… Tôi muốn đặt hàng…
What should I get? Tôi nên gọi món gì?
Is this spicy? Cái này có cay không?
Is this vegetarian? Đây có phải là món chay không?
That was really good. Điều đó thực sự tốt đấy

Common Phrases For Emergency Use In Vietnam

Of course, whenever you travel, you must be prepared for any eventuality – even emergencies. So we’re here to give you some of the most common phrases to use during a crisis in Vietnam!

I need help Tôi cần giúp đỡ!
Please help me Làm ơn giúp tôi
Someone help me Có ai giúp được không
I need a hospital Đưa tôi đến bệnh viện
I need a doctor Tôi cần gặp bác sĩ


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