15 Easy Thai Proverbs To Try Out

Learning the สุภาษิต or Thai proverbs will pave the way in helping you learn more about the culture of its native speakers. Like any language in the world, proverbs or age-old sayings are important in the sense that it connects wisdom from our ancestors and it provides a much deeper meaning which can be related to our daily lives. In English, they are practicing what we call the little nuggets of wisdom. Interested to memorize some and use them in real conversations? Let’s get it on!

Whenever we think about Thailand, what usually comes to mind are elephant figures, gold leaf, large-sized Buddha statues, and a wide selection of fresh fruits, right? And perhaps this is the reason why you landed on this page… you probably are finding yourself interested in making a life in Thailand or visiting the country. After all, there must be some truth behind the extremely positive blog post and reviews about this Asian country!

Whether you are looking to make friends, speak to a particular Thai person (in business, as part of your job, and casual setting), or are interested to travel to Thailand in the future, having some Thai proverbs under your belt will greatly help you in establishing a connection with the locals. The best part here too is that you can easily teach yourself their sayings so long as you have the correct interpretation/meaning for each.

You see, Thailand is actually a religious country and this can be seen based on their amazing religious art, Buddha statues, and architecture. Just last year, the country made a statement by having one of their greatest Buddha statues wore a face mask to remind people of its importance against COVID. Quite frankly, they are a melting pot of different religions making it an ideal destination for almost anyone in the world! The country provides support for its citizens whether the religion is Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, or Christianity.


15 Common Thai Proverbs And Meanings

It is true that looking for authentic proverbs from Thailand can be a bit difficult to find in Google especially since the translation for each of the sayings may be a bit different from the actual meaning. Have you ever heard of lost in translation? If you did, then you will understand why we say that the real meanings can be lost and some of the proverbs may not even make any sense at all. Add to that is the fact that their writing system can be tricky, right?

With this being said, we decided to list down 15 Thai proverbs which we have cross-checked in order to give you the most complete literal translations in English and their real meaning. To support total beginners, we have also included the Romanized versions for each so that you can pronounce them out loud or join conversations right away. 

Thai Romanization  English Translation  Cultural Meaning
หนีเสื่อปะจระเข้ nǐi seua pa jo ra kay To escape from the tiger and into the crocodile. Out from one problem into another (usually even worse).
ได้อย่างเสียอย่าง dai yang sia yang To lose something is to earn something again. It’s impossible to accomplish something without causing any negative effects. 
ปิดทองหลังพระ pid tong lang pra Putting a gold leaf on the back of the Buddha image Do good acts without seeking attention or praises.
สีซอให้ควายฟัง see sor hai kwai fang To play the violin for the buffalo to listen to. Talking to someone who is not listening to you.
กันไว้ดีกว่าแก้ gan wy dtee gwaa gae Preventive measure is better than curative measure. Prevention is better than cure.
น้ำขึ้นให้รีบตัก nam keun hai reep tak When the water rises, hurry to get some. Make hay while the sun shines.
ชั่วเจ็ดทีดีเจ็ดหน chua jet tee dee jet hon Bad seven times, good seven times. There is always something good to look out for even in a bad situation.
จับปลาสองมือ jab pla song meu Catch a fish with two hands. It’s impossible to have two things as you must only choose one. 
ขวานผ่าซาก kwan par sak Splitting a hardwood by using an axe. The act of speaking frankly even if it may hurt or be unpleasant for someone.
รำไมดีโทษปี่โทษกลอง rum mai dee tod pee tod glong Those who can’t dance blame it on the flute and the drum. It is his/her fault but blames something else for it. 
งมเข็มในมหาสมุทร ngom kěm nai ma-hǎa-sà-mùt To dive for a needle in the ocean To find things that are hard to find.
ดูตาม้าตาเรือ duu dtaa máa dtaa rʉa Look at the moves of the horse and the ship Be careful, To look closely
นกน้อยทำรังแต่พอตัว nók-nͻ́ͻi tam-rang dtԑ̀ԑ pͻͻ-dtua Little birds build nests according to their size. don’t do something out of your power because it might cause you to be in trouble.
ตำน้ำพริกละลายแม่น้ำ dtam nám-phrik la-laai mɛ̂ɛ-nám  To pour chili paste into the river. Wasted investment and unprofitable return to you. 
แมวไม่อยู่หนูร่าเริง meaw mai yoo noo ra reng When the cat is not there, the mice will play. Without supervision, people will take advantage and will do as they please.

Ready to belt out and use a proverb in giving life advice to your Thai colleagues? Make sure to consider using our list above. If you enjoyed this blog post, feel free to share it on social media to help other interested language enthusiasts to get correct English translations for Thai-related words, phrases, and expressions today!

Now that we have expanded your knowledge on the most commonly used expressions in Thai, you must be wondering how you can learn more, review, and practice in this Asian language, right? Well, worry no more because we have here two of the best free applications which you should download today!

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