The 5 Best Apps For Learning Urdu

“A different language is a different vision of life.” So, if you want to expand your vision, learning a new language will be worth it. Are you willing to learn Urdu?

Stay with us till the end of this article as we will walk you through the 5 best apps for learning Urdu!


Why Should You Learn A New Language?

Learning a new language is a dream and goal that many people want to achieve in 2022 as it unfolds many benefits.

Studies suggest that learning a new language offers you many advantages that you might not even be aware of. Let’s have a glance at some of the most common benefits.

  • Your brainpower gets stronger.
  • You get to know about another culture.
  • You become an efficient listener.
  • You understand people better than any ordinary person.
  • You enjoy your Journeys, and it brings you more comfort and joy.
  • You become open-minded and get more acceptance towards other people.
  • You transform yourself into a better Global Citizen.


Why Should You Learn A Language Like Urdu?

Now you must be wondering why you should learn the Urdu language and not any other language? First, it entirely depends on your priorities which place you are moving in, and what language people speak around you.

If the answer is Urdu, let me tell you Urdu has some other amazing benefits that I will reveal now, so sit tight and learn the reasons why you should start learning the Urdu language.

Urdu is a beautiful and rich language that is a blend of many other languages like Hindi, Arabic, Persian, Turkish, and Sanskrit. This is why it has rich cultural value showing you many historical traditions, values, and norms. By learning the Urdu language, your analytical skills can be stronger, with which you can make some very good decisions easily.

Urdu is spoken in several countries and parts of the world that and you get a chance to connect to many people of the world and understand native Urdu speakers better.

Many places like Dubai, Turkey, etc., prefer native Urdu speakers that show you can access better employment opportunities. When you extend the practical vocabulary of Urdu, it keeps your brain healthy and strong. You can enjoy reading Urdu letters and Urdu movies and develop your Urdu script when you study Urdu.

Sounds exciting? Check the 5 best apps for learning Urdu in 2022!


About The Fascinating Urdu Language

Urdu is the official language of Pakistan and is widely spoken in India, Dubai, and many other countries. Spoken Urdu has many words from Arabic, Persian, and Hindi.

An Indo-Aryan language is the native language of 70 million South Asians, and 100 million people love to speak it as their second language. Its rich cultural influence and beautiful and mesmerizing poems can make anyone feel immersed in it. Its written script is written from left to write, similar to Arabic, which sharpens your brain.


Do You Want To Learn Urdu?

If you are getting excited to speak Urdu and thinking about which application can be useful in making your language learning easier?

Don’t worry, as we have covered you with a detailed review of the 5 best apps for learning Urdu. Let’s get started.

The Ling App

The top on the list of the most amazing language learning application is the Ling App. It offers you numerous benefits worth considering while looking for a successful language learning experience.

best apps for learning urdu

It has a lot of unusual and interactive activities that would help you thoroughly enjoy your learning experience. This Ling app is very useful to help you resolve your reading and writing difficulties. Still, you can also read and write the Urdu alphabet and develop the basic vocabulary easily.

If you opt for the Ling app, you would be glad to listen to all those natural conversations that are in store for you when you get access to various words and phrases of Urdu. Learn to speak Urdu in no time.

Speaking Urdu with the Ling App provides you with a comprehensive source of rich vocabulary building of many useful Urdu words and essential phrases. You can select any conversation subject from a range of multiple topics available out there.

The best part is the Ling app is suitable for all learners. Whether you are a beginner or have average knowledge, it keeps you covered by providing you with various fluency levels.

You don’t have to worry whether you are tech-savvy or are new to using Smartphones and gadgets; its user-friendly features allow you to explore them effortlessly.

You can enhance your speaking skills and understanding of grammar and essential vocabulary with the amazing chatbot, mini-games, and quizzes.

And all of this for free! Isn’t it incredible?

How To Get Started Learning Urdu With The Simply Learn App

The Simply Learn App is second on the list of the 5 best apps for learning Urdu in 2022.

Looking for an app that makes your life easier by providing you with 1000 phrases in 30 plus categories? Get the hang of the most amazing language learning application. It offers you high-quality sound that allows you to enhance your listening skills by providing you with exploring Urdu accents and pronunciations of various words and phrases.

best apps for learning urdu

Are you someone who forgets things after learning? No worries, its excellent feature of smart flashcards offers you the benefit of reviewing your vocabulary easily.

No matter what conversation topic you search for, you can easily look for it by entering into the easiest search bar, and the whole phrase appears in a flash. Isn’t it interesting?


Next on the list is the app to learn the Urdu language is well known with the name of Mondly. It allows you to access all the fluency levels for beginners and experts. It has access to more than a thousand language combinations, selects any subject to prepare for the most common situations, and can explore 41 real conversations. 

Not only this, the practice of daily lessons will help you improve your knowledge of the Urdu language quickly and easily.


Suppose you are a beginner and want to learn Urdu lessons slowly and gradually. In that case, Pimsleur is the way to go! Its level 1 contains daily audio lessons which you can apply to your everyday conversations.

Learn the essential Urdu vocabulary words and phrases from this language learning application easily.

In its subscription, you can see three pricing methods.

  • 14.95 dollars per month for audio
  • 19.95 per month for premium along with the bonus points
  • 20.9 $5 per month for all the access

 Mango Languages

If you are willing to learn Urdu with context-based learning, Mango Languages can do the job for you. It can easily record your conversations and compare them with the speech of the native speakers.

It can also have access to color-coded lessons and notes. It can allow you to comprehend basic words and phrases and their grammar structure in no time. All you have to do is pay 7.9 dollars per month to get a hold of this application.


Why Ling Is The Perfect Language Learning Companion

best apps for learning urdu

Learning a new language is very beneficial as you get access to many amazing opportunities to have strong relationships, a broad vision, and a smart and intelligent brain. Are you ready to learn Urdu?

You must have gone through all the 5 best apps for learning Urdu. The most favorite among the language language language learners is the Ling App due to its features that will let you enjoy the best learning experience.

If there’s no Urdu on Babbel, you can learn all the reading, writing, and speaking basics of Urdu by using the Ling App’s games and the live chatbot!

Whether it’s JUST Urdu or any target language, learn languages with the most effective Ling App. Customize your learning on the go!

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