49+ Best Urdu Airport Vocabulary For Travelers

Whether you are a first-time traveler or a seasoned globetrotter, experiencing airport anxiety is totally normal. If you are planning to get on a flight to Pakistan, having a deep understanding of the most commonly used Urdu airport vocabulary can save you from all the hassle. While more than 40% of the locals can speak with you in English, keeping a few airport-related terminologies and phrases up your sleeve can make the whole boarding process much easier.

So before you give in to the impulse of packing your luggage or سامان (samaan), allow us first to walk you over the best list of Urdu vocabulary on this topic. Let’s get started!


Why Learn Urdu Airport Vocabulary?

Why Learn Urdu Airport Vocabulary

Traveling the world has always been part of everyone’s bucket list. As reflected by history, our ancestors also felt the intense craving to walk the Earth and discover all the wonderful places it has to offer. 

Anthropologists believe that what spawned this phenomenon is that humans are naturally risk-takers. Perhaps, this same trait has been passed down to generations and thus became deeply embedded into our genes today.

Fortunately, going to countries from the other side of the world has become much easier thanks to technological advancements. Gone are the days when we have to travel for months just to reach a country! By simply boarding a plane and taking a long-haul flight, you can get to your destination within a few hours.

However, getting around the airport can be scary for neophyte travelers. 

One reason behind this is that you are not guaranteed that the people in the area you will visit can speak your language. The language barrier proves to be challenging as your intended meanings may not get across clearly if you do not speak their native language.

In the case of Pakistan, many people are actually proficient in English, but not all of them may be comfortable speaking the language with a foreigner. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you take some time to learn even the basic airport words for various stages. Below are five more reasons why we think you should focus on learning this.

  1. You will prevent yourself from missing a flight. Flight attendants usually announce when it is boarding time. If you do not listen carefully and understand the Urdu words used in the announcement, you might just miss the last call!
  2. You can read the signages posted inside the airport building without any assistance. While Pakistanis are friendly and always ready to help, we certainly do not want to disturb them or rely on their kindness alone. With this said, it is better to familiarize yourself with Urdu’s common signages.
  3. You can clarify flight details. May it be due to weather conditions, wrong boarding pass information, passport problems, or oversized check-in baggage, your ability to clarify and ask questions using Urdu can help you resolve problems immediately.
  4. You can book your own flight ticket without relying on Google Translate. Some airline websites are not optimized for the English language. To prevent any mistakes, it would be great if you learn the usual words encountered whenever we think about traveling.
  5. You can surprise native speakers with your skills! May your journey be worthwhile by surprising the flight attendants and other passengers with your skills in their native language. Isn’t this the best way to make new friends even before you land at the arrival gate?


Common Urdu Airport Vocabulary

Make your trip a more memorable one by learning these epic Urdu words related to the airport.

Airfareہوائی کرایہhawai kiraya
Airlineایئر لائنairline
Airportہوائی اڈاhawai adda
Baggage claimبیگج کلیمbaggage claim
Boarding gateبورڈنگ گیٹboarding gate
Cancelمنسوخ ہوناmansookh hona
Carry-on / handbagدستی بیگdasti bag
Confirmتصدیق کرناtasdeeq karna
Currency exchangeزر مبادلہzaray mubaadla
Flight numberپرواز نمبرparwaaz number
Flight ticketہوائی جہاز کا ٹکٹhawaai jahaaz ka ticket
Freightجہاز کے سامان کا کرایہjahaaz kay samaan ka kiraya
Internationalبین الاقوامیbayn ul aqwaami
Lateدیر سےder say
Layoverلی اوورli over
Metal detectorمیٹل ڈٹیکٹرmetal dtiktr
Moving walkwayمتحرک راہداریmutharrak raahdaari
Overbookedاوور بکover buk
Reserveبکینگ کرناbooking karna
Runwayرن وےrunway
Take offٹیک آفtake off
Terminal buildingٹرمنل کی عمارتtrmnl ki imarat
X-ray machineایکس رے مشینx-ray machine


Top Urdu Vocabulary To Use When Inside The Airplane

urdu words to use in a plane

For some, flying can be a terrifying experience. Usually, some people start to think about the negative “what if’s.”

In case of emergencies, feel free to call the flight attendants and seek help when needed. To do this, you can simply take note of the words below to describe what exactly you mean in Urdu. Check out the table below!

Airplaneہوائی جہازhawai jahaaz
Cabin crewکیبن عملہcabin amlah
Co-pilotشریک پائلٹshareek pilot
Cockpitکاک پٹkak pitt
Economy classاکانومی کلاسakanomi class
Emergency exitباہر نکلنے کا ہنگامی راستہbahar niklny ka hungami rasta
Emergency exitsایمرجنسی سے باہر نکلتا ہےemergency se bahar nikalta hai
First-classپہلا درجہpehla darja
Flight attendantپرواز کا اردلیparwaaz ka urdali
Headphonesہیڈ فونزheadphones
Life vestلائف ویسٹlife west
Overhead compartmentسامان والا خانہsamaan wala khanah
Oxygen maskآکسیجن ماسکoxygen mask
Seatbeltحفاظتی بیلٹhifazati belt
Tray tableٹرے میزtray maiz
Turbulenceہنگامہ خیزیhungama khaizi


Best Urdu Vocabulary To Use At The Immigration

Best Urdu Vocabulary To Use At The Immigration

As you touchdown the country you are visiting, you must be prepared for the last few steps of your journey, as this is the most nerve-wracking and stressful part. Whether seated in the business class or economy section, airport attendants will advise you to visit the customs or immigration area. Here, they will check your visa, passport, and identification documents.

Depending on your circumstances, you may experience a delay since the people in charge will thoroughly check your identification documents, checked-in baggage, and visa. Sometimes, you might even be invited for a quick interview with the officers.

They might ask you to sign an official document regarding your status as a visitor or immigrant. While the search and review might take some time, you can take this opportunity to express yourself meaningfully using the best Urdu words.

Emailای میلemail
Purpose of visitدورے کا مقصدdoray ka maqsad
Tourismسیر و سیاحتsayrosiyaahat


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As we reach the end of this post, we hope that you were able to put all the Urdu vocabulary that we covered today to use in your conversations. May it be when you need help with your carry-on bags or simply seeking help to purchase a one-way ticket for long-haul flights, these words can ensure that you will get the exact help you need. 

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