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Do you want to send a letter or ship a package to Turkey? Or maybe you’ve just moved to Turkey and want to shop online. Either way, you need to know how to write your address according to the Turkish address format.

In this article, I’ll show you how to read and write Turkish addresses. It may look complicated at first but it’s actually really simple! Just follow my lead and let’s get started!

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Turkish Address Format

In Turkey, all cities follow the same address format so it doesn’t change from region to region. The order is simple. First, we write the main road or avenue, then the street where the house is on, apartment´s name (if there is any but mostly there is) then building number and apartment number, province, and city. Not everyone writes their zip code, as it is not necessary in some cases. However, it is usually required for online shopping and shipping.

Here is an example:

  • Cumhuriyet Cad. Çiçek Sok. Gül Apt. 25/4, Fatih / İstanbul.

Here, we have our main street Cumhuriyet Caddesi, and the street where the building is located is Çiçek Sokak. The building has a name which is Gül Apartmanı. The building number is 25 and the apartment number is 4. It is in Fatih, a province in Istanbul.

Turkish Address Format - Balat street in Istanbul

How To Write Turkish Addresses?

For goods to arrive on time and in good condition, the postal code must be typed correctly, completely, and legibly on the shipments in front of the address and destination. The following information should be included in the complete and correct address.

  1. Name and Surname
  2. Title (Legal Entity)
  3. Neighborhood / Village
  4. Boulevard / Avenue / Street / Location / Site / Block / Building Name / Building No / Floor / Inner Door No
  5. Postal Code / District /City / Country

Abbreviations For Turkish Addresses

The initials of the words neighborhood, square, boulevard, avenue, and street begin with a capital letter in the titles.

NeighborhoodMahalleMah.[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Mahalle[/Speechword]
BoulevardBulvarBlv.[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Bulvar[/Speechword]
Road/AvenueCaddeCad.[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Cadde[/Speechword]
StreetSokakSok. / Sk.[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Sokak[/Speechword]
ApartmentApartmanApt. / Ap.[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Apartman[/Speechword]
Building numberBina numarasıNo.[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Bina numarası[/Speechword]
FloorKatKat[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Kat[/Speechword]

ZIP (Postal) Codes In Turkey

The postal code of Turkey is located in electronic locations that take into account the provinces and districts. Because postal codes are important in terms of location, they are also used for country provinces.

The postal code for Turkey is 38000, and the area code is +90. Furthermore, each province in Turkey has its own postal code. They are all made up of five digits. The first two digits are also the license plate number for the province. The district determines the next three numbers. These codes also differ from district to district even though they are located in the same city. So I suggest you look it up on Google.

The zip code is crucial, especially for worldwide shipping. So here are all the cities in Turkey with their postal codes. You can use this list as a cheatsheet whenever you need!

Provincial Postal Codes of Turkey

CityZIP (Postal) CodeSound
Adana1720[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Adana[/Speechword]
Adıyaman2300[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Adıyaman[/Speechword]
Afyonkarahisar3450[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Afyonkarahisar[/Speechword]
Ağrı4900[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Ağrı[/Speechword]
Aksaray68600[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Aksaray[/Speechword]
Amasya5900[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Amasya[/Speechword]
Ankara6750[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Ankara[/Speechword]
Antalya7630[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Antalya[/Speechword]
Ardahan75400[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Ardahan[/Speechword]
Artvin8300[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Artvin[/Speechword]
Aydın9760[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Aydın[/Speechword]
Balıkesir10100[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline][/Speechword]
Bartın74300[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Balıkesir[/Speechword]
Batman72200[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Batman[/Speechword]
Bayburt69500[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Bayburt[/Speechword]
Bilecik11300[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Bilecik[/Speechword]
Bingöl12600[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Bingöl[/Speechword]
Bitlis13500[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Bitlis[/Speechword]
Bolu14910[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Bolu[/Speechword]
Burdur15800[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Burdur[/Speechword]
Bursa16990[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Bursa[/Speechword]
Çanakkale17860[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Çanakkale[/Speechword]
Çankırı18310[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Çankırı[/Speechword]
Çorum19600[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Çorum[/Speechword]
Denizli20800[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Denizli[/Speechword]
Diyarbakır21050[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Diyarbakır[/Speechword]
Düzce81650[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Düzce[/Speechword]
Edirne22700[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Edirne[/Speechword]
Elazığ23960[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Elazığ[/Speechword]
Erzincan24500[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Erzincan[/Speechword]
Erzurum25500[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Erzurum[/Speechword]
Eskişehir26850[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Eskişehir[/Speechword]
Gaziantep27650[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Gaziantep[/Speechword]
Giresun28700[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Giresun[/Speechword]
Gümüşhane29600[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Gümüşhane[/Speechword]
Hakkari30720[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Hakkari[/Speechword]
Hatay31750[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Hatay[/Speechword]
Iğdır76500[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Iğdır[/Speechword]
Isparta32510[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Isparta[/Speechword]
İstanbul34975[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]İstanbul[/Speechword]
İzmir35800[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]İzmir[/Speechword]
Kahramanmaraş46500[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Kahramanmaraş[/Speechword]
Karabük78300[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Karabük[/Speechword]
Karaman70500[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Karaman[/Speechword]
Kars36780[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Kars[/Speechword]
Kastamonu37970[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Kastamonu[/Speechword]
Kayseri38830[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Kayseri[/Speechword]
Kilis79500[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Kilis[/Speechword]
Kırıkkale71460[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Kırıkkale[/Speechword]
Kırklareli39570[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline][/Speechword]
Kırşehir40720[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Kırklareli[/Speechword]
Kocaeli41030[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Kocaeli[/Speechword]
Konya42390[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Konya[/Speechword]
Kütahya43800[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Kütahya[/Speechword]
Malatya44600[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Malatya[/Speechword]
Manisa45450[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Manisa[/Speechword]
Mardin47420[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Mardin[/Speechword]
Mersin33280[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Mersin[/Speechword]
Muğla48400[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Muğla[/Speechword]
Muş49500[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Muş[/Speechword]
Nevşehir50140[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Nevşehir[/Speechword]
Niğde51600[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Niğde[/Speechword]
Ordu52950[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Ordu[/Speechword]
Osmaniye80500[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Osmaniye[/Speechword]
Rize53400[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Rize[/Speechword]
Sakarya54100[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Sakarya[/Speechword]
Samsun55420[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Samsun[/Speechword]
Siirt56460[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Siirt[/Speechword]
Sinop57400[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Sinop[/Speechword]
Sivas58550[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Sivas[/Speechword]
Şanlıurfa63500[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Şanlıurfa[/Speechword]
Şırnak73800[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Şırnak[/Speechword]
Tekirdağ59500[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Tekirdağ[/Speechword]
Tokat60900[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Tokat[/Speechword]
Trabzon61300[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Trabzon[/Speechword]
Tunceli62600[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Tunceli[/Speechword]
Uşak64500[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Uşak[/Speechword]
Van65710[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Van[/Speechword]
Yalova77700[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Yalova[/Speechword]
Yozgat66300[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Yozgat[/Speechword]
Zonguldak67850[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Zonguldak[/Speechword]

Example Turkish Address

Example 1:

Ayşe Yılmaz

Fakülteler Mah. Atom Sk. No: 20 / 7

34360 Şişli, İstanbul / Türkiye

Example 2:

Can Acar

Tershane Mah. 577. Sk. Ata Apt. B Blok No: 10 Kat: 4 Daire: 3

6750 Ulus, Ankara / Türkiye

Related Turkish Vocabulary

Give me your address.Bana adresini ver.[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Bana adresini ver[/Speechword]
What is your address?Adresin ne?[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Adresin ne?[/Speechword]
Where do you live?Nerede yaşıyorsun?[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Nerede yaşıyorsun?[/Speechword]
AddressAdres[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Adres[/Speechword]
HouseEv[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Ev[/Speechword]
BuildingBina[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Bina[/Speechword]
ApartmentApartman[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Apartman[/Speechword]
NumberNumara[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Numara[/Speechword]
FloorKat[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Kat[/Speechword]
StreetSokak[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Sokak[/Speechword]
NeighbourhoodMahalle[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Mahalle[/Speechword]
AvenueCadde[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Cadde[/Speechword]
RoadYol[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Yol[/Speechword]
CityŞehir[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Şehir[/Speechword]
DistrictSemt[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Semt[/Speechword]
LocationKonum[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Konum[/Speechword]
PlaceYer[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Yer[/Speechword]

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