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20+ Easy Serbian Swear Words You Can Learn Today

August 4, 2022

Ready to express your frustrations or anger? The Serbian language has many varieties of Serbian swear words. But even though they swear a lot in their language, that doesn't mean that you can use these for any situation or form. You may want to use these Serbian profanities out of anger during some situations, but as a non-local, please remain respectful! Use these curse words to joke around with your friends, but never take it too far! Ready to learn more about it? Keep reading below!

Common Swear Words

EnglishSerbian (Cyrillic)Serbian (Romanized)Pronunciation

What Are The Most Common Serbian Swearing Phrases?

Common Serbian Swearing Phrases
Common Serbian Swearing Phrases

Again, please use these swear words responsibly during your travels to Serbia. Serbs may be explicit and loud, but remember you're not a native Serbian language speaker or a local. So please remember to not swear at the elders, around children, at women, or strangers, even out of anger!

Even when using a sentence or word in your conversations with your friends, we advise you to be mindful and respectful! Do not make your goal in learning Serbian profanity or any profanity to offend, disrespect, or hurt the Serbs or someone else.

Some of these may be a little aggressive or so angry that they don't make sense, but that's how they swear! Beware that some words and phrases are bound to make you laugh or tilt your head in confusion.

EnglishSerbian (Cyrillic)Serbian (Romanized)Pronunciation
Fuck offодјебиodjebi
Fuck itјеби гаjebi ga
Fuck thisјебеш овоjebeš ovo
Fuck youјеби сеjebi se
Go fuck yourselfиди јеби сеidi jebi se
You're fuckedти си сјебанti si sjeban
Fuck droughtјебеш сушуjebeš sušu
Fuck you in the stupid headјеби своју глупу главуjebi svoju glupu glavu
Fuck your seedјеби своје семеjebi svoje seme
Piece of shitговноgovno
I shit down your throatУсрао сам ти се у грлоusrao sam ti se u grlo
Holy shitСрањеsranje
Dumb shitглупо срањеglupo sranje
Fucking bitchјебена кучкоjebena kučko
Fucking stupidјебено глупоjebeno glupo
Fucking idiotти јебени идиотеti jebeni idiote
Go to hellИди наidi u

Serbian profanity is influenced by many other languages. You can make that guess by seeing how many of the swear words are similar or have similar meanings or contexts. In a sense that though they have their own words (like the bloody sun), they do use those close to English and many other countries. For example, fuck is used in every language but sometimes changed to a different form. In Serbia, the Serbs seem to use mother and blood in all their more vulgar and aggressive phrases.

In our next section, we will mention the more sexually driven phrases or phrases that are considered a little more vulgar. These are terms that are used all over Serbia by at least every person who lives in Serbia and speaks the language. Also, depending on your age, context, and intentions with using swear words (in any language), it's not considered wrong. What would translate as wrong is if you're using these to cause verbal harm or abuse to others. Meaning you use a specific word or sentence to hurt someone.

Vulgar Serbian Phrases

Serbian Swear Words Vulgar Serbian Phrases
Vulgar Serbian Phrases

Swear words are seen as vulgar all over the world, but many often use them! But when people get upset about swearing it's because they hadn't been used in the proper act. A small warning beforehand, many of these phrases are pretty vulgar, and we encourage you to read these vulgar phrases with caution!

Some of these will definitely make you question life and laugh along the way!

EnglishSerbian (Cyrillic)Serbian (Romanized)Pronunciation
I hope you get fungus on your ballsнадам се да ћеш добити гљивице на јајимаnadam se da ćeš dobiti gljivice na jajima
Blow meдувај миduvaj mi
Suck dickсисати курацsisati kurac
I screwed your dear motherЗезнуо сам твоју драгу мајкуzeznuo sam tvoju dragu majku
Fuck your originјеби своју позадинуjebi svoju pozadinu
Fuck your breadјеби свој хлебjebi svoj hleb
Fuck your family treeјеби своје породично стаблоjebi svoje porodično stablo
I'll fuck your motherЈебаћу ти мајкуjebaću ti majku
Fuck your motherјеби своју мајкуjebi svoju majku
Fuck your fatherјеби оцаjebem ti oca
Fuck your bloody sunјеби своје проклето сунцеjebi svoje prokleto sunce
God fuckјеби гаjebi ga
Dog fuckпас фуцкpas fuck
Your mother's pussyмаца твоје мајкеmaca tvoje majke
Don't be a cuntне буди пичкаne budi pička
Fuck your stupid assјеби своје глупо дупеjebi svoje glupo dupe
Don't be an assнемој бити магарацnemoj biti magarac

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