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35+ Best Must Know Urdu Job Titles

August 4, 2022

If you need to translate English words into Urdu because you are interested in jobs in Pakistan then this blog post is for you. It's no secret that more and more people are moving to Asia because of the increased work opportunities, and you don't want to miss out. So let's get started with everything about Urdu Job Titles!

Different Jobs In Pakistan

Urdu Job Titles

A job description that lists the duties and obligations that go along with it is typically attached to a job title (ملازمت کے عنوانات ), which is a formal classification of a position within an organization.

Most people will say that Urdu is a lovely language, one of poetry, politeness, and history. Pakistan's national language is Urdu. India is also home to speakers of Urdu.

Urdu, (اُردُو‎) is also known as Lashkari, or the Lashkari language.(لشکری ‍زبان) Urdu is a cultural language with rich literature and similarities with Hindi, Urdu, Persian, Turkish, and Sanskrit. It is also referred to as Lashkari or the Lashkari language. An individual's exposure to learning the other specified languages can be improved by learning Urdu.

Here is a list of different jobs in Pakistan with their meaning/translations and pronunciation so that you can use them in different contexts.


The general and first role of a Pakistani teacher is to educate their students. Next is to motivate them and boost their confidence to take up things that can help them in their life.

Pakistani teachers like other teachers provide knowledge to their students to prepare them for their future life. Most students select their subject based on their interests and the profession they want to join in the future. Selecting relatable subjects helps them in securing their desired position or job. 


Some students in Pakistan don't follow the mainstream idea of joining any company instead they want to start their own business and earn as much money as they can. Starting their own business creates employment opportunities for other people too. For example, if we look at how Facebook, it has enabled millions of people around the globe to earn.

For businesses, one may not need education but skill and good communication, and in Pakistan the mode of communication is Urdu, so if you can clearly communicate in Urdu that's a plus point.

The health care professional

To become a doctor you need to seek all your education in English, but when applying you will need Urdu as a mode of communication because a common person may not be able to understand English, and he might not have the tools to search the translation of English words spoken by a doctor.


Nowadays freelancing is the best Profession for anyone because as a freelancer, you are your own boss.

In Pakistan, freelancing is a profession that provides a lot of variety in the type of work you can do, too. If you are someone with a lot of interests and are drawn to trying new things, freelancing can help you explore all kinds of projects and industries.

If you have skills like content writing, video editing, etc you create a page on Instagram, Facebook, or any social media source from where people approach you if they require those skills, so for that, you make money. 

Content Writing

Content writing is getting especially famous in Pakistan.

The process of developing, creating, and editing web material is known as content writing, and it is often done for digital marketing goals. Writing blog posts, articles, scripts for movies, and podcasts are all examples of this.

A content writer is a specialist who creates interesting and instructive pieces to support brands in showcasing their goods. They produce the greatest written or graphic material possible, from blog posts to press releases, and they write on a variety of topics.

Urdu Job Titles

Urdu Job Titles

Let's now learn about different job titles in Urdu for different categories:

Administrative Job Titles

Here is a list of all the administrative job titles which will help you in your work-related life.

English TitlesUrdu TitlesRomanized Urdu
Account Collectorاکاؤنٹ کلکٹر-
Account Executiveاکاؤنٹ ایگزیکٹو-
Administrative Analystانتظامی تجزیہ کار-
Administrative Assistantانتظامی معاونIntezaami tajziyaakaar
Administrative Managerانتظامی مینیجرIntezaami manager
Administrative Specialistانتظامی ماہرIntezami Maahir
Auditing Clerkآڈیٹنگ کلرک-
Bookkeeperبک کیپر-
Branch Managerپرانچ مینیجر-
Business Analystکاروباری تجزیہ کارKarobaari tajarbikaar
Business Managerبزنس منیجر-
Chief Executive Officerچیف ایگزیکٹو آفیسر-
Data Entryڈیٹا انٹری-
Executive Assistantایگزیکٹو اسسٹنٹ-
File Clerkفائل کلرک-
Human Resourcesانسانی وسائلInsani wasail
Office Assistantآفس اسسٹنٹ. دفتری معاونOffice/dafteri mawoon
Office Clerkآفس کلرک-
Office Managerدفتر کا منتظمDafter ka muntazir
Program Administratorپروگرام ایڈمنسٹریٹر-
Program Managerپروگرام مینیجر-
Quality Control Coordinatorکوالٹی کنٹرول کوآرڈینیٹر-
Receptionistریسپشنسٹ                      -
Risk Managerرسک مینیجر                      -

Leadership Titles

Here is a list of the words about leadership job titles:

English TitlesUrdu TitlesRomanized Urdu
Administratorایڈمنسٹریٹر                      -
Assistant Managerاسسٹنٹ منیجر-
Controllerکنٹرولر                      -
Coordinatorکوآرڈینیٹر                      -
Directorڈائریکٹر                      -
Executiveایگزیکٹو                      -
Foremanفورمین                        -
Organizerآرگنائزر                      -
Superintendentسپرنٹنڈنٹ                    -
Supervisorسپروائزر                      -
Team Leaderٹیم لیڈر-

Marketing Job Titles

Many people in Pakistan are doing marketing and therefore you should know about these basic words:

English TitlesUrdu TitlesRomanized Urdu
Brand Managerبرانڈ مینیجر-
Brand Strategistبرانڈ اسٹریٹجسٹBrand Estrategist
Content Marketing Managerمواد کی مارکیٹنگ مینیجرMawaad ki marketing manager
Copywriterکاپی رائٹر-
Digital Marketing Managerڈیجیٹل مارکیٹنگ مینیجر-
eCommerce Marketing Specialistای کامرس مارکیٹنگ ماہرE-commerce marketing mahir
Graphic Designerگرافک ڈیزائنر-
Marketing Communications Managerمارکیٹنگ کمیونیکیشنز مینیجر-
Marketing Consultantمارکیٹنگ کنسلٹنٹ-
Marketing Directorمارکیٹنگ ڈائریکٹر-
Marketing Managerمارکیٹنگ مینیجر-
Marketing Research Analystمارکیٹنگ ریسرچ تجزیہ کارMarketing research tajziyekaar
Marketing Specialistمارکیٹنگ کے ماہرMarketing k mahir
Media Buyerمیڈیا خریدارMedia kharidar
Media Relations Coordinatorمیڈیا ریلیشن کوآرڈینیٹر-
Product Managerپروڈکٹ مینیجر-
Public Relationsتعلقات عامہTaloqat Aamaa
Social Media Assistantسوشل میڈیا اسسٹنٹ-
Vice President of Marketingمارکیٹنگ کے نائب صدرMarketing k naib saddar

IT Job Titles

Here is a list of the IT jobs which are a must for you to know about:

English TitlesUrdu TitlesRomanized Urdu
Application Developerایپلیکیشن ڈویلپر-
Artificial Intelligence Engineerمصنوعی ذہانت انجینئرMasnooyi  zahanat engineer
Cloud Architectکلاؤڈ آرکیٹیکٹ-
Computer Programmerکمپیوٹر پروگرامر-
Computer Scientistکمپیوٹر سائنسدانComputer sciencedaan
Data Entryڈیٹا انٹری-
Help Desk Worker/Desktop Supportہیلپ ڈیسک ورکر/ڈیسک ٹاپ سپورٹ-
Information Security Analystانفارمیشن سیکیورٹی تجزیہ کارInformation security tajziyekaar
IT Managerآئی ٹی مینیجر-
IT Professionalآئی ٹی پروفیشنل-
Network Administratorنیٹورک منتظمNetwork muntazim
Software Engineerسافٹ ویئر انجینئر-
SQL Developerایس کیو ایل ڈویلپر-
Technical Specialistتکنیکی ماہرTankiki mahir
Web Designerویب ڈیزائنر-
Web Developerویب ڈویلپر-

Finance And Accounting Job Titles

Finance and accounting have lesser scope in Pakistan since there is less demand and more production of skills in this category. Still, it's beneficial to learn these words to be able to communicate well.

English TitlesUrdu TitlesRomanized Urdu
Accounting Analystاکاؤنٹنگ تجزیہ کارAccountant tajziyekaar
Accounting Directorاکاؤنٹنگ ڈائریکٹر-
Accounts Payable/Receivable Clerkاکاؤنٹس قابل ادائیگی / قابل وصول کلرکAccount qabil e adayegi/qabil wasool clerk
Benefits Managerبینیفٹس مینیجر-
Bookkeeperبک کیپر-
Budget Analystبجٹ تجزیہ کارBudget tajziyekaar
Commercial Loan Officerکمرشل لون آفیسر-
Credit Authorizerکریڈٹ اتھارٹی-
Credit Counselorکریڈٹ کونسلر-
Economistماہر معاشیاتMaahir muashiyaat
Finance Directorفنانس ڈائریکٹر-
Finance Managerفنانس مینیجر-
Financial Analystمالی تجزیہ کارMaali tajziyekaar
Financial Plannerمالیاتی منصوبہ سازMaaliyati mansooba saaz
Financial Services Representativeمالیاتی خدمات کا نمائندہMaaliyati khidmat ka nomaidaa
Payroll Clerkپے رول کلرک-
Payroll Managerپے رول مینیجر-

Learning Urdu Like A Pro

Urdu Job Titles

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