5+ Best Ways To Say Beautiful In Albanian

Do you want to know how to say you’re beautiful in Albanian? Ling is proud to bring the best guide you’ll find anywhere on the web! Let’s start with the basics: You’re beautiful is… Je e bukur.

So how might learning this change your experience when you visit Albania? The first thing that comes to mind is that you might find yourself on a date with an Albanian woman. Even if you speak limited Albanian, you’re sure to impress her with this phrase. If you’re a woman going on a date with an Albanian man, then you could also say you’re handsome, which is ‘ju jeni i pashëm’… Just because men don’t traditionally care as much about compliments doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.

Perhaps you’re happily married, and you’re visiting Albania for work. You’re not going to go around telling people they’re beautiful, but the adjective beautiful could still be useful for you.

Perhaps you’re describing the Albanian Riviera and want to charm your hosts by saying the beach is gorgeous. In this case, you’d say, ‘plazhi është i mrekullueshëm’…

Before we go any further, we want to know if you’ve heard about Ling? So what makes Ling so unique? Well, in a word, I’d say it was choice. With a single Ling subscription, you gain access to 60+ languages.

The next question we usually get from prospective customers is what makes Ling different from Duolingo. After all, Duolingo is one of the best apps of all time. Our answer to that is selection. Duolingo only focuses on language giants like French and Spanish.

Ling’s courses are skewed towards lesser spoken languages like Albanian, Serbian, and Czech. These courses are completely unique and have yet to be replicated by any other app. Learning Albanian with Ling is basically your only choice as things stand.

How To Say You’re Beautiful In Albanian + Other Similar Phrases

You’re beautifulJe e bukur
You’re gorgeousJu jeni i mrekullueshëm
You’re sexyJu jeni seksi
You’re prettyTi je e bukur
You’re attractiveJu jeni tërheqës
You’re uglyJu jeni i shëmtuar

Are Albanians The Most Beautiful Race In Europe?

Curiously if you Google the most beautiful race in Europe, the second search result is a Pinterest article about how beautiful Albanians are. Amusingly, the first search result is about a motor race in Italy!

So is there anything in this?

Well, the first thing to say is that it’s difficult to make sweeping generalizations about races of people, and some would say it could be dangerous. However, a certain subset on Reddit talks about how beautiful Albanian women are. One user points out the sheer number of models and pop stars from Albania.

I think our perceptions are related to fashion trends in beauty. Two hundred years ago, the Western fashion trend was for pale, powdered, doll-like women who never went outside. Being a member of the aristocracy was seen as being laudable.

That’s changed now. A popular look for a model would be someone tan and elegant, and Albanian women are naturally tall and have skin that goes golden in the sun.

beautiful in Albanian

Is Albania A Beautiful Country?

Although it is debatable whether you could say that Albanian people are inherently more beautiful than people from different countries, there’s no denying that the country is home to some of the most stunning scenery in the world. In fact, the Baltic region generally is beautiful. 

For example, the Albanian riviera has seen the country’s tourism revenues increase by 700% in the last ten years. The area is very similar to the French Riviera without the extortionate prices. You will find spectacular cliffs, blue skies, and white beaches.

Albania is also perfect for walking, trekking, and mountain climbing. The most famous mountain range is the ‘accursed mountains.’ (Yes, we know it sounds creepy, and it’s why J.K Rowling chose them to be the fictional place where Voldemort resided).

These mountains are as beautiful as they are haunting. Sometimes you will also hear them being referred to as ‘the Albanian alps.’ They are the subrange of the Dinaric Alps and stretch for 621 miles from North Albania to South Kosovo.

The highest of these mountains measures 2,694m and is called Maja Jezerce. Some of the natural sights you see up here must be seen to be believed.

beautiful in Albanian

Is Tirana A Beautiful City?

Unfortunately, Tirana comes in for some criticism for its architectural plaudits. No doubt, the old areas of Tirana are beautiful and showcase some of the best Ottoman examples of architecture; however, as has been pointed out in other countries that became communist, function often comes before form.

In Tirana, there is no shortage of ugly tower blocks and thousands and thousands of concrete bunkers built by the former paranoid dictator. However, enterprising Albanians have set about converting these bunkers into more beautiful sights to attract tourists.

Learn The Albanian Language With Ling

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This is precisely why Ling was founded, to bring the kind of service to you that Duolingo brought to the most widely spoken languages like English and Spanish.

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