No Mongolian On Rosetta Stone? 4 Best Apps

No Mongolian on Rosetta Stone? Don’t worry, we’ll talk about the 3 best alternatives to choose from to get your language learning journey started!

Learning a new language is hard, but with the right resources, you should feel confident to speak and want to continue learning. Whether you want to become a native speaker or you just want to learn a new language, we’ll go over the best resources to learn Mongolian!

Here’s What We Know About The Mongolian Language

Mongolian can be a hard language to learn, which is why having good learning resources is so important. But, let’s go over what you need to know about Mongolian first before we start talking about those great resources!

No mongolian on rosetta stone

Mongolian language resources aren’t as widely available as other languages, such as Chinese or German. Since the resources and the learning materials of the language are very limited, this means that there are often limits on the language learners to learn more.

Aside from that, Mongolian uses the Cyrillic alphabet. Learning this alphabet will take a lot of time and patience. With such a script, you might have a hard time mastering the pronunciation of a certain word, practicing speaking, or improving your speaking skills in general.

If you are a fan of Rosetta Stone, you may have noticed that Mongolian is not available. But, there are still a lot of resources and ways to learn Mongolian and get your daily dose of vocabulary words and useful phrases!

No Mongolian On Rosetta Stone? Here Are 4 Great Options For You!

1) Talk To A Native Speaker

This might not be applicable or convenient for everyone, but if the opportunity presents itself and you have the chance to speak to someone that is a native speaker of this language, do it!

Since they are fluent, it doesn’t hurt to start a conversation and to pick up a few grammar lessons and new words along the way. Holding a conversation with people that are native speakers of such a language can really help you, especially when you’ve just started learning.

2) Look At Videos On YouTube!

This is one of the easiest ways to get acquainted with a foreign language and have it as your second language. With the constant growth of technology, you can learn anything online! This includes language lessons!

One of the best parts is that you can choose when you want to learn and you can find videos according to your particular learning style! Aside from that, there is a huge community of language learners in the comments section that can give you very useful tips, especially if you are just a beginner.

Not to mention, YouTube is completely free, which makes it accessible to everyone!

3) Use Audio Lessons

This might be a tricky resource to find, but you might be able to find it floating around on the internet! If you are busy, or you feel like you don’t have much time to sit down and immerse yourself in the language that you want to learn, using audio lessons can be a lifesaver!

With audio lessons, you can do your own thing while listening to it, so you’re sure to pick up a couple of phrases and words! This is one of the best ways to immerse yourself in the pronunciation of the language, especially if you just want to know how certain words are spoken and you aren’t too concerned with the actual meaning behind the words.

Learn Mongolian with Audios

4) Download Language Learning Applications

If you like to play games on your phone while learning something or, even better, if you like to listen to audio lessons while playing, then using a language learning application is a great option for you!

Whether you want to have access to speaking activities or just want to reap the benefits of learning something new, there are a lot of language learning applications that can help you practice and advance your skills when it comes to learning a new language!

Some applications are free, while others are not, but what matters the most is being able to find the language learning platform that best suits your needs and can help you learn a new language in the most effective way!

There are a lot of language learning platforms to choose from, but one of the best language learning applications on the market today is definitely the Ling App!

So, What Is The Ling App?

The Ling App is a language learning application that can help you and your needs as a language learner, no matter your skill level.

Learn Mongolian Ling

The app is equipped with gamified and easy-to-understand lessons that make learning a new language fun, regardless of age. It also has a very convenient interface that you can bring around with you wherever you go. In other words, it’s available in a mobile, both for iOS and Android, and desktop version. Not only that, but it has a variety of activities to make language learning fun and enjoyable for you!

With the Ling App, not only will you be able to practice your pronunciation, but you will pick up words and phrases that will help you build your vocabulary!

The Ling App offers lessons in over 60 languages, including languages like Estonian, Swahili, Thai, and so much more! Also, to support Ukraine, if you are Ukrainian or you want to learn Ukrainian, you can access the app for free!

With just a few clicks and taps, you can have access to language learning made easy, effective, and enjoyable. Learn with the Ling App today!

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