15+ Tamil Phrases: Carefree & Cool

The Tamil language is spoken in India and is the official language of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. A while ago, the Tamil language was made a classical language because it is ancient and holds traditional literature. 

Besides these, there are some amusing and exciting Tamil phrases that give an idea of how funny Tamilians are. So that you are not lost the next time a carefree and cool Tamil phrase is said, and everyone laughs out loud – here is a list of Tamil phrases just for you!

Tamil Language

The Tamil language is not only an official language but also comes from the Dravidian languages, and it is also the official language in Sri Lanka and Singapore. Other countries that speak Tamil worldwide are Fiji, Malaysia, Mauritius, and South Africa.

Since the Tamil language is one of the oldest ones in the world, almost 2000 years, this is why Tamil literature is wealthy. There is a deep respect for literature, a big part of the culture.

Moving to a bit of the fun side of the Tamil language, several useful phrases are spoken that you may find helpful. In a group of people, it takes one moment to create a good impression and communicate well using everyday words. It is much appreciated in the Tamil culture and community. Here are Tamil phrases to help blend in well!

Tamil Phrases For Greetings And Introduction

Tamil Phrases: Greetings and Introduction
Tamil Phrases: Greetings and Introduction

There are English phrases translated to Tamil words, with answers to questions. Most of these are formal examples.

  • good morning – Kālai vaṇakkam – காலை வணக்கம்
  • good afternoon – Matiya vaṇakkam – மதிய வணக்கம்
  • good night – Iṉiya iravu – இனிய இரவு
  • good evening – Mālai vaṇakkam – மாலை வணக்கம்
  • How are you? – Nīṅkaḷ eppaṭi irukkiṟīrkaḷ? – நீங்கள் எப்படி இருக்கிறீர்கள்?
  • I am fine. And you? – Nāṉ nalamāka irukkiṟēṉ. Maṟṟum nīṅkaḷ? – நான் நலமாக இருக்கிறேன். மற்றும் நீங்கள்?

In Tamil Nadu, there are words to give respect to elders. There are also Tamil words for younger people referred to with fondness. For example:

  • elder brother – Mūtta aṇṇaṉ – மூத்த அண்ணன்
  • younger brother – Iḷaiya cakōtarar – இளைய சகோதரர்
  • elder sister – Mūtta cakōtari – மூத்த சகோதரி
  • younger sister – Iḷaiya cakōtari – இளைய சகோதரி
  • aunt – Attai – அத்தை

Funny Tamil Phrases

Tamil expressions are pretty hilarious. Here are some essential Tamil words and basic phrases with the Tamil translation. It is not always precisely how people speak English phrases, and most of the phrases can be said to close friends or peers (friends of friends).

These phrases will help to learn the basics and get an idea of how funny, sarcastic, and downright cheeky some conversations can get among the hilarious Tamil people! So you should have some answers and comebacks up your sleeve!

  • நாலு பேருக்கு நல்லதுன்னா எதுவுமே தப்பு இல்ல – Nālu pērukku nallatuṉṉā etuvumē tappu illa – Nothing is wrong if it is good for four people
  • ஒரு முறை சொன்னால் நூறு தடவை சொன்னது போல் இருக்கும் – Oru muṟai coṉṉāl nūṟu taṭavai coṉṉatu pōl irukkum – If you say it once, it’s like you’ve said it a hundred times
  • கெளம்பு, காத்து வரட்டும் – Keḷampu, kāttu varaṭṭum – Please move, let the air come in. (Asking someone subtly to go away)
  • கழுதைக்கு கற்பூர வாசனை தெரியும் – Kaḻutaikku kaṟpūra vācaṉai teriyum – Can a donkey tell the smell of camphor? (Telling someone not to make judgments over things which they know nothing about).
  • செம்ம இருக்கு – Cem’ma irukku – Superb!
  • தாங்க்ஸ் பா – Danks Baa! – Thank you (Deep thanks)
  • பெரிய பருப்புனு நெனப்பா – Periya paruppuṉu neṉappā – Big Lentil! (When someone is a big deal!)
  • பீட்டர் பெர்சரன் பாரு – Peter Pesraan Paaru – Peter is talking in English (Meaning someone who is talking too much in English)
  • அவர் ஒரே மாதிரியான வெள்ளை – Sariyana venna avan – Foreigner (When someone is referred to as useless!)
  • ஜுஜுபி – Jujube – The Candy (When something is very easy!)
  • கைமா பன்னிருவன் – Kaima Panniruvan – I will cut you into tiny pieces!
  • துட்டு – Dhuttu – Money
  • குந்து – Khundu – Sit down
  • கேது – Gethu – Awesome/Epic
  • மச்சி – Machi – Dude
  • ஆல்வா கூடுகிறது – Alva Kudukradhu – To give “halwa” (cheating or fooling someone). Halwa is a simple dessert that is referred to as next to nothing in this case.

Most of these statements have a touch of sarcasm. They are spoken among peers or are dialogues from famous Tamil movies that actors and locals often use on the street. Some of these are also funny Tamil proverbs, giving you an idea of how humorous Tamil people can be.

Learn Tamil With Ling

Learn Tamil With Ling
Learn Tamil With Ling

There is a lot to grasp in the rich Tamil script, and learning Tamil will require time and effort, but just Tamil expressions and if you speak English can help to go a long way. If you visit Tamil Nadu, you should learn Tamil and Tamil script.

As Tamil is an official language of India, Sri Lanka, and Singapore, learning Tamil would be a good idea before visiting. Watching comedy movies in the Tamil language may help; it would certainly help in understanding the culture and humor of the people. A recommended app to learn Tamil is Ling.

Ling has a wide selection of free lessons to learn Tamil phrases, words, definitions, examples, translation, and so much more. It is a gamified app with a very user-friendly interface. It can be your companion and travel buddy while you work, commute, or travel.

It helps with building pronunciation and practicing writing Tamil phrases as well. Check out Ling’s blog post for basic Tamil words to start you off. Try the app today and begin learning Tamil without any delay!

Download Ling App from Google Play or App Store now!

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