Know All About Vietnamese People: #1 Guide

Vietnamese people

Have you ever wondered how Vietnamese people are like? Whenever we think about Asian countries, what usually comes to mind are the warm and friendly mọi người (or people in the Vietnamese language). Could that be the same thing when we meet Vietnamese? Find out the answer to this as we explain to you all there is to know about the citizens of Vietnam and its culture in today’s post.

Why Should I Learn About Vietnamese People?

If you are wondering why you should learn about the locals, here is a list you should read!

  1. People often assume the worst of others who do not belong to their group. It is especially true for those who come from countries located in Southeast Asia. Being a third-world country, people from western countries often undermine the Vietnamese folk religion, their history, or even the language. Thus, with such a reading habit, one will be enlightened about how Vietnamese people nurture each other and remove any stigma that remains in the modern world.
  2. Secondly, Vietnamese culture is a beauty in itself. The traditional festivals and the history of the Vietnam war all have a significance of their own that compels one to know more and acknowledge their importance. Learning about the Vietnamese people will only enhance your knowledge and change your perspective. As righteously said, knowledge is wisdom. So, it does not hurt to know about the people of Vietnam.
  3. Another advantage of learning about the Vietnamese people is that it will help you settle in the country quickly. If you are a traveler or someone who is looking to stay in the country, this is the best chance to make yourself comfortable around the locals. Once you read about the ways of the Vietnamese people, you will be able to make relations with Vietnamese families, adapt to the society, learn the language, and function normally, which otherwise would have been quite overwhelming.

What Are The Vietnamese Ethnic Groups

ethnic groups in vietnam vietnamese people

Coming to the history of the Vietnamese people, let us briefly discover the rich division of ethnic groups in Vietnam to understand their living patterns better.

Ancient Vietnamese people started folklore about Lac Long Quan and Au Co. It is said that they had one hundred children, divided into fifty daughters and fifty sons and nurtured in different regions. Following such a tale, it is believed that everyone residing in Vietnam has similar characteristics. However, there exist 54 ethnic groups practicing different but identifiable traditions. The demographers, distinguishing each ethnicity on the main language factor, divide Vietnamese people into eight major groups depending on their voices.

1. Viet-Muong People

The Viet people include the ethnicities such as Kinh people, Tho, Chut, and Muong. Vietnamese Kinh people account for most of the population, and Vietnamese is their primary language. Most ethnic Viet people live in the red river delta, now known as Northern Vietnam, mainly in places like ho chi Minh city. But many still live in rural areas respecting the wet-rice civilization and building traditional houses.

2. Tay-Thai Group

This Vietnamese ethnic group has eight ethnicities like Bo Y, Nung, Giay, etc. All these three are mainly people who immigrated from Southern China and are keen wet-rice farmers. There are substantial class distinctions between these groups, especially Giay and Bo Y. Lower-class people are mostly laborers, and upper-class people live prosperous lives, practicing enormous traditions with Vietnamese women wearing different and unique attire.

3. Mon-Khmer Group

Mon Khmer Group consists of twenty-one ethnicities, and most lives in the Western and Northwest region. The Bana is the most populated among the twenty groups and has unique traditions. Khmer, typically heard from Cambodian people, is an ethnic group with a unique culture.

4. Mong-Dao People

This group includes the Mong, Dao, and Pa Then people. They are all originally Chinese and immigrated to Vietnam. Therefore, they still recognize the Han character instead of the Latin alphabet and the Chinese writing system.

5. Kadai Group

It is one group that includes ethnic minorities like La Chi, Co Lao, Pu Peo, and La Ha. They had a very distinct tradition where the people dyed their teeth black. It was considered a mark of beauty. Others also have unique practices related to childbirth and family habitats.

6. Austro-Polynesian People

This group mainly lives in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. An interesting fact about this group is that they follow a matriarch society. The children would take their mother’s surname, and the minor daughter would inherit the position. There is also a tremendous cultural influence from India on this ethnic group. Ethnic minorities like Cham and E De are a part of this group.

7. Chinese Group

As the name suggests, these groups originally come from neighboring countries like China. They follow patriarchy and practice a lot of traditions that are original to their hometown. Most Vietnamese people of this community are usually seen living in Chinatown.

8. Tibeto People

This group includes six ethnicities and is similar to the Kadai and Mong-Dao groups. Only the main difference in their daily life is the calendar. One of the groups considers only eleven months a year, and some have no written form.

What Are The Characteristics Of Vietnamese People That Make Them The Best?

Now that we know the diversity residing inside the small country, in this section, you will learn why we love Vietnamese people so much.

It is not just their culture that is impressive, but also the personality of the locals that the culture nurtures.

These are the reasons why Vietnamese people are the best in terms of personality. This can also be a good insight for you to understand more about what Vietnamese culture is known for.

1. They Are Forgiving

Following Mahayana Buddhism, Vietnamese people are known to be very kind and forgiving. They follow family traditions that teach one to be respectful and gentle. In this ever-growing digital world, Vietnamese families make sure that the younger population still practices old habits and is given proper education.

2. They Love Food

If you have read the post on Vietnamese food, you know that Vietnamese cuisine is out of the world. Their food is not only about the perfect flavor but also about the love shared. Vietnamese families still follow traditions where all members take three meals together in a day. Thus, their love for food also nurtures their love for each other.

3. They Are Hardworking

Another reason you would fall for a Vietnamese person is that they are hardworking and genuine in their jobs. No matter which corner of Vietnam you visit, be it the northern or the south, you will see the passion and hard work everywhere. Even in this world of machines and technology, Vietnam is full of farmers and ordinary people that work hard with their hands to build their roofs.

4. They Respect Elders

Although all culture preaches respect for elders, the gen Z kids have almost forgotten the values and humility. But in Vietnam, families ensure that every family member practices good manners, especially toward elders.

To your surprise, you will rarely hear a child arguing with their parents. Their belief in respect for elders is held in high regard.

5. They Are Easy Going

fall in love with Vietnamese

As a foreigner visiting a new country, you will always want the locals to treat you well. Vietnam, in that matter, is on top. Vietnamese locals are known for being very easy-going, humble, and friendly. There is no prejudice and extreme pride in their souls. Like their culture, Vietnamese people are very open-minded, simple, and welcoming. As a newcomer, you will love the hospitality of the locals, even in the big cities.

6. Status Over Wealth

In this global world, what many people care about is wealth. But Vietnamese culture, enrooted in Confucian culture, respects the status of a person more than wealth. For them, money is not everything.

It is the status that comes with age and education that matters. Educated people are considered the highest in the order and respected with utmost love and gratitude. They have built a society that does not blind people by the lust for money. Instead, they still teach the importance of education and its value.

7. They Are Funny

You will surely love the locals if it is your first time in a Southeast Asian country. Unlike many people that are very suspicious and hostile towards newcomers, Vietnamese people love to joke around. They all have traditional and classic quotes, jokes, and tongue twisters that are still very popular. Once you land, you will experience all of it, having a hard time translating them into English.

8. They Are Pretty

If you have seen, you would agree that Vietnamese people, especially girls, are very aesthetically pleasing to look at. Many beauty pageants have also hailed from the country and still pop up in many worldwide beauty face competitions. Although they have a stereotypical Asian look, Vietnam has its own magic spell. They don’t look like the typical Chinese or Japanese people and have a unique touch to their genes.

9. The Vietnamese Language

Lastly, the native language of Vietnam is one that you cannot afford to miss. The pattern, literature, vocabulary, everything is unique and entirely different for someone from the West. Once you dive into the pool of Vietnamese learning, you’ll realize the complexity and beauty of the language. If you are interested, download the Ling app for the best experience.

Explore Vietnam

I am sure the details above have made the picture of Vietnam more vivid and exciting for you. Vietnamese people are the most energetic and pragmatic bunch you’ll ever meet, and we bet you will have so much fun getting to know them.

These pointers we discussed above will hopefully help you understand society and its nature if you plan to settle in Vietnam. However, if you wish to know more before you step into their place, press the Ling App download button on App Store or Play Store.

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