5 Best Festivals In Thailand You Shouldn’t Miss!

festivals in thailand

Are you planning to witness the grandeur of the most popular Festivals in Thailand? Out of all the countries in Southeast Asia, Thailand holds some of the most swoon-worthy and biggest annual events celebrated to pay respect to the glorious heritage, rich tradition, and religion of the Thai people. In today’s post, we will walk you through the festivals and give you a comprehensive explanation of what to expect and when/where these are celebrated.

Thailand is the home of glorious tourist attractions from natural landscapes, beaches, temples to even cuisine. But aside from all those, another reason tourists flock to this place is the vibrant festivals scheduled throughout the year. If you have been doing your research, perhaps you have already heard about the famous Songkran or the water festival which takes place every April. During this time, people gather around the city to join a giant water fight, and local homes prepare rose-scented water for holy cleansing. While this may truly be a sight to behold, there are still other Thai festivals you should not miss out on.


5 Grandest Festivals In Thailand

Festivals are important events for countries worldwide because it helps the citizens express devotion to their culture and religion. Given that it is meant to be celebrated with family and friends, it also helps in adding structure to our social lives while giving us a sense of community. If you are planning to visit Thailand with the goal of immersing yourself in what it has to offer, it is recommended that you do what the locals do and participate in these.

Yee Peng Festival / Yi Peng Festival – Lantern Festival

Festivals In Thailand

Also known as the festival of lights or the Loi Krathong Festival in Chiang Mai province (Northern Thailand), the Yee Peng is easy to distinguish due to the massive parade of floating lanterns in the night sky every November. During this time, the Thai locals release these paper lanterns along with a fervent prayer and are usually marked with their names or addresses. So you see, this is also a celebration of good fortune which is why if someone gets hold of your lantern and walks up to your door, they can claim some money.

Phi Ta Khon Festival – Ghost Festival

Festivals In Thailand

This Thai festival Phi Ta Khon is celebrated in Dan Sai (Loei province in Northern Thailand) and is usually held between the month of May to July. During this religious festival, the locals wear costumes made of rice husks and coconut leaves and engage in rituals to invite the spirit of the Mun river with the hopes that they can get protection against misfortune. If you want to plan your trip around this festival, you can already expect lots of street parades, dance contests, food stalls, and traditional quiet sermons.

Boon Bang Fai / Bun Bang Fai – Rocket Festival 

Festivals In Thailand

Given that Thailand is blessed with rich soil, the country also celebrates rice-growing traditions with the goal of asking the Gods for rainfall. It is usually held for three days every May and is believed to significantly contribute to Issan’s farming communities. During this Thai festival, you can expect huge rockets paraded in the street, and that the three days will be filled with music, food, partying, and lots of local rice wine.

Ubon Ratchathani – Candle Festival

Festivals In Thailand

This festival in Thailand takes place every July to signify the start of the rainy season and commemorate the beginning of Buddhist Lent. During this time, don’t be surprised if you’ll see parades with huge floats with sculptures made of pure wax and people dressed in vivid colors. Of course, this is also the perfect time to visit temples near your location.

Songkran – The Water Festival

Festivals In Thailand

The Thailand Songkran festival is known globally as one of the wettest of festivals in whole Asia. The key element during this time is water since the locals believe that it is important in the purification process, and it washes award evil. So for them, the wetter you are, the more good luck will come to you. During this time, the locals take water buckets or water guns in preparation for fun water fights!


Other Thailand Festivals To Watch Out For

FestivalAlso known asWhen
Chiang Mai Flower FestivalFlower festivalFebruary
Bo Sang FestivalUmbrella and crafts festivalFebruary
Maya Music FestivalEDM festivalFebruary
Poy Sang Long FestivalFestival of precious gemsMarch to April
Rob BuaLotus throwing festivalOctober
Mekong Naga FireballsGhost lights festival / Mekong lights festivalOctober to November
Surin Elephant FestivalElephant festivalNovember 
Lopburi Monkey BanquetFood festivalNovember
Sakon NakhonChristmas star festivalDecember
Full Moon PartiesFull moon beach partiesEvery month of the year when there is a full moon
Kin Jay FestivalNine Emperor Gods Festival  or Phuket Vegetarian Festival 9th month of the Lunar calendar
Wing KwaiBuffalo Racing FestivalThe day before the full moon night of the 11th Lunar month.


The Impact Of COVID-19 To Thailand Festivals

So which among these are you planning to visit? Could it be the Yi Peng or the Ghost Festival? No matter what it is, just always be sure to check out the dates as well as the weather condition so that you can get the most of your travel. In addition, you should also be updated with the latest restrictions and policies for travelers due to the pandemic. As of writing this, most of the Thai festivals are canceled in an effort to reduce transmission of the virus.

If you seriously need to travel to the country, you will need to obtain the certificate of entry (COE), and that you have to undergo a mandatory 14-day quarantine. The accepted vaccine brands for vaccinated travelers are AstraZeneca and Sinovac Biotech.


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