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Beautiful In Serbian: 7 Easy Phrases To Express Beauty

April 9, 2022
Komal Raza

If you plan on going to Serbia and wish to learn how to compliment or flirt with someone, continue reading to learn these easy ways to say beautiful in Serbian, the country's native language. Read till the end of this article to know how it's beneficial to appreciate the beauty around you.


About The Serbian Language

If you visit Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro, you will notice that the majority of the people speak Serbia. In addition, the official Serbian structure relies on standardized Serbo-Croatian.

That means you can use these easy ways to say beautiful in Serbian to the majority of its people.

However, the minority speaks Torlakian, a changed form of Macedonian and Bulgarian languages.


Some Information About Serbians

You'll be amazed and happy to hear that Serbs are the most polite and friendliest people you'll ever meet; they express their feelings for you with pleasant and glad smiles.

If you use 7 easy ways to say beautiful in Serbian, they will be happier.

One thing which I liked the most during my visit to the country Serbia was that people said "Živeli"-Живели (cheers in Serbia) and said, How are you? (Kako ste)to you whenever you meet them in the street or anywhere else.

It’s their way to make people know that you can be an excellent friend of theirs.

They have an odd habit of not calling you by your full name, but if they do, it means something critical is going on, and they are being formal with you. So do try to stay on happy terms with them by not calling them by their full names.


How To Say Beautiful In Serbian

We've all heard the expression "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder," and it's true.

It's human nature to think of someone you adore as the most beautiful person. If you have feelings for them, try expressing them as soon as possible.

You can use these easy ways to say beautiful in Serbian to tell them how beautiful everything gets when they're with you.

Tell them they're the most beautiful person you've ever seen. Let them know you're beautiful. The meaning of which is(Лепа си). When appreciation of beauty occurs in your native language, you feel more connected and drawn to it.

Calling them beautiful in the Serbian language makes them feel so special. Use the most common way to say you're beautiful. (Лепа си)

In EnglishIn Serbian


Other Useful Phrases

It's beautiful. It's the most common phrase we use in our daily lives. Whether taking stunning photos or learning love phrases of beauty and appreciation to improve our creative writing of poetry and love letters, we use the term 'beautiful'.

Don't forget to learn other ways to say beautiful in the Serbian language.

7 Serbian Romantic Phrases

Beautiful In Serbian

Do you speak English and wish to learn some English - Serbian romantic words and phrases to compliment someone? We have you covered by providing some English phrases translated into Serbian. It will surely help you talk when you know the meaning.

Hearing the pronunciation of these words and phrases will help you mention them quickly. So watch this video to learn how to say beautiful.

In EnglishIn Serbian
You are beautiful.Прелепи сте.  
You caught my eye.Запао си ми за око.  
I can stop looking at you.Не могу да престанем да те гледам.  
 With you, I feel everything is attractive.Са тобом све осећам привлачно.
You are the most beautiful person I have ever met.Ти си најлепша особа коју сам икада срео.  
Your beautiful smile brightens my day.Твој леп осмех ми улепшава дан.  
You have such beautiful eyesИмаш тако лепе очи  

Why Is It Useful To Learn How To Flirt In Serbian?

You may not believe me, yet studies suggest that flirting is beneficial to one's mental health. Let's check this out to learn more benefits of flirting.

Benefits Of Flirting

  • It helps you to reduce all your stress.
  • It aids in the development of self-esteem.
  • It raises your confidence in making new friends.
  • Your ability to communicate improves.
  • You appear to be more attractive.

So, with so many advantages, you should consider healthy flirting. Appreciating someone's beauty is not bad at all. It helps you make more friends and keep people entertained.

Serbs are kind and courteous, as we already highlighted. They prefer it if you reciprocate their affections for them. The majority of women fall for it. So get ready to win the show by saying (Лепа си) in Serbian.

Do you want to say beautiful with a more creative and exciting vocabulary? As it's always a good idea to surprise people with lovely conversations.

If that's the case, learn the Serbian language to avoid being confused when talking to your loved one. You are not tired of repeating the exact words repeatedly.

And don't worry, learning the Serbian language is not difficult. You are not required to take any course or take any exam.


Let's Summarize!

Appreciating the beauty of the world and the people is always a good thing to get away from anxieties. It helps you have more meaningful connections and boosts your self-confidence.

Serbs are the most polite people; they like it if you create a happy environment with food and drink around them with beautiful compliments.

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Komal Raza

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