How To Say Good Night In Turkish? 6 Different Ways You Must Know

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Do you want to learn more Turkish vocabulary but don’t know where to start? Start learning different ways that all native speakers use for basic greetings like a good night in Turkish! Read below to learn five ways to say good night in Turkish like a native!

I don’t know about you but I take saying good night to the household before I go to bed very seriously. I sleep like a baby when my mom wishes me good night with a kiss. It’s important to say good night to your loved ones as it’s the last thing you say to each other at the end of the day. So, if you have Turkish friends or a boyfriend/girlfriend try to wish them good night in Turkish, and they’ll have a nice sleep!

In this blog post, you’ll learn how to say good night in Turkish in five different ways and also how to make them sound more romantic. 😉

Before we get started, if you want to learn more words like good morning, good afternoon, and good evening check out our previous blog post about greetings in Turkish to learn the full list of daily greetings.

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Mom gives a goodnight kiss to her daughter on the forehead


How To Say Good Night In Turkish?

Night means “gece” in Turkish and good means “iyi” so we basically merge these two words to say good night in Turkish. But you should use the plural form of “gece” which is “geceler” and here you have the phrase “iyi geceler” which means good night. Let’s look at the other ways to say good night in Turkish!

1. İyi geceler

[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]İyi geceler[/Speechword]

Meaning: Good night!

This phrase is the most commonly used one to say good night to someone in Turkish. It’s a neutral phrase and you can say it before going to bed or when leaving a place at night as a goodbye.

2. İyi uykular

[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]İyi uykular[/Speechword]

Meaning: Sleep tight, have a nice sleep.

You should say this phrase when someone is going to bed to sleep. Parents usually say it to their kids. You can also hear this phrase combined with the previous one like, “iyi geceler, iyi uykular.”

3. Tatlı rüyalar

[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Tatlı rüyalar[/Speechword]

Meaning: Sweet dreams.

Though this phrase is not as commonly used as the others, people usually say this to their kids or their partners as it’s a very sweet way of saying good night. Again you can combine it with iyi geceler like “iyi geceler, tatlı rüyalar.”

4. Allah rahatlık versin

[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Allah rahatlık versin[/Speechword]

Meaning: May God give comfort to you.

This is another common phrase that Turkish people say before going to bed. It means that I wish may God gives you comfort so that you can sleep very well and peacefully. For example, my mom usually comes to our bedroom and says “iyi geceler kızlarım (my daughters), Allah rahatlık versin” to me and my sister before we sleep.

5. Herkese iyi geceler

[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Herkese iyi geceler[/Speechword]

Meaning: Good night everyone!

If you are staying with a group of people and want to say good night to each of them altogether, you can say “herkese iyi geceler.” Herkes means everybody in Turkish. You can also use this phrase to say goodbye if it’s night time.

6. Mışıl mışıl uyu

[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Mışıl mışıl uyu[/Speechword]

Meaning: Get a sound sleep.

This phrase is usually told to babies and kids. “Mışıl mışıl uyumak” is an idiomatic phrase that refers to sleeping babies or kids. It means that someone is sleeping soundly and looks cute while sleeping. So when someone asks about the baby, Turkish mothers often say “mışıl mışıl uyuyor.” when the baby is asleep.

Man gives a goodnight kiss to his girlfriend


How To Say Good Night In Turkish In A Romantic Way?

Turkish people like showing their love for someone with their words and they use many words of endearment when they speak casually. So, I’ll show you how to make the phrases you’ve learned above more romantic.

If you want to learn more romantic words, you should head to our previous blog post about I love you in Turkish to learn all words of endearment ways to say I love you, and other related vocabularies.

Good night my loveİyi geceler aşkım[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]İyi geceler aşkım[/Speechword]
Sleep tight darlingİyi uykular sevgilim[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]İyi uykular sevgilim[/Speechword]
Goodnight Sweetheartİyi geceler canım[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]İyi geceler canım[/Speechword]
Good night my one and onlyİyi geceler birtanem[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]İyi geceler birtanem[/Speechword]
Sweet dreams babyTatlı rüyalar bebeğim[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]Tatlı rüyalar bebeğim[/Speechword]
Night night sweetheartİyi uykular tatlım[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]İyi uykular tatlım[/Speechword]
Good night my angelİyi geceler meleğim[Speechword voice=”Turkish Female” isinline]İyi geceler meleğim[/Speechword]

Don’t forget to say the phrases you’ve learned here to your favorite Turk and make their day! If you want to learn more phrases like those in Turkish, make sure to check out Ling!


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