Cute In Thai: 2 Simple And Easy Ways To Do It

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Have you ever been in a situation wherein you want to say cute to someone or something? In this post, we’ll dive deep into this word and present to you the translation for cute in Thai. Let’s begin!

There are several ways to compliment somebody, and one of these methods is by saying “cute.” It’s a very common word to say, especially when you find the cutest puppy or kitten. However, this doesn’t just apply to these situations; you can also use it with someone whom you find attractive or describe someone’s behavior or personality. So, in a way, this epic word is also used for flirting!

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How To Say Cute In Thai?

As we all know, there are different ways to flatter someone. You can always say that they’re beautiful, gorgeous, or stunning. But there are times when the word “cute” can actually be a better fit for the situation. So, if you’re interested in using it as a compliment to someone, you’re in luck since it’s frequently used in Thailand. Check out below our round-up for this translation.

1. Ǹā rạk

If it’s written in Thai script, it will look like this น่ารัก. This word is divided into two parts. น่า (Ǹā) is placed in front of words that are worth the attention or if it looks good to do something. It sounds quite confusing, doesn’t it?

For context, you may add this particle in front of actions like eating, going, looking, etc. Here’s an example: Na Pai (น่าไป), the first syllable of the word initiates the worth of something. In this case, Pai translates to “go” in English. Does this Thai word make more sense now?

Moving on to the next syllable of the word cute is รัก (Rak). This Thai phrase means to love or just simply love. So, if we translate na rak into English, it would have the meaning “worthy of loving” or “worthy of love.” This sounds cheesy, but it’s actually one of the many compliments that people from Thailand would love to hear. However, note it is likely used on people who are young and have rounded faces, big-doe eyes, and puffy faces. But using this word as a compliment still depends on your preference.

While if you want to sound polite, you can add a title at the beginning of your phrase. The word Khun (you, คุณ) makes it sound better since you’re an honorific. You can use it on both males and females, and it’s likely used in their daily conversations.

2. Na Rak Ah

As you can see, there’s a particle placed on the end of this expression which is ah. This suffix makes it more expressive. So, if you really want to make the person you’re talking with have beet-red cheeks, you might want to add this particle.

There are plenty more particles that you can add to the word cute in the Thai language. You may refer to the list below. You can also master it to make you seem like a native speaker. Perhaps some Thai people would find you charming when they learn that you know their mother tongue.

EnglishThai ScriptThai PronunciationSound
Very cuteน่ารักมากNa Rak Mak
Very cute (Northern dialect)น่าฮักขนาดNa Rak Kha Nad
So cuteน่ารักจะตายNa Rak Ja Tai
Cute (slang)น่ารักจุงเบยNa Rak Jung Boei
Super cuteน่ารักจังเลยNa Rak Jang Loei

Aside from utilizing it to compliment a man or woman as you speak Thai, you can also use it to describe something. If you’re describing scenery, it’s safe to use a S̄wy (Beautiful), but if you’re trying to point out how adorable an action or item is, you can just use the word cute in Thai.

Other Thai Compliments

Saying cute in Thai isn’t the only way to send your admiration to someone. If you want to make a girl or a guy feel special, here are some other words that you can use to make their hearts flutter!

EnglishThai ScriptThai PronunciationSound
You’re handsomeคุณหล่อkhun làaw
You’re smartคุณเก่ง!khun gèng
You look gorgeousคุณดูสวยมากkhun duu sŭuai mâak
You’re so so beautifulคุณสวยมากๆkhun sǔuai mâak mâak
I’m proud of youคุณน่ารักchan poom-jai nai dtuua təə

In conclusion, learning how to say “cute” in Thai can be a fun and easy way to connect with the local people and culture. While the word “cute” may seem like a simple concept, its meaning can vary depending on the situation and context. By familiarizing yourself with the different ways to use this word and understanding the nuances of the Thai language, you can effectively communicate and compliment someone in a respectful and meaningful way.

Whether you’re traveling to Thailand or simply interested in learning a new language, knowing how to say “cute” in Thai is a great place to start. So go ahead and practice your new vocabulary, and who knows, you might just make someone’s day with a heartfelt compliment!

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