How To Give Directions In Albanian: 50+ Crucial Ways

Let’s face it, some articles in our Albanian blog are more practical than others. For example, space vocabulary in Albanian is probably only useful if you love space-related vocabulary. However, that is not the case when you give directions in Albanian. In fact, it might be one of the most basic elements you can learn. To start with some basics: On the left is ‘Në të majtë’ and On the right is ‘Ne te djathte.’

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How To Give Directions In Albanian

Here are some straightforward and simple words or expressions to use in the Albanian language to ask for or to help you understand what directions in Albanian locals are giving you.

Straight aheadDrejt përpara
On the leftNë të majtë
On the rightNe te djathte
In front ofPërballë
Left-hand sidePjesa e dorës së majtë
Right-hand sideAna e djathtë
Opposite toPërballë
NorthwestVeri Perëndim
Round aboutRrethrrotullim
U-turnKthesë U
Traffic lightSemafori
Traffic signShenjë trafiku
One wayNjë mënyrë
By footNë këmbë
City centreQendra e qytetit

Some Information About The Albanian Language

Albanian is the native language of the Albanian people a country in southeastern Europe where the majority of people live in the capital Tirana.

You may have heard that Albanian and Serbian opposite languages, but in fact they are far from it. Both are ancient tonal languages with similar syllables changes within their pronunciation. In fact, the good news is that if you’ve studied south Slavic languages, before you’ll recognize a lot of the grammatical structures. Although Albanian has its own distinct pronunciation, you will notice many similarities.

Getting Around In Albanian

The first thing to say about Albania is that it’s unspoiled by tourism. Of course, this has its pros and cons. In one respect, you are discovering an exciting new unexplored vista, but on the other hand, fewer people means less infrastructure and, indeed, less knowledge of the highway code!

One massive bonus is that public transport is cheap, but that’s probably because the standard is not what you’d expect in the west. If a bus is scheduled at 9 am, expect it to turn up at 10 am (or not at all).

In terms of trains, they are few and far between in Albania. There is a service from Tirana which runs to some of the major cities such as Shkodra and Durres. Again, the same with buses, services are unreliable at best, and the cleanliness leaves a lot to be desired.

Always make sure you travel with travel insurance regardless if you use buses or trains.

Examples of Alternative Ways to Get Around Albania

give directions in Albanian

An alternative to buses and trains is what’s known as furgons which translates to vans that are privately owned. These run according to the schedule of the driver operating the vehicle and are far more convenient, if not a little more expensive.

You can hire a car in Albania, but there is a certain element of taking your life into your own hands when you do this. The roads are very unsafe both in the actual quality of tarmac and the other road user’s driving ability. These factors are made even worse in the mountains.

If you do decide to take the risk and drive a car, you must also be very wary of the police. This is particularly true if they clock that you have an international license plate. Note: it is not unheard of for police to ask for money from you to speed the process along. I would not be averse to something like this, but of course, it is against the law.

Ask For Directions In Albanian

With these Albanian words, you’ll be better able to understand different signs and potentially various gestures people are trying to give you when you ask for directional help.

Go straight onShkoni drejt
Turn leftKthehu majtas
Turn rightKthehu djathtas
Make a U-turnBëni një kthesë në drejtim të kundërt
Please stop hereJu lutem ndaloni këtu
Please wait a momentJu lutem prisni një moment
Wait a secondPrisni një sekondë
I’m at…Unë jam në
It is far from hereËshtë larg nga këtu
It takes about 10 minutesDuhen rreth 10 minuta
I got losthumba
Follow meMe ndiq mua
Go with meShko me mua
Next intersectionKryqëzimi tjetër
The first streetRruga e parë
Drive straightUdhëtoni drejt
Last stopNdalesa e fundit

Dangers On The Albanian Roads

Besides the usual road dangers, another danger we don’t consider about Albanian roads is the possibility of flash floods. Because Albania is mountainous, there are dangers of landslides caused by flooding. We don’t have to tell you how disastrous that would be if your car were swept away. What makes things worse is that there is no such thing as the AA in Albania, so if disaster strikes, then there’s no service to rescue you- that goes for minor and major accidents.

Something you perhaps haven’t considered is that Albania is also bad for landmines. They are left over from the border region during the Kosovo signs. These won’t be anywhere near major roads but be careful if you’re walking in the countryside off the major trails.

directions in Albanian

Phrases To Help You Get Around In Albania

Where is the train station?Ku eshte stacioni i trenit?
Which direction should I go?Në cilin drejtim duhet të shkoj?
What is the name of this place?Cili është emri i këtij vendi?
How long does it take?Sa kohë duhet?
Where should we go?Ku duhet të shkojmë?
Is it in the north?A është në veri?
Where should I get off?Ku duhet të zbres?
Is it near?A është afër?
Do I need to turn right here?A duhet të kthehem djathtas këtu?
Please drive more slowlyJu lutem vozitni më ngadalë

Learn The Albanian Language With Ling

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If you enjoyed this blog, we have good news for you. There are literally 100s of Albanian blogs that you can pick and choose from. Here are some that have been making waves recently: ‘beautiful in Albanian‘ and ‘writing in Albanian’.

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