35+ Easy Urdu Words For The Beach!

Got a sudden desire to see fine sand and turquoise waters? The Pakistan key saahil (پاکستان کے ساحل) or coasts of Pakistan will surely not disappoint travelers thanks to its amazing range of beaches that will rival the beauty of the Caribbean and Maldives. If you want to explore in style, we recommend seeking the recommendations of the locals by using the basic Urdu words for the beach. After all, no one knows the secrets to the stunning locations in the country than the locals themselves.

If you are ready to learn the common words to use, keep reading below! When was the last time you spent an afternoon on the beach? Contrary to common belief, traveling is not an expensive hobby. Out of all the outdoor adventures, going to the beach won’t break the bank, and you can easily find ways to enjoy the place on a shoestring budget. You do not need to purchase or maintain special gear; you can simply wear your bathing suit and swim to your heart’s content. Depending on the area, you can pack your tent and some snacks to enjoy during a campout with your friends.

On top of that, you can also set up your own beach picnic with a loved one and prepare as much food as you want. If you are traveling to Pakistan for the first time, we highly recommend looking for accommodation deals from travel websites. In our experience, it’s totally possible to score almost 50% off deals, especially for hotels and resorts near the beach. Fortunately, the country is filled with an amazing range of scenic beaches that are accessible and have tons of foreigner-friendly accommodations.

But before you speak with your travel agent or book your room, we suggest that you try to learn the basic beach-related words in Urdu so that you can communicate more effectively. Let’s get to know more about that in the sections below!


How To Say Beach In Urdu?

Before we dive deep into the advanced set of words under this topic, the first term that you should be familiar with is the translation for “beach.” According to the official Urdu dictionary, the most direct word for this is “ساحل سمندر” pronounced as saahil samandar. The word can also change depending on the usage. For instance, one can also use “ساحل” pronounced as saahil to refer to the beach, but it actually translates to the seashore or coast.

Similar to how the English language works, you can also pair the term with prepositions to make the meaning appear more precise. Below are some examples:

  • At the beach = ساحل پر – saahil par
  • On the beach = ساحل سمندر پر – saahil samandar par
  • From the beach = ساحل سمندر سے – saahil samandar se
  • To the beach = ساحل سمندر تک or – saahil samandar tak
  • Across the beach = ساحل سمندر کے پار – saahil samandar ke paar
  • By the beach = ساحل سمندر کی طرف سے – saahil samandar ki taraf se
  • Off the beach = ساحل سمندر سے دور – saahil samandar se daur


Urdu Words For The Beach

While you can easily travel alone or with your friends, speaking with the locals will make the experience much more special. To impress them and interact on a totally new level, make sure to use the words we have below.

General Beach Words In Urdu

EnglishUrduRomanized Version
Beachساحل سمندرsaahil samandar
Boardwalkبورڈ واکboard walk
Clamپر سکونPur sukoon
Jellyfishجیلی فشjeli fish
Lifeguardلائف گارڈlife guard
Oceanسمندر/بحرsamandar/ beher
Poolسوئمنگ پولswimming pol
Sand castleریت کا قلعہrait ka qilaa
Seaسمندر/بحیرہsamandar/ baheerah
Sunburnدھوپ جلنdhoop jalan

Urdu Words For Beach Activities

EnglishUrduRomanized Version
Beach ballبیچ بالbeech baal
Beach volleyballبیچ والی بالbeech wali baal
Fishingمچھلی پکڑناmachli pakarna
Fly a kiteپتنگ اڑاناpatang urana
Ice creamآئس کریمaais kareem
Jet skiجیٹ سکیjeet seki
Parasailingپیرا سیلنگpirasailing
Scuba divingغوطہ خوریghouta khori


Best Beaches In Pakistan

When we say beaches, foreigners usually picture those nestled on tropical islands with numerous palm trees as a backdrop. However, you are missing out if you are only looking to visit beaches in Asia because Pakistan also has some of the most stunning ones! If you are still unsure what sites to add to your itinerary, do a quick search about the names of the places we listed below.

  • Astola Island – Pakistan’s first marine protected area
  • Astola Beach – Island of the seven hills
  • Haji Ali Goth – French beach in Karachi
  • Sandspit Beach – Famous natural landmark
  • Cape Monze – A beach along the Arabian sea

Since most locals are Muslims, please be aware that there are no nude beaches in the country. In fact, women are expected to maintain modesty by wearing appropriate swimming attire (known as burkini), where most skin is covered except for the face, hands, and feet. On the other hand, the men are supposed to wear tight-fitting tops paired with long shorts that cover the navel and knees.


Wrapping Up

Now that we reached the end of this post, we hope that you find yourself ready to challenge yourself to use the words we covered above in real conversations. Remember that simply memorizing terminologies is not enough if you want to gain proficiency in a language. You need to string the words together to give a more meaningful expression. In line with this, allow us to ask you one question: Would you like to learn Urdu in a deeper way?

If the answer is yes, then there is no better time to take action than today! We understand that there are a lot of resources out there that you can use, but not all of these are worth your time (or their expensive price tag). If you are on the search for something that is affordable and ticks all the boxes of your requirements, check out the section below for our most recommended platform!

Enjoy Pakistan By Learning The Urdu Language Today!

May it be summer or spring, every day is a perfect day to visit Pakistan. Aside from the stunning beaches, the country is also home to lush greeneries, sky-high mountains, amazing cuisine, and warm people. While you can easily go around and use English, arming yourself with Urdu words will pave the way for you to build lasting bonds with the locals and show them your respect for their identity. One way by which you can learn Urdu is by using the Ling App!

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