5 Incredible Thai Desserts – I Bet You Don’t Know Number 4

If you are done with eating your way through the most famous Thai dishes, you are ready for the sweet part: These 5 desserts are just too yummy to pass.

A word of caution though: The Thai definition of “sweet” might be sweeter than you think! Be sure to say “just a little sweet” (mai wan) if you are not used to it.

1. Sweet sticky rice with mango ข้าวเหนียวมะม่วง kâo-nǐiao-má-mûuang

This is my personal favorite. I was surprised at first since sticky rice is usually eaten with main dishes such as Som Tum or Grilled Chicken. But the sticky rice is mixed with coconut milk and is a very good fit for mango. There is also a durian version of this:

Sweet sticky rice with durian ข้าวเหนียวทุเรียน kâo-nǐiao-tú-riian

You might have heard of the smelly fruit Thai people so enjoy. I personally can stand neither the smell nor the taste of it, but eat it to impress your friends at least.

2. Deep-fried banana กล้วยทอด glûuai-tɔ̂ɔt

There are sold as delicious desserts in restaurants, but you can also find them as a sweet street food. I sometimes confuse them with deep fried sweet potatoes, which are often sold alongside. Both very sweet and delicious!

3. Thai pancake โรตี roo-dtrii

Image Source: Pantip

These extremely sweet Thai pancakes come with coconut milk and another ingredient of your choice: banana, chocolate, eggs, and what have you. They are originally from India and widely popular in the Islamic parts of Thailand in the South and the rest of Thailand.

4. Deep-fried sweet flavor ball ไข่เต่า kài-dtào

Image Source: Pantip

These sweet dough balls may not look special. But made fresh, I simply can’t resist! In fact, when I worked a year in Bangkok, I probably bought Kai Dao 5 times a week at my favorite Kai Dao vendor. Definitely wait until they make a new batch to get them as fresh as possible. Fun fact: Kao Dao means literally “Turtle egg” in Thai!

5. Thai sweets with coconut cream บัวลอย buua-lɔɔi

Image Source: Pantip

Yes, another dish with coconut milk! It comes with different sweet dough balls inside and sometimes even egg I guess. It’s colorful and very, you guess it, sweet. Beautiful!

You can find all these sweets and tons more in our free phrasebook Simply Learn Thai. Enjoy!

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