20+ Names Of Shapes In Urdu You Should Know

Have you ever wondered how the circle or square sounds in Urdu? What would your Pakistani people call globe and pizza shape? Sounds interesting; Continue reading to learn shapes in Urdu..

You can refer to an outline or contour of an object as “shape.” A shape is a surface we can perceive, independent of the object’s size or color. The square, the rectangle, or the three-dimensional sphere are just a few examples of the various shapes surrounding us. This article focuses on the names of shapes in Urdu called, which we call شکلین (shaklein).

Ready to learn the shapes in Urdu? Let’s get started!

Names Of Basic Shapes In Urdu

Basic Shapes In Urdu
Basic Shapes In Urdu

In any language, having a strong vocabulary is essential. Basic shapes are those words that will come in handy when you expect them! So you better start learning them! Even if it deviates from your comfort zone.

English WordsPronunciationUrdu Words
Name of basic shapes in Urdu

Other Important Shapes In Urdu

When people hear the phrase “shapes,” they immediately think of 2D (two-dimensional or flat) representations. However, the definition of the word “shapes” also includes 3D (Three-dimensional).

3D shapes are not just flat on paper but also occupy space vertically—for example, cubes, spheres, and pyramids.

Let’s check out the names of some 3D shapes and other 2D shapes below.

English WordsPronunciationUrdu Meaning
DecagonDeh goshaدہ گوشہ
ParallelogramMatwazi ul izlaaمتوازی الاضلاع
Rectangular prismMustateel prismمستطیل پرزم
Right triangleSeedhi mussalasسیدھی مثلث
Scalene triangleScalene mussalasاسکیلین مثلث
Semi-circleNeem daairaنیم دائرہ
3D shapes and 2D shapes in Urdu

Better Understand The Names Of Shapes In Urdu With Sentences

Names Of Shapes In Urdu With Sentences

You pick up new words when you acquire vocabulary in context while reading or listening. The primary goal of learning a foreign language is to learn one new word at a time. Therefore, it’s essential to comprehend how each word is used in phrases to determine its precise meaning.

Meanings In English Roman UrduUrdu Sentences
My mother baked cookies in the shape of hearts.Meri waalida dil ki shakal mein cookies banati hain.میری والدہ دل کی شکل میں کوکیز بناتی ہیں۔
A kid must be taught basic shapes at the beginning: circle, square, and triangle.Ek chaute bachae ko shurun mein bunyadi shaklein sikhai jayein jo daaira, murabba aur mussalas hain.ایک چھوٹے بچے کو شروع میں بنیادی شکلیں سکھائی جائیں جو دائرہ، مربع اور مثلث ہیں۔
A figure of a triangle has three corners.Mussalas ke shakal mein teen koonae haute hain.مثلث کی شکل میں تین کونے ہوتے ہیں۔
The clock in our house is shaped like a circle.Hamarae ghar ki ghari ek daairae ki shakal ki hai.ہمارے گھر کی گھڑی ایک دائرے کی شکل کی ہے۔
I never thought that the stop sign on the road was octagon shaped.Mein nae kabhi nahi saucha tha ke sarak par stop ka nishan octagon ki shakal ka hai.میں نے کبھی نہیں سوچا تھا کہ سڑک پر سٹاپ کا نشان آکٹگن کی شکل کا ہے ۔
Two kids had been arguing about Pizza shape; for one, it was round, and the other said it was triangular.Do bachae pizza ki shakal par behas kr rahae thae, ek ke liyae yeh gaul tha aur dusrae ne kaha ke yeh takooni hai.دو بچے پیزا کی شکل پر بحث کر رہے تھے، ایک کے لیے یہ گول تھا اور دوسرے نے کہا کہ یہ تکونی ہے ۔
She has filled her lounge’s wall with a square-shaped set of frames.Us ne apne lounge ki dewar ko murabba shakl ke framaun se bhar dia hai.اس نے اپنے لاؤنج کی دیوار کو مربع شکل کے فریموں سے بھر دیا ہے۔
My son likes ice cream in a cone rather than in a cup.Mera beta cup mein khanae ki bajae cone mein ice cream khana pasand krta hai.میرا بیٹا کپ میں کھانے کی بجائے کون میں آئس کریم کھانا پسند کرتا ہے۔
I sometimes wonder how the round Earth seems like a straight and balanced surface.    Mein kabhi kabhi sauchta hun ke gaul zameen seedhi aur mutwazun satah ki tarah kesae dekhai deti hai.میں کبھی کبھی سوچتا ہوں کہ گول زمین سیدھی اور متوازن سطح کی طرح کیسے دکھائی دیتی ہے۔
A Square has four equal sides.Murabbae ke chaar masawi rukh hain.مربع کے چار مساوی رخ ہیں۔
The rooftop of his house is in the shape of a triangle.Us ke ghar ki chatt mussalas ki shakal mein hai.اس کے گھر کی چھت مثلث کی شکل میں ہے۔
Some children like to hold cylindrical objects.Kuch bachae belan kar ishyia ko pakarna pasand krte hain.کچھ بچے بیلناکار اشیاء کو پکڑنا پسند کرتے ہیں۔
She got a star-shaped bag for the birthday party.Sal gira ki taqreeb mein who sitara shakal ka bag laai.سالگرہ کی تقریب میں وہ ستارہ شکل کا بیگ لائی۔
I learned a unique outline and pattern through videos. I can enhance the beauty of  my room with that pattern.Mein ne videos ke zariyae ek munfarid khaka aur namoona seekha. Mein is tarz k sath apne kamre ki khoobsurti ko barha skta hun.میں نے ویڈیوز کے ذریعے ایک منفرد خاکہ اور نمونہ سیکھا۔ میں اس طرز کے ساتھ اپنے کمرے کی خوبصورتی کو بڑھا سکتا ہوں۔ 
Names Of Shapes In Urdu With Sentences

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